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My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

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Geoffrey has become the new manager of Udinese.


Well, here starts my new journey as a team in Italiano vero :D

I decided to bring forth the idea of an italian forum gameworld and Italiano Vero was the result of that. We are 100% full and I feel this will be a great gameworld. This is the first full forun italian game world and we will suceed!

An interview with Udinese's appointed new manager, Geoffrey

How did you first get contacted about the job?

I was previously coaching the Udinese Youth Team but now thy have decided to make me Udineses First Team Manager. :P Lucky right?

Udinese fans seem to be concerned as they have hardly heard of you.

They dont have to worry about me being a new manager. :D I already got goals this year and I frankily dont care how people view me. Im just here to do the best for this great club.

What are your goals this season for Udinese?

My goals for this club presently is to secure a top4 finish. :rolleyes: The Serie A has been extremely competitive with so many top clubs like Milan ,Inter, Juve, Napoli,Roma, and even us.

What can you tell us about your coaching style?

I love playing attacking football and I love to run a fast offence that can capitalize on your mistakes. :P I also demand the best from my playmaker and targetman as they play a big part in my system. ;)

What players are you going to bring in?

Im gomna bring in great players who can reach higher, amazing wonderkids with huge potential, solid experienced players, and also controversial stars who will make you watch us play our brand of soccer.

Any last words for the fans?

Just watch me! ;)

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero



Geoffrey Kan steered Udinese to victory against Atalanta.

Udinese outclassed Atalanta and beat them 1 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Motta had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match.

Fabregas was on the scoresheet for his side.

The New Udinese Manager was impressive in his debut as he got his first win in his first game in charge of Udinese.

Unknowingly, Fans were amazed at the players that were spotted in the squad.

They immediately started cheering and felt overwhelmed when they saw stars in the Udinese Team. However, they realized that some old favourites had to go.

Geoffrey operated a fluent attacking force that had a great amount of possesion with 62% in the game. Udinese managed 9 shots on net , and 6 were on target.

In the 53rd minute, Cesc Fabregas finished off a slick passing move with a clever finish. This marked the new Udinese Captains first goal in his first game in charge. Fabregas looks set to be the treseraquista of Geoffrey's Team.


Fabregas celebration right after his goal.

Im very proud to start the season off with a debut win for my Team. They responded greatly and played the entertaining football that I demand. Fans were treated to a hug surprise when my squad came out from the Tunnel. They didnt know about our secret deals to get those players. Cesc Fabregas played immensly well as the playmaker in my Team. He will also captain my sqaud and he has a bright future ahead of him here in Italy.

Starting Lineup of Udinese vs. Atalanta


Starting lineup for todays game. Its subject to change in the coming days as more transfers come in :)

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero



Cesc Fabregas during the press conference

It was clear utter shock when Udinese held their press conference upon their new signings. Superstars , Stars, Wonder Kids, Controversial players, Veterans were all seen being unvieled to the general public. One fan could not even belive his eyes.

This is one of the happiest days of my life. The new manager Geoffrey has clearly made it his business to improve this club' date=' and I will not miss any single game during the season. I think what hes done for the club already is phenomenal. Hes brung a whole new revolution, and movement for Udinese Football. Im optomistic for our season this year![/quote']
Im honestly honoured to participate in this new era of Udinese Football. I had my doubts when I left Barcelona' date=' but after seeing all these other superstar players come in. I feel like this was the right move for me. FORZA UDINESE![/quote']


Top Transfers In

Cesc Fabregas

Mario Gomez


Mario Gotze

Mario Balotelli

Benedikt Howendes

Gary Cahill

Phil Jones

Thiago Motta

Yohan Cabaye

Dembe Ba

Dirk Kuyt

Solomon Kalou

Lucho Gonzalez

Marcos Rafinha

Alex Rodrigo

Erik Pieters

Starting 11


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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero



With Hamisk going to barcelona, Cavani and Lavezzi going to Real the napoli trio has been disbanded and now gone from Serie A football. However, their seems to be a new trio of attack , and it so happens that they all start with the same first name:


Each Mario displays a differnt game but none the less they all are extremely effective. The Mario Brothers will look to dismantle and unlock the toughest of Serie A defences.

Mario Gotze(The Wonderkid)

Most managers and fans in the world know of Mario Gotze. At the age of only 19' date=' he has led his team Borussia Dortmund to 2 domestic titles, and has established himself in the German National Team. He looks to become a big superstar of the future. He will be put on the wings due to Cesc occupating the playmaking role but Gotze will be a playmaking winger. The sky is the limit for young Mario Gotze. :D[/quote']

Mario Gomez( Clinical Finisher)

He is one of the best strikers in the game today. You can always count on him to get a goal. ;) Hes a hardworking targetman who is one of the best clinical finishers in the game. Hes going to be the main guy up front for Udinese for years to come. :)

Mario Balotelli( The misunderstood)

Hes a great player with great technique that can play on the wings or even as a lone striker. He has a great future ahead of him. I belive many fans question his behaviour. I will try to guide him in becoming a top class striker in the world. I will be a father to Balotelli. Plus he adds controversy to the game and drama :P Who doesnt like that? :D

The Trio of Marios in Gotze' date=' Gomez and Balotelli look set to tear defences apart in the Serie A for Udinese. Cesc Fabregas has all the tools that he needs to lead the team. The captain had this to say:


Balotelli' date=' Gotze and Gomez will be the trio that I will work with during my time at Udinese. It is absoloutely amazing the players that Geoffrey has brought to me to utilize. As a playmaker one could not wish for a better trio. They have finishing, skill, youthfulness, coontroversy , and passion. They arent just the next Cavani, Lavezzi, and Hamsik. They will be better than them and they will be "[b']The Three Mario Brothers[/b]"

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Gomez not showing true self


There were high expectations for Mario Gomez when he was introduced as part of Udinese' team. He was expected to be the main focal point, and the leading scorer of the team. He has been described as a pure finisher and scorer and yet he has yet to live to that name.

In 4 appearances this year for Udinese, he has yet to register a goal and only recently gotten his first two assists of the season. His play as the target man has not been up to his standards. Is Mario Gomez a flop signing for this Udinese Team?

I think when a top striker comes into the club' date=' you expect him to score goals. Gomez hasnt registered a goal yet but hes been great for us in his intangibles, and today he assisted 2 times on our 2 goals. I think he jst needs adjusting to the Italian Game after coming from the Bundesliga. I am confident in his abilities, and will stick by Gomez.[/quote']


These three high profile strikers have outshone Gomez this season and are on a schorching pace.

Robin Van Persie has scored 4 goals for every 4 games for Fiorentina, and ABC is extremely please with his output. However his goals have not lead to results recently for ABC's Viola.

Edin Dzeko is the highest scoring player in Italiano Vero right now with 8 goals in 4 games. His goals have translated to Vinzi's Juventus being second in the league.

Sergio Aguero has only played one game this season but hes already scored 2 goals for Roma and Roma is top of Italiano Vero.


I think I just need to adjust to the Seria A. I know I can score goals and I know I will work hard for Udinese every time I step up on the pitch. Obviously' date=' the Udinese fans are dissapointed. However, I feel that its only the start of the season, and I have yet to be accustomed to Geoffreys Tactics. I know I can do better, and I hope the Udinese Fans know that I will be the answer up front [/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese in great form, but rivalries shaping up


Geoffrey Kan steered Udinese to victory against Internazionale.

Udinese outclassed Internazionale and beat them 1 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Gomez had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match.

Balotelli was on the scoresheet for his side.

Udinese has shown their great form this season, and conquered the game against the Nerazrri. Udinese had an amzing 62% posession against one of the perrenial giants in the Seria A. The Inter team contained many top superstars such as Andres Iniesta, Mats Hummels, and Nemanja Vidic however Udinese's Cohesion allowed them to get the win.

Balotelli took it upon himself to score against his former team and show he is a top force in the Serie A. In the 5th minute, receiving the ball on the left Mario Balotelli skiped inside his marker and curled in a shot from 25 yards!

he showed great composure and beautiful finishing with his goal. So far, Mario Balotelli has yet to show his controversial side. Fabregas threaded in a delightful through pass for Mario.

Milan Manager trying to play mental games with the Udinese Manager


In a cup game against Ascoli , The infamous Milan Manager Elohim aka Hagrid decided to take it upon himself to try to give Ascoli one day loan bids against Udinese. Milan wanted to help in trying to beat down the Udinese Sqaud.

The Udinese Manager had this to say:

I think the Milan Manager is scared of the threat we present to them. They are trying to play mental games with us in order to get us to stop our delightful form. Looking at the milan team' date=' its funny how he is 15th in Serie A. Udinese is 4th right now and I guess they are just jealous of us ;). Im not worried at all , it just shows he thinks im a threat to im. Looking at his milan team, they are near bottom of the league ;). [/quote']

Tommorows Game will be played away at Novara. Im facing a good Novara side managed by Kylan. :o

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese in amazing form in League!


After their result against Cesena, Udinese are now unbeaten in 12 games setting a new club record for most games unbeaten in a row.

Udinese has quickly established their position as a top team in Italiano Vero. Currently, Udinese has gone undefeated during the season and sit two points back of first place Roma. During the course of these 12 games, they have faced perrenial giants such as Milan, and Internazionale. It comes to a surprise for many Udinese Fans as Coach Geoffrey was a shock change in coaching staff. With so many faces such as Di Natale, and Isla gone, many analysts, and Pundits predicted that Udinese would not be as sucessful as they are now.


Geoffrey has really got us playing some great football here at Udinese. Hes gotten all of us to really cooperate and really mesh together to form a cohesive movement. The way we are performing reminds me of the Arsenal Invincibles. I feel so comfortable around my teammates and Im proud to captain this sqaud!

Analysis of Fabregas:


11 appearances

3 Goals

6 assists


Avp 7.55

The teseraquista of my Team. He really is the creator and maestro of my team. What he does is incredble here for Udinese. He leads our team as a captain ' date=' and definetely shows it on the field. He has orchestrated the Udinese Attack and spreads the balls through our cutting wingers. He is the key to my offensive system. [/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese continue on good run yet controversy stirs in Italiano Vero


Geoffrey Kan steered Udinese to victory against Bologna.

Udinese beat Bologna 3 - 2 in their Division 1 fixture.

Gomez scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Fabregas was also on the scoresheet for his side.

It was another great victory for this Udinese Team who are really clicking with one another. Bologna is a great team that is managed by fellow Manager Pitung Drughi (Ahmed). Rival Managers want nothing more than to beat another and the scoreline was exemplary of that. Stats were all even ,and Udinese scored on all three shots that were on target.

A miss-hit shot from Mario GOMEZ in the 55th minute squirmed under the keepers body! A clever pass takes out the defence and Mario GOMEZ rifles a right foot shot in off the woodwork in the 72nd minute!A brilliant through-ball in the 74th minute left Cesc FABREGAS with just the keeper to beat and he finished it cleverly!


Its great that Im finally finding form ' date='and producing for thsi sqaud. In the beginning of the season, I was really sloppy and not finishing on chances. But in the last two games, Ive managed to find the back of the net 2 out of 3 times.It feels good that I can be relyed upon by my fellow Players. Im ready to do more damage! FORZA UDINESE![/quote']

Controversey stirring in Italiano Vero



I hate Canadians match-fixer syndicate !! :mad: ( against Novara Manager Kylan and Udinese Manager Geoffrey)

Why IVGB not investigated those proven criminals. Brapoli' date=' WC Milan, and Lossernazionale ? They have moneys to do that!



Milan's dreadful league position is pretty suspicious' date=' i think the IVGB needs to investigate them as well lol

didn't take kindly to the sneering manner of the Novara manager, he clearly has no class calling our club 'Crapoli' and then refusing to congratulate our victory in a moment of tragic bitterness.

I'm glad to see that the IVGB is acting on my complaints, as there is a clear syndicate operating in this league with Novara clearly at the spoke of the wheel. We experienced two counts of foul play: the first when i was contacted by [b']Kylan[/b] himself midweek where he proposed i "give him the 3 points now"; the second was when one of my players was targeted, in person, pre-match within the Novara complex by an operative who will remain undisclosed. The player was so shaken up that i had to leave him out of the team tonight, luckily we didn't miss him as much as i had feared.

I sincerely hope my claim is dealt with appropriately and i shall look forward to justice prevailing in the face of blatant foul play.


It would appear that one has been beaten by that what shall not be named' date=' nor do I wish to congratulate the victor, for If anything I'd like to place blame on [b']Ahmad[/b] and this week's opponent(Jozua) for there rude behaviour; Ahmad in telling me to 'wash out my mouth', the other for implying this Novara side is run by some match fixing mafia. It's saying things like that which heavily effected my team's morale heading into this week's fixture, with a dark cloud looming over them. These are not excuses but simple facts.

Italiano Vero is filled with controversy as of right now. Countless accusations against match fixing, unfair play, etc are being brought out by many Managers. Jozua, Kylan17, and Pitung(Ahmed) are currently fighting fire with fire upon each other. Further action will be taken soon by the Italiano Vero Governing Body but as of right now, it remains to be seen what happens with the situation of matchfixing, and scandals.

We will take further action soon on the matter. We assure the general public that we will deal with this mess.

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero




Just two weeks ago, Udinese was leading in front of the league one point as leaders. They have now slipped the lead to Roma, and have lost two straight which is unaccepatble. Parma trails Udinese only by one point for 2nd place, and Roma is now leading in Italiano Vero with two points.

Many critics point to the fact that Mario Gomez, the targetman for the Udinese Team, has been very lackluster in his performances so far. Udinese has also been very prone to mistakes at the back and need to reshuffle their defensive line as well. With the transfer bans comign off, the second transfer boom is ready!

Our squad seems to be struggling much as of late. Before this month' date=' we only had one loss the whole season and now we have 3 losses and 2 in a row. We really need to change this squad as I think we lack some bit of quality in some areas. Our priorities are in the centre of midfield, defence, and adding some more depth and youth. As for the future of Mario Gomez, it is uncertain what we will do with him. [/quote']



The offer for Édinson CAVANI of Real Madrid from Udinese has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.
One of my most favourite strikers in the world. He is pure class' date=' and his finishing, skill, pace is what truly exemplifies a pure striker. He might not be a big targetman, but I want to add more pace, and fluidity in the game, which is an aspect I think Gomez does not have. His experience in ther Serie A will also help him with his move to Udinese.[/quote']

Reports suggest that a deal has been accepted by Real Madrid with Udinese on Edinson Cavani. Cavani has missed life in italy and as his transfer ban ended, Udinese was quick to contact Real Madrid. El Matador looks set to come back and terrorize the Serie A but now with Udinese :D! With a new striker coming in the form of Cavani, Gomez may not be a part of Udinese anymore.


I am extremely happy to make my move back to the Serie A' date=' the league that I truly love. My experience in Madrid was once in a lifetime, but I feel like Italy is my home. Im very happy that Udinese decided to go after me. They are a top club and I feel like I can be a great impact. [b']FORZA UDINESE[/b]!

"We decided to pull out of getting Messi."-Geoffrey


We decided to pull out of getting Messi. We tried to get him but we faced stiff competition from big clubs like Roma' date=' and Genoa. We had our offer accepted but we withdrew it knowing that we probably were not going to get Messi. One player does not make a team but its unfortunate we could not get the best player in the world. However, Im certain that we have to improve the team and not go for one player![/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese defence bolstered by top centreback signings, and looks to continue sucess in transfer market!


The great club of Udinese has been fairly active in its dealings with clubs in the transfer market. Yesterday, they announced the signing of uruguayan hitman Edinson Cavani who has been one of the Serie A's most lethal strikers. Unfortunately, it now means Gomez may have to leave Udinese as Gomez's performances in a Udinese shirt have been very poor, and Cavani may be a replacement for the german hitman.

Udinese has now completely bolstered the defence which was still one of the better defences in Vero, but Udinese wants to put a stronghold in the center of defence, and their two latest signings prove that!

Udinese lures Vincent Kompany while fighting off competion from Genoa!


Reports suggest Vincent Kompany has now become part of Udinese. Geoffrey is extremely happy with the signing as he brings in an experienced young captain who has just won the EPL titile! He is extremely versatile as he can play as a defensive midfielder as well. Kompany will be a shutdown defender for Geoff, and may take up the captains armband!

Vincent KOMPANY has completed his move to Udinese from Manchester City for 6,400,000 plus Benedikt HÖWEDES and Thiago MOTTA . All other offers were turned down.


Im happy to make my move to such a great club in Italy in Udinese. Im ready to be a leader here' date=' and become the defensive wall that Udinese Fans expect me to be. I feel like I can become a legend here in Udinese. Im ready to help Udinese become an Italian Power![/quote']

Gerard Pique also sighted at the Udinese Training ground!?


Italian Media have reported seeing Gerard Pique at the Udinese Training facility undergoing a medical. It looks like Pique may soon join his fellow teammate cesc fabregas, and also form a new centreback pairing of Kompany and Pique! It is belived that Mario Gomez will be heading the other way to Spain.

The offer for Gerard PIQUE of Barcelona from Udinese has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.


It hasnt been confirmed yet that Ive joined Udinese' date=' but the Barcelona Superiors have told me its for certain I will be joining Udinese at some time. Im really sad to have left Barcelona who is such a stroeid club but all my other teammates have decided to move to Italy to play in the Serie A. I especially want to be with one of my closest friends in Cesc Fabregas. We grew up together as youth playing for Barca. I am happy to join him at Udinese. I belive me and Vincent Kompany will form a strong centreback partnerhsip![/quote']

Walter Gargano to be a part of Udinese!


The offer for Wálter GARGANO of Liverpool from Udinese has been accepted along with other club offers. Liverpool will now decide which offer to proceed with. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

The undisclosed offer for Wálter GARGANO of Liverpool has been withdrawn by Parma.

The Uruguyan international and former Napoli holding Midfield looks set to join Udinese. It looked as if Parma would win the battle but all of a sudden, they withdrew their bid. Geoffrey is elated to add a great player like Gargano to their squad! Gargano is extremly happy to be reunited with Edinson Cavani!

I was very surprised when Liverpool informed me that I would be going to Udinese. I would have never thought I would be reunited with my fellow countrymen Edinson Cavani. Im extremely happy to be back into the Serie A' date=' and with a fellow teammate like Edinson Cavani. I know the Manager puts alot of trust in me, and hes told me he expects me to improve into a tob holding midfielder herein Udinese![/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese add two Serie A stars to Squad, and more uruguayan flavour!


Former Viola Star, Stevan Jovetic to join Udinese!

Stevan JOVETIC has moved to Udinese from Barcelona on a deal believed to be around 1,655,000 plus Salomon KALOU and Ryo MIYAICHI.

It has been reported Udinese have now locked up Serie A Star Stevan Jovetic from Barcelona. The new Manager is immensly happy with this signing as it provides him a supporting striker who is still relatively young at only 22 years old. The Manager belives Jovetic has amazing potential and can show it on the pitch for Udinese. Jovetic has been compared to by some alike to Roberto Baggio. Jovetic is currently being tracked by many top name clubs and IRL netted 14 goals and 3 assists. He may well become a future superstar!

Gaston Ramirez pleased to joing fellow Uruguayans Cavani and Gargano at Udinese!

Gastón RAMIREZ has moved to Udinese from Athletic Club on a deal believed to be around 260,000 plus Dirk KUYT and Romero JAIME.

Im extremely happy to announce the signing of Gaston into our club. He is only 21 years old so he can slot into our youth team along with Balotelli, Gotze, and Phil Jones. Im confident in his abilities and he is truly an entertaining player to watch! We needed to get more youthful in our team and Gaston can either play in the playmaking spot or on the wings. Im certain Gaston can become a top tier player for years to come!

Udinese becoming increasingly influenced by Uruguayan stars?


It seems like Udinese is becoming a destination for more and more uruguayan players. In this transfer period , they have racked up three Uruguayans in Edinson Cavani, Walter Gargano, and Gaston Ramirez. The manager had this to say:

Uruguay boasts some of the worlds top players. Ive always enjoyed their chemistry with one another and I believe that Udinese can become a route where Uruguayan Players can truly shine. Uruguay is an golden age of football' date=' and We are proud to have some of the country's best stars! I wont be afraid to invest more into Uruguayan football![/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese still struggling mightily in league, but announces new starting 11 and signings!



Geoffrey Kan earned a draw with Udinese against Parma.

The match ended 1 - 1 between Udinese and Parma in their Division 1 fixture.

Cavani was on the scoresheet for his side.

Results have been very dissapointing for the Zebrettes lately. Over their last 5 games, Udinese has only gotten 2 points out of a possible 15 points. Many Fans are quick to point out Geoff had a healthy 4 point lead at the top but in one month has now gotten down to 2nd. The result vs Parma was for 2nd place, and its a miracle that Udinese are still in 2nd. Many fans have expressed diassapointment in their manager with not holding a lead, and his mid-season struggle.

The positive is that Cavani is scoring at the lone striker spot where Gomez has failed to do so!


Recent results have been very unkind to us. However' date=' I dont think our fans should jump on the board and instantly say that our manager has done a bad job. He has really turned this Udinese Squad around. Hes made us into a title contender. Obviously, we all want to win, but I feel like we have done a great job already. Im certain that Geoff is up to the task.[/quote']

Udinese sign Jefferson Farfan from Schalke for a bargain price!


Jefferson FARFAN has completed his move to Udinese from Schalke in a swap deal for Ânderson LUISAO and Abdoul SISSOKO

Jefferson Farfan will be a welcome addition to the Udinese Sqaud and he slots straight into my Starting 11. I felt at the low cost, it was an oppurtunity I couldnt pass up. The two players I exchanged arent really valuable either so I believe this is a great deal! :) Also, Farfan is very versatile beign able to play as a winger, or as a forward up front!

Diego Ribas makes Serie A return to Udinese!


Ribas DIEGO has completed his move to Udinese from Wolfsburg for 307,000 plus Lucho GONZALEZ and Ayres FABINHO

I felt Lucho was in dnager of dropping as he had just moved back to Porto. He is a porto legend, but DIego has been praised for his performances in an Athletico Madrid Shirt. Diego also slots into my starting 11, but in a central midfield spot. He can play either as a playmaker, or as a deep-lyign playmaker and he will form a good holding midfield partnership with Ferriera Pepe ;)

Udinese announce new starting lineups!


This Team features an average rating of 92, and the average age of 25! I feel like this squad is now strong enough to really push to challenge Roma who is 5 points in front!

I believe I also have the neccesary depth in my squad with names on my reserves like:

Mario Balotelli

Stevan Jovetic

Aaron Lennon

Dembe Ba

Gaston Ramirez

Yohan Cabaye

Walter Gargano

Gary Cahill

Erik Pieters

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese tie for the third straight week!


Geoffrey earned a draw with Udinese against Internazionale.

Udinese dominated much of the play against Internazionale but could only manage a 2 - 2 draw in their Division 1 fixture.

Diego scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Cavani was also on the scoresheet for his side.

Its been a dissapointing three games for Udinese. The zebrettes have only managed 3 points in its three ties. Many fans are calling this unacceptable, and Geoffrey admits hes feeling a bit of pressure. Udinese held a 5 point lead about a month ago in 1st, but now finds itself in 3rd place. Roma is atop the serie A table by 5 points, and Parma is second by goal difference. Many Udinese Fans feel that the team is underachieving very much. In the beggining of the season, Udinese was on an unbeaten run of form where they had not lost a single game. Well, Udinese's form has dropped drastically since the beggining.

Udinese has 60% of the posession, yet They failed to capitalize and win the game. It took 73rd and 74th minute goals from Diego Ribas and Edinson Cavani in order to clinch one point against Inter.


After my first three games back in Italy' date=' I really feel at home and comfortable in the managers system. I think my production of 2 goals in 3 games is pretty good for my start at Udinese. Obviously, results havent really gone our way, but I know our manager can turn it on, and get our club to its best potential. All the players belive in him, and were all in it together. FORZA UDINESE![/quote']

Udinese sign Milan Youth Academy Products to Youth Team


Alexander MERKEL has completed his move to Udinese from Tottenham Hotspur in a swap deal for Miguel MEDINA and Oliveira JEFFERSON
Mattia DE SCIGLIO has completed his move to Udinese from SM Caen in a swap deal for Rosario LICATA . All other offers were turned down.

Im extremely happy to announce the signings of Milan Youth Products of Mattia De Sciglio and Alexander Merkel to our ranks. These two youngsters have bright futures in the Serie A for certain. Merkel has been impressive in a Milan jersey but has been transfered to Genoa but is a versatile midfielder with great vision. De Sciglio is a great young up and coming fullback who has great composure, defending, and awareness. Many people even see him possibly breaking into the first team of Milan. These two young stars are players for the future for Udinese!

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese gets first win in a long time,moves up to second, and adds a accomplished Serie A fullback!


Geoffrey steered Udinese to victory against Novara.

Udinese beat Novara 1 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Fabregas scored the winner for Udinese and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

In what has been a frustrating long period of results for Udinese, the Zebrettes finally get their first win in a long time. It was a hard fought game and it took Fabregas arguably one of the most influential of zebras, to help steer Udinese to victory against Opponents Novara! Geoffreys' Udinese had good control of the game having 57% posesiion and 19 attempted shots with 10 hitting the mark.

In the 8th minute Cesc Fabregas peeled off his marker and Jefferson Farfan rolled the ball back from the by-line and Cesc flicked the ball past the keeper with the outside of his foot and It drifted past the keeper and in. Cesc Fabregas now has 7 goals and 8 assists this year for the Zebras!

Results have been hard to come by and against a top manager like Kylan was no doubt a test for Geoffrey's Zebras. Kylan is a top manager who has made full resourcs of his Novara Squad. Just last week, he beat fierece rival Ahmad 3-0 :D! Udinese now moves up to second place after Parma's loss but is still 5 points back of Roma. With 25 games played, can the zebras catch up to the romanista's?


Im very happy to have scored a goal and guided us to our first victory in a long time. Udinese has definetely been a great club and Geoffrey has put his trust in me all the way. Im always prepared to give it my all' date=' and if my team needs me to perform, I give it my all. Im happy that I play such a vital role in Geoffrey's Team! FORZA UDINESE![/quote']

Armero spotted at the Udinese Training Grround!


Pablo ARMERO has completed his move to Udinese from Dortmund for 51,000 plus Erik PIETERS

Reports suggest Udinese have struck up a deal and brought back one of its previous players in Pablo Armero! Erik Pieters, the dutch international, never found alot of playing time in Friuli but thanks Geoffrey for the oppurtunity. However, Geoff has hinted he may well bring Pieters back in the future, He was used in a deal to bring the wonderkid Mario Gotze to Udinese, but the zebras have felt they wanted the great fullback back! Armero will slot straight into the starting 11 on the left hand side. He is arguablly one of the best wingbacks in Serie A racking up 10 asists last year in real life ,and was in the TOTY in Italy. Armero has just joined Juventus on loan from Udinese, and Geoffrey is excited to bring the 25 year old Colombian back to his old Club.

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese lose two straight games versus Relegation Candidates!


Geoffrey was unable to prevent a Udinese defeat to Lazio.

Udinese slumped to a 2 - 1 defeat to Lazio in their Division 1 fixture.

Farfan was on the scoresheet for his side.

Just when things seemed to be positive with a win a week ago, Udinese have now hasd two losses in a row versus relegation candidates Lazio and Milan. Both Milan and Lazio have endured hard times this season in the Serie A but both clubs are getting in form in order to stop any fall of grace from Serie A into Serie B! Udinese ulitmately fell into the hands of Erding and Suarez who lead Lazio to victory over the Zebras. It has been a very dissapointing stretch for Udinese and they are now third place and 4 points off the lead in the table. Udinese clearly need change. Cesc Fabregas is also suspended 3 games from domestic play for his nasty challenge as he got a straight red.


I earnestly dont know whats going on right now at Udinese. We were very confident when we led at the table but now weve been on a downhill spiral ever since. We have the quality but something just isnt adding up. I hope our team can gel together and hopefully get what we have deserved. But' date=' if our mediocre play continues, we dont deserve the table. I also apologize for my rash challenge and it puts me out for 3 games. I know Im a vital part and I feel like Ive let my team down.[/quote']

High Profile Roma Youth join the Zebrettes Youth Team!


Erik LAMELA has completed his move to Udinese from B. Munich in a swap deal for Aaron LENNON
Panagiotis TACHTSIDIS has completed his move to Udinese from Rennes for 240,000 plus Yves BARAYE and Ritchie KITOKO . All other offers were turned down.

Im happy to add the two Roma Youths. Both Players are extremely promising and have great futures in Serie A football. Lamela is an exciting 20 eyar old who is 88 rated and can play either as an atatcking midfielder or as a wide-man. He looks like a certain star for the future and I feel he will get to a 90 sometime in his career and his value as a youngster is precious. Tatchsidis is relatively unknown but he just transfered to Roma and has really impressed under Zeman. He looks to be a dynamic central midfielder who some people on the forum belive can be a 90 player in the future!

Udinese Loan Players getting experience and proving to be key additions to teams!


Udinese have loaned out 4 players to other clubs and looks to loan out more. Loanees include Gaston Ramires, the highly touted uruguayan playmaker to Varese, Alexander Merkel to Hellas Verona, Walter Gargano to Hellas Verona, and now Erik Lamela to Reggina. All 4 players can play key roles and look to add experience to themselves and will bring it back to the club. Right now, Gaston Ramirez has proved to be quite a player for Angelo's Varese as he has 6 goals and 1 assist in 6 games for Varese. Geoffrey hopes that with the experience gained by the loaned players they can benefit more when they return.

Gaston Ramirez scores when he wants! :D

Potential replacements get oppurunity as Fabregas serves his suspension


Which one of these 3 will serve as the new playmaker as Cesc serves his suspension? Stevan Jovetic looks to be a promising player and can certainly suceed in his role behind El Matador. JoJo would play as more of a supporting striker and can definetely add that extra spark.

Diego Ribas could also be another potential replacement. Diego is already in the starting 11 but acts more as a deep lying playmaker. Could Geoffrey move Diego up into the treseraquista spot? Cabaye would be subbed into the deep-lying role if Diego gets pushed up.

Could the highly touted Mario Gotze be the man behind everything? The 19 year old German Wonderkid has mostly featured as a winger under Geoffrey but can certainly play in the center of the park. Will Gotze line up as the central attacking midfielder? Super Mario Balotelli would replace Gotze on the wings if Gotze is pushed into the middle by Geoff.

Who knows what Geoff will do but it certainly offers up 3 exciting players who can defeinetely satisfy in Cesc's role! The next three games will be oppurtunity for one of these three to shine! Their time is NOW!

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Its like were riding a wave!


Geoffrey steered Udinese to victory against Cesena.

Udinese beat Cesena 4 - 1 in their Division 1 fixture.

Götze was impressive and scored a hat-trick, later being voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Farfan was also on the scoresheet for his side.

Its been a frustrating end of season run for the Zebras. Udinese started off brilliantly at the 22 game mark with no losses in the season. However, they have gone plummeting, and just last week finally showed the form they had in the early going. Right now, their are only 7 games left in Italiano Vero, and Udinese is 3 back of Parma and 5 back of first place Roma. Udinese has gone through tough times but it seems they may regain back form.

With Frabregas and Jovetic still suspended from domestic play , Gotze filled in centrally as the playmaker. Gotze truly had a wonderful game dictating play and scoring a hat trick against a great squad in Cesena managed by MUTD aka Razvan Van Gaal. Cavani turned into a distributor as he racked up 3 assists. It was a great showing for a team who has lately been struggling mightily to find results.


Its been a long time since Ive felt like we had a good game. Its even more rewarding that I beat my good friend Razvan in the process. Its like were riding a wave. Results go up and down' date=' up and down. We have had no such consistency and with 7 games left, we really need to start performing. Fabregas is set to come back and we know he can perform the best for this team.[/quote']

Can new faces save Napoli and Milan?


The two relegation candidate clubs Napoli and Milan recently had managerial changes. Jozua and Elohim have left the respective clubs for undisclosed reasons. With two dynamic managers leaving these two Giants, we welcome Neil aka Lenny59 and Kevin Junior to the set-up. Neil is a great manager who will help out the smaller clubs in distress, and Kevin can usher in new faces with his deal making. Can they save Milan and Napoli? Milan as of right now is in 17th place with 32 points while Napoli is iin 19th place with 29 points. The relegation battle is intense at the bottom and it will only become more intense with new managers entering into the battle!

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Three straight Wins for the Zebra's pushes them closer to Serie A Leaders, Roma!


Geoffrey steered Udinese to victory against Palermo.

Udinese beat Palermo 3 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Fabregas had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match.

Cavani and Götze were amongst the goalscorers.

Geoffrey steered Udinese to victory against Bologna.

Udinese outclassed Bologna and beat them 3 - 2 in their Division 1 fixture.

Cavani scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Fabregas and Pepe were also amongst the goalscorers.

Its been a rough few weeks for Friuli Side. Udinese has never been as consistent as they have been in the beggining of the season. But coming off two straight wins, the Zebras have overtaken Parma for second place and are now 3 points off of leader Roma. Its been frustrating,, but it seems that the Zebras are looking to make a push and really challenge Roma. Cavani, Farbregas and Gotze have really inspired the team in the past weeks.

Yea realised our match in about 1 and a half weeks could be the title decider :)

In a week and half' date=' Udinese will be facing Roma and it coult turn out to be a potential title decider. Which team will rise to the top?

The Ref save Udinese !!!

Ah well, we're beaten by Mighty-MatchFixer, Udinese.

2 dodgy penalties (1 saved by Holy Sirigu), and a questionable free kick in the last minutes.

We could've beat them easily in a fair game TBH.

Shame, the ref was one- sided.

Controversy stirs again as Bologna Manager Ahmad Rivai again points fingers that Udinese are a match fixing team. The game against Bologna was definetely very controversial as two penalties were awarded to the Udinese Team, as well as a late late free kick which sealed the win for the Zebras. The FIGC find Udinese to be innocent of all charges, but will look into Bolognas accusations. Bologna has made many accusations already in Vero against ex Napoli Manager Jozua, and Novara Manager Kylan. Is this another act of desperation to upset the Udinese faithful?

Jack Wilshere on the radar for Udinese? !


Reports suggest Udinese may be looking to add Jack Wilshere to their squad. Wilshere is an incredible player who has raised many eyebrows. He was the 2011 PFA young player of the year. However, recently Wilshere has gotten injury woes, and their are some doubts on the young englishmens career. Are Udinese gunning for Wilshere?

I think Jack is a fantastic player' date=' and he would be a valuable player to any team. I think any team would like to add wilshere, but as of right now, were just interested. ;) We shall see what Sampdoria wants for him.[/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese Season was a wild one!


The first ever season of Italiano Vero was a success and has ended. Udinese finished in a respectable third place but much more is expected of the Zebras this year. Last year, Udinese ended the season quite poorly as they struggled to find points at all. Udinese had gone through a 22 game winning streak until it all went sour. Many new faces and changes were made to the Friuli team ,and the bar is set for the second season!


I think our lack of consistency was what killed our title chances. We had everything going for us. I know we had the talent' date=' and the style in place but we lacked something. This season is vital as we really need to step it up. I think its time we shown that Udinese is a big team. FORZA UDINESE![/quote']

Udinese Offseason Transfer and Club News

Established Serie A Stars join Udinese!


Fredy GUARIN has shocked FC Porto fans by moving to Udinese for 2,064,000 plus Wojciech PAWLOWSKI and Francesco BOSSA.
Free Agent Fabrizio MICCOLI has moved to Udinese for 5,850,000.
Ignazio Abate has shocked Lille OSC fans by moving to Udinese for 500,000 plus Marcio Rafinha.

Udinese were very busy in the summer mercato adding three established serie A stars to the already star studded squad. Its interesting to note that the Zebra's didnt really have to break the bank or use some of its prime assets in order to gain these players. Ignazio Abate was a fantastic transfer as he is one of the primary right backs of Italy and Milan. Rafinha seemed to be struggling at Bayern so he was sent packing. Miccoli joins as the oldest player on the Friuli side but his experience, skill , and versatility will be much needed as he can play behind or in front. Fredy Guarin was a great pickup as he is getting plenty of game time for Inter IRL, and he is also one of my favourite nerrazurri players.

I am quite proud of what weve gotten over the summer transfer window. I am dissapointed to have lost out on big names like Howendes' date=' Javi Martinez, and Eric Abidal. I also am gutted to see Benzema go to rivals Roma. But in all honesty, I am a cheap manager and I like my squad already. I paid very low prices for these great players and im quite content! Welcome Ignazio, Fredy, and Fabrizio to Udinese![/quote']

The Great British Talent invades Friuli!


Udinese have managed to sign Jack WILSHERE from Sampdoria on a deal believed to be around 3,800,000 plus Gary CAHILL.

One of Englands bright future young superstar Jack Wilshere has become a Zebra! Udinese faced competiton from Roma but shrugged it off and added young Wilshere to their club. Wilshere has a fantastic future and is only 20 years old. Many have pointed to him as Englands great hope and only recently has been given the #10 to wear for Arsenal. Young Wilshere has fantastic vision, passion, toughness, and skill which is bound to improve in many years time. Wilsh will now join the likes of Gotze, Balotelli, Jovetic, Jones, De Sciglio, Tachisidis,Merkel, Ramirez, and Lamela as the future of the Zebras. We welcome Jack Wilshere to our great club!


I'm very happy to be joining Udinese. Their commitment to playing great football is quite exceptional. Im delighted to be partnering up with Phil Jones my national teammate' date=' and Cesc who was one of my former teammates. I think they have put alot of faith in me even though I am currently injured. But, I will give it my all and wear this badge on my heart everytime I step on this pitch. FORZA UDINESE![/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese off to a slow start but not a concern for the Manager!


Geoffrey steered Udinese to victory against Milan.

Udinese beat Milan 2 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Fabregas scored both of the goals for Udinese and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

It hasn't been the best of starts for the Zebras as they start off the 2nd season in Italiano Vero. So far this term, the Friuli side have only gotten a total of 6 points from 4 games. However, Geoffrey doesn't seem to be too concerned.

I know many of the Udinese faithful might be dissapointed in our poor start to the season but I urge all of you to keep faith. Last year' date=' We were unbeaten from the get-go for the first 18 games. I learned last year realistically , it is definetely not how you start, but how you finish. I will be more concerned when the season reaches the end as We were absoloutely terrible in the second half of the season , and lost the title because of our inconsistency.[/quote']

Jovetic , Cavani, and Fabregas find great chemistry despite the team's setbacks!


The trio of Jojo, El Matador, and Cesc have been performing greatly despite the team's poor start to the season. In total, they have 8 goals, and 3 assists between the three of them. Last year, Mario Gomez was not the best performer as the lone striker in the 4-2-3-1 system and Cavani only performed decently as well. Geoffrey has been forced to play two strikers up top along with Fabregas pulling the strings. Cavani is set as the targetman of the two while Jovetic is being deployed as a free roaming forward. With an average of two goals per game from this trio, are they the new triumvirate of the Serie A?

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese off to a slow start this Serie A Campaign!


It's been a slow start for the friuli side during this season's campaign. As of right now, Udinese sit 7th in the Serie A league table. Many analysts and pundits belive the squad has definetely underacheived , but are betting that Udinese can bounce back and show their true colours in time. Last season, Udinese were flying right off the gates with a 22 game unbeaten streak, but they failed to find form as they neared the end of the season. The manager learned the reality that," It isn't how you start , it's how you finish."

This has been a tough campaign so far but I believe in all of my players. I feel we might need a change soon in the squad as we seem to be lacking something. I dont know what it is' date=' but we have to find it fast. Our season may depend on us finding where our chemistry lies. For some odd reason, we lack the chemistry which ultimately makes championship teams.[/quote']

Miccoli is fine like wine!


Miccoli has been on fantastic form for the Zebra's this Serie A season. Udinese snapped Miccoli up for the bargain fee of 5.8 million when Miccoli became a free agent after his contract with Palermo ceased. In 7 games played for the Friuli side this year, Miccoli has scored 5 and also assisted 5.

With Miccoli's form, he may have showed the boss , he should be given a starting spot.

I'm extremely glad with Miccoli's production this year. He's 33 but what he has to offer is incredible. I feel like we lost a bit of leadership when Di Natale left. Initially' date=' we signed Fabrizio to give our young lads like Stefan and Mario guidance,and teaching. But, he has done so much more. He shows leadership , wisdom, and skill on the pitch. I think he may have won the honour of wearing the armband.[/quote']

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese trying to "raise" the Bar



It's been a whirlwind season for the Friuli team, but it looks like the turbulence of the ride has ceased. Many of Udinese' players have performed admirably this season and their skills have clearly improved and flourished. Udinese currently are 13th in the Serie A table and could actually be in danger of dropping. Fellow top teams Juventus, Inter Milan, and Fiorentina sit in the bottom 3 and it is a feat that Udinese do not want to replicate. Their are 9 games left and a possible 27 points that can be achieved. Many analysts point to the fact that Udinese have been distracted by their Champions League Campaign. Currently, Udinese are in the 1st round of the Champions League after emerging as the winner of group C. As of right now, they look favourites to move on to the round of 16 as they are 4 up on Zenit on aggregate. Udinese will be heading to Russia to face off the Zenit Giants in the 2nd leg. Can Udinese turn up form late in the season, or will they be destined for a highly mediocre and dissapointing season?


It's been tough this year but I still believe in this team. Although our season hasnt been the best' date=' I know we can possibly make a late push to finish off the season on a high note. Our aspirations still do lie in Champions League action and I hope Udinese can really help to represent the Serie A splendidly and continue on into the round of 16![/quote']

El Matador and Jojo need to step up to the plate.


Judging from this season's stats, Jovetic and Cavani havent exactly been banging in or producing the statistics that they need as a sucessful duo. It should come as no surprise that the Geoffrey will only expect more after their recent rating changes. Jovetic only has 6 goals and 7 assists this year (in 22 appearances) while Cavani has had 11 goals and 6 assists (in 21 games so far). With Miccoli looking like he will be leaving Udinese, Stevan and Edinson need to step it up before Geoff loses his patience. Can this illustrious duo pull a "Scheva and Crespo"? Or will they fall trap to the "Drogba and Torres" Fiasco? They should be wary of their performances as Balotelli and Ba are not too far away from them.

"You've only scored once!"


In other news, Italian rebel and superstar Mario Balotelli was seen with rapper Drake. The Canadian rapper has conncections with Balotelli and also with the canadian manager. When hearing of the association of Balotelli, and Drake, Geoffrey shook his head.

Drake always says You only live once. Well' date=' I tell Balotelli, He's only scored once. :mad:[/quote']

The Italian international has only scored once this year but has only had 10 appearances so far this season. Can Balotelli tap into the potenital that his manager believes he has? This isnt the first time the young Italian has infuriated a manager.

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

The European Dream is still alive for Udinese



Geoffrey earned a draw with Udinese Calcio against Zenit.

The match ended 1 - 1 between Udinese Calcio and Zenit in their SMFA Champions Cup Round 1 Leg 2 fixture.

Kompany was on the scoresheet for his side.

Udinese Calcio went through 5 - 1 on aggregate.

The SMFA have awarded Udinese Calcio 750,000 for qualifying for the quarter-finals of the SMFA Champions Cup.
Udinese Calcio have progressed to the next round of the SMFA Champions Cup

The Friuli side have now moved on into the quarter stages of the Uefa Champions League Competition. In the next round, Udinese will be facing Spanish club Athletic Bilbao for the rights to move on into the semi finals. It will be a tough task with the likes of Fernando Llorente, Eric Abidal, Markel Susaseta, and Andoni Iarola on the spanish side. With the league title and champions league places running away from the Friuli team, this may be the only competition that Udinese have benefited from.

Dynamic Duo shine in Serie A league win!


Geoffrey steered Udinese Calcio to victory against US Palermo.

Udinese Calcio beat US Palermo 2 - 1 in their Division 1 fixture.

Jovetić scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Cavani was also on the scoresheet for his side.


Both superstars were criticized only a week ago by their managers on their lack of productivity and passion. In response , the dynamid duo scored the two goals necesarry for Udinese to beat Palermo. Not only does this result give Udinese a win, but It also has made the Friuli side move up to 12th in the table. Currently, they are 7 points away from 4th place Roma. Many proud Udinese fans still believe that their team can still move into one of the illustrious champions league spots. Can Udinese continue their form, or will they spiral out of contention for the European Spots?

Benteke joins Udinese from Aston Villa for a bargain fee!


Christian BENTEKE has completed his move to Udinese Calcio from Aston Villa for 3,990,000.

In shocking news, Udinese have announced the signing of Christian Benteke for a fee of around 4 million. Many Analysts believe that the Italian side has made a great steal in the transfermarket and that Udinese will benefit greatly from the signing of the young Belgium. So far, Benteke has done greatly and put up beautiful performances in real life, and Geoffrey was quick to acquire the signature of Christian Benteke. Benteke will join a forward force that includes Edinson Cavani, Stevan Jovetic, Fabrizio Miccoli, Mario Balotelli, and Demba Ba. Welcome to Friuli, Tekkers!

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Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

Udinese win first leg in Champions League Semi Final



Geoffrey steered Udinese Calcio to victory against Lille OSC.

Udinese Calcio beat Lille OSC 2 - 1 in their SMFA Champions Cup Semi Final Leg 1 fixture.

Piqué scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Wilshere was also on the scoresheet for his side.

Despite the lackluster and mediocre showing in Domestic League action, Udinese have flourished in European Competition. In the latest installement of the Champions League , Udinese came out victorious in the 1st leg with a 2-1 victory over Lille on home soil. The Zebras will be up for a tough task as they head to Lille for the 2nd fixture of the semi-final. Wilshere was given a surprise start and was decisive and headed in a lovely ball played by Walter Gargano. In the 31st minute , Miccoli found Gerard Pique open, and the spanish defender dispatched a shot and put the Friuli side up 2-0. In the 48th minute, Balmont put Lille on the scoresheet after a great pass by Balmont. Udinese managed to soak up the pressure and stay on top.

Javier Zanetti makes the move to Udinese and fufills Geoffrey's dream!


Javier ZANETTI has completed his move to Udinese Calcio from Internazionale for 5,670,000.

In a shocking turn of events, Long-time Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti makes the move to Friuli. It's been a whirlwind of events as no one expected Zanetti to leave the club whom he supports and the manager's boyhood club. Zanetti did not seem to be in Inter Milan's plans for the futures, and was eventually sold off to Udinese. The Udinese Manager is estatic with glee in knowing he has signed the amazing legend Javier Zanetti.

I grew up watching the likes of Zanetti play and when I watched him' date=' I could see class, skill, and passion. I'm so grateful and happy that We have actually signed him and no words can describe the jubilation I feel. I hope all of our younger players can learn from Il Capitano and develop into world class players. As for Zanetii, He will be inserted straight into our lineup as one of our starting wingbacks. I'd also like to say that Javier Zanetti has officially been given the captains armband! [/quote']


The new Udinese Captain is unveiled and gives his thoughts.

It was immensly hard to leave Inter Milan. They are the club that definetely made me who I am' date=' and I can never give enough thanks to them for what they have done for me. I am heartbroken that I couldn't finish off my career here at Inter but I know I am heading over to a team that is starting to really become an Italian Giant. I am grateful that the young manager took the time and has given me the role of Captain already. I know I can make a difference and I look forward to captaining this team to glory. [/quote']

Gotze bringing his "A" game!


In other related news, Mario Gotze has improved immensly on the training field as he gets a +2 in rating and is now 93 rated. Gotze should continue to be a starter for Udinese and with his improvements over 1 year, He certainly will do alot of damage along with Cesc Fabregas. It hasn't been the best of years for Gotze but this improvement is surely a sign of things to come.The 20 year old German looks set to fufill his true potential at Udinese. Only time will tell if the German Wonderkid becomes one of Udinese's true legends.

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