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World Championship 20000?

Guest Daniyal

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Re: World Championship 20000?

Liverpool' date=' tottenham, atl.madrid[/quote']
liverpool' date=' tottenham and atletico madrid

lol beat me too it


Thanks guys! I'll be sure to avoid them.

Will HUGHES has completed his move to Manchester United from Derby County for £70' date='000 [/quote']

Should slot nicely into my 1st team B)

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Re: World Championship 20000?

Can I just ask' date=' what is the point of listing anyone for loan in this setup, below the rating of say 85 or 86?

Who on earth is that short that they'd need these type of players?[/quote']

You'd be surprised. Can usually shift a couple of players lower than that if there's a chance they might rise during the season. I just do it out of habit. I don't honestly expect Verratti or Blanco to go out on loan, but just shows they're available if anyone might want a bit of cover.

Di Maria for Gotze... should I?

Fantastic offer...but you would expect me to say that. ;)

If you threw in Gundogan and 10, I might consider it for Benzema.

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