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riser from netherlands league

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with the next league gonna be reviewed is netherlands league..

i've done some research and i find some decent riser as follow :


BURNET, Lorenzo 21 80

WILLEMS, Jetro 18 80

BAYRAM, Ömer 20 80

NARSINGH, Luciano 21 85

DUARTE, Leri 21 81

MAHER, Adam 18 83

REIJNEN, Etiënne 25 80

GOUWELEEUW, Jeffrey 20 80

CLASIE, Jordy 20 83

DOST, Bas 22 86

VAN DIJK, Virgil 20 80

LABYAD, Zakaria 19 83

(all in bold coz i copy it from my shortlist)

what do you think they will rise? by how much?? and who the best among them??

your comment and thought very much appreciated

also you can add another decent riser that you think better than list above..

thanks all:D:D

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Re: riser from netherlands league

Ricardo van Rhijn

Dico Koppers

Gevero Markiet

Mike van Duinen

Jody Lukoki

Hyun-Jun Suk

Rajiv van la ParraNinos Gouriye

Navarone Foor

Anouar Kali

Dave Bulthuis

Zakaria Labya

Jetro Willem

Ola John

Yannic Wildschut

Lorenzo Burnet

Jeffrey Gouweleeuw

Mike van der Hoorn

Stanley Aborah

these are the players that i have on my team,and i think that they will get a +3/4

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