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World Championship 16196 GOING STRONG II ?

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Re: World Championship 16196 GOING STRONG II ?

Yes there are a few EC's coming around, and EC's seem to be more popular but this different as it as a WC and hopefully it will appeal to people more as something different as I only think there is WC 10 000 , WC11 111 WC14702 as big WC's so why can't this be a fourth one?

i will try to collaborate with some big players , but if u cant help me , it would be lovely

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Re: World Championship 16196 GOING STRONG II ?


Inter Milan VS Schalke 04





Inter is on a good run, and they want to keep this momentum going,and in the other side Schalke is not in a run of good form.this 2 teams have met before this fixture in Shield Cup and that time Inter beat Schalke 3-0.

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Re: World Championship 16196 GOING STRONG II ?

Schalke 2 - 3 Real Madrid



G.HIGUAIN 62, 87


Rporter : Ozil , Incredible match right ? i ve never seen such a amazing match

Ozil ©: it was incredible , the match was very tight they scored the first goal , and they lead it 2-1 , but unfortunately , we maintain our rythm and Higuain scored twice to the last time . We played at abroad thats why its was very ward but we won .

Internazionale beat Barcelona 3-1 as we see , so there 6 points which separate us . We are optimistic

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Re: World Championship 16196 GOING STRONG II ?

Coming up : Match June 3rd , 2012 ; Match 25




Competition Division 1

Date dimanche 3 juin 2012


Michael Weiner

Stade du Match

Informations réelles sur le stade Nom du Stade San Siro

Capacité 80,065

Localisation Milan



Prévision météorologique.

Ciel Clair

10 ℃


Meilleurs Joueurs

SILVA, Thiago (Cote: 94)

DE ROSSI, Daniele (Cote: 94)

ETO'O, Samuel (Cote: 94)

Joueurs à Surveiller

ETO'O, Samuel (Buts: 5, Passes décisives: 9)

PATO, Alexandre (Buts: 7, Passes décisives: 5)

HAZARD, Eden (Buts: 5, Passes décisives: 5)





Real Madrid

Meilleurs Joueurs

RONALDO, Cristiano (Cote: 98)

CASILLAS, Iker (Cote: 95)

ALONSO, Xabi (Cote: 94)

Joueurs à Surveiller

BENZEMA, Karim (Buts: 6, Passes décisives: 13)

HIGUAIN, Gonzalo (Buts: 11, Passes décisives: 6)

RONALDO, Cristiano (Buts: 5, Passes décisives: 11)

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