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PURGATORY - The most volatile landscape in Soccer Manager


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Re: PURGATORY - Official Launch May 14th

So that concludes the draw for provisional teams to forumers in the inaugural Purgatory event.

To recap,

Stjarnan - drseanfitz

Decic - Hagrid

Vindava - iAwesome

Prestatyn - sirmarkhughes

Tauro - Vendetta

Montaneros - racky

Granit - Kylan N17

Fjolnir - garryc300

Petrovac - Gorbash

Vikingur - barnabyd

All teams are just provisional at this point, if you are satisfied then sit back for 24 hours. If you are not satisfied, you have the opportunity until 2pm (Game Time) tomorrow (Friday May 11th) to trade your team with another of the chosen forumers. BOTH parties must make any trade clear on this thread before I will accept that the trade is complete.

The list of final 'locked-in' line-ups of teams and their managers will be published at 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

Purgatory will open at 2pm Monday May 14th 2012.

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Re: PURGATORY - Official Launch May 14th

Manager #1 - garryc300

So garryc300 takes temporary control of Fjolnir.

...and finally

Manager #10 - barnabyd

So barnabyd takes temporary control of Vikingur.

Damn. I really like Fjolnir or Vikingur. Sound like really badass name for a mortal.

But instead I got Tauro. Still not bad tho. Plus our club emblem is really nice!

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: PURGATORY - Official Launch May 14th

Manager #1 - drseanfitz

So drseanfitz takes temporary control of Stjarnan.

ok, so it's official, not only am I a star, but I'm also number 1.

but am hoping to trade - preferably for a team with little or no players

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Re: PURGATORY - Official Launch May 14th

I really don't care who I start with. Until we get going I don't think anyone is particularly above the rest. We create the character of these teams ourselves.

So I'm not stuck to Petrovac by any stretch. If someone really wants them I will trade. By my reckoning, I think they are starting as possibly the second worst of all of us. Just ahead of Vindava by 530 capacity over 500, and 1 player instead of 0!

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