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Board Objectives

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I think sm should introuduce board objectives for the current season to limit inactive managers. The board will set a realistic objective for your club size and stature, not quality of squad, and at the end of the season judge your performance and whether to keep you as manager. If you are Manchester United and have got them relegated to the bottom divison and only come on every 29 days they should be sacked. But what i dont want is say if you have got Gillingham to Divison 1 and it says top 4, it should say avoid relegation. It may encourage managers to try a bit harder as even if they are bad they keep their job but if they are terrible they will be sacked. This will be good for owners of Custom Game worlds.

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Re: Board Objectives

As an option for custom setups, fine. But on many occasions the idea of managers being sacked in standard game worlds has come up, and every time my response has been the same - no way.

I do agree that managers logging in once every 29 days is an annoyance, but it doesn't always mean the manager deserves to lose their club.

A friend of mine had an AC Milan side which he loved, but there was a phase where he could only log in every three weeks or so. They got relegated, and under your idea he'd have been sacked from the club he'd managed for three years based on a couple of months of inactivity. Thankfully, the feature wasn't in the game, and he was able to log in every day again after another couple of months. He steered them back into the top flight, survived the drop and went on to finish top six with a Shield to boot.

I think generally that things get sorted out naturally over time, and managers who continually leave it late before logging in eventually forget to do so, or decide not to bother. Sacking managers, in a standard game world at least, simply isn't an option for me.

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