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Pedigree: Official Thread


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Finally, here it is! First & foremost, this is not for the faint hearted.


  • Every team's squad starts out empty; that means that each team must auction for players to make up the spine of their squads. So, there is no longer such a thing as an elite team - not in this game world. The only thing that gives teams the edge over other teams is their stadium capacities, which brings me to my next point
  • Clubs are predominantly from the World Championship template, but I've structured the league in such a way, that unless you have a year-long plan in this game world, you couldn't possibly find an advantage. The highest existing stadium capacity in Pedigree is 52,000. The reason for this is because the higher a team's stadium capacity, then generally speaking, the more revenue they would generate. As a result, a lot of the big guns have been excluded from Pedigree, such as Barcelona and Man Utd (not that it matters anyway, since every club starts off empty).
  • 48 clubs spread out across 4 divisions. It's a 12 by 4 monster of a gameworld. It's the Elimination Chamber of SM - one mistake could cost you.


There will no longer be such a thing as carelessly spending obscene amounts of money to get the Hazard's and the M'Vila's. With every squad empty, managers will have to find a way to carefully spread out their £300M budget to build the backbone of their squads.

The stadium capacity factor, combined with a normal economy, combined with having to carefully spend a £300M budget - all of those factors combined means that like any real life club, you must likely keep a strict eye on Finances to work your way to the top. How will that 96 rated player impact on your wage bill? Will you risk irking the happiness of a player by not offering him a wage rise once his rating rises? It's up to you.

Realistically, clubs can only afford between 2-4 marquee signings, provided they don't become embroiled in a bidding war. So, it's up to you, the manager, to decide how you'll spread out the budget. Are you the Arsene Wenger type who will sacrifice the short term and invest in youth? Or maybe you're planning to do a Stoke City and buy specific players, who are tailor made to your preferred tactics? Or maybe you've got a bit of a Portsmouth Harry Redknapp in you, whereby you're a wheeler-dealer?

Conducting research or your very own scouting operation on different players is an absolute necessity to stay ahead of the game.


  • The days when managers could occasionally afford to not set their tactics are over. In Pedigree, the emphasis on tactics is greater than ever. In the short term, there are no star studded teams. So, a manager's focus on tactics can easily be the difference between promotion and relegation. Whether you set up your team in a Mourinho-esque way whereby caution & defence is number one on the list on a cold Tuesday night, or whether you risk conceding goals for the sake of all out attack throwing caution to the wind, the writing is there in black or white.
  • Depending on how your budget is spent, you may have a squad of 21 players, or 32. This is where rotation comes into play. Consistently selecting a team of tired players just because it's your strongest rated team, isn't exactly going to boost your promotion hopes. So, you must decide how you're going to deal with 3 games in 4 days. There will be no red carpet, and there will be no spoon-feeding

Pedigree factor

Work your way to the top. This is where the very best learn their trade. Pedigree separates the men from the boys. This is what SM should really be about.

(Game World ID: 109387)


  • I forgot to mention that it's currently a Private Application game world, but everyone is welcome to join. It's just that I always set my game worlds as Private Application, just as a precaution. :)
  • For Rivals members, you will understand the frustration with regards to transfers. Well, I don't know how or why, but SM has placed a Transfer Embargo on Pedigree which means that nobody can bid for players until around 12pm on Monday. Just like in Gold game worlds. When you try to bid for a player before then, it will show this message: "You cannot propose transfers until the Game World opens shortly. Usually 48 hours after the game world was created". So, no more transfer windows. Everything completely fair.
  • With me as the owner, there is a 99.9% guarantee that there won't be any cheating. In one of my old game worlds (Filton Sport 2), a manager brought in 3 fake accounts, and blatantly cheated without any care in the world - despite there being 13 or 14 other genuine managers in the game world. Ever since then, I take absolutely nothing for granted. Before I accept managers into my game worlds, I do checks on their SM profile, and if I'm not satisfied, I usually require that they're an active forumer - and if necessary, there are more checks which I do (won't reveal them). A bit extreme, yes I know, and I trust everyone to not cheat, and I'm sure nobody here has such intentions, but it's an issue I take very seriously. So, with that said, you can feel totally confident in Pedigree that no wrongdoings will ever take place.:)

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Re: New Game World: Pedigree

[*]"You cannot propose transfers until the Game World opens shortly. Usually 48 hours after the game world was created". So' date=' no more transfer windows. Everything completely fair.


Great! Now we just need to fill people up before the transfer start.

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Re: New Game World: Pedigree

Applied for Wolfsburg


Awww I wanna join but I`ll only have enough time for either this or Rivals...what should i do? lol

It's like Infernito said' date=' [i']Pedigree[/i] looks likely to become better than Rivals in the long run.

The main attraction with Rivals is the £300M budget, which basically gives nearly every team the potential to have the best squad (in terms of average value). If you take that element away, Rivals isn't quite as exciting.

But with Pedigree...need I say more.

Applied for Everton.

I see that many clubs are available' date='when did you open this game world? :)[/quote']

I've accepted you mate!;)

I created it at precisely 11:45am this morning. SM then finalised the creation around a few minutes past 12.

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Re: New Game World: Pedigree

Alright well sorry Boost im gonna have to sacrifice santos for the only team representing greece in pedigree' date='olympiacos ;)[/quote']

Lol. Ahh. Ok no problem.:)

I think I need to look for a way to spice up Rivals again*.

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Re: New Game World: Pedigree

I created it at precisely 11:45am this morning. SM then finalised the creation around a few minutes past 12.

Then it is ok,I thought that this game world was created couple of days ago.. :)

I know who is going to make a max bid for Koscielny.

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