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FIFA 13 Official Thread

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Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

Probably not. Probably just sourcing everything now and banning people.


Do you have 20k+? Only one on the market last time i looked and he was 25k.

I've got 5 coins B) Don't see how i'm able to get 20k though if i'm not able to access the web app to sell players and make coins though.

Yes (like 3 mins ago)' date=' why?[/quote']

How are you on the web app then, when i'm being told there's maintenance?

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Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread

I'm still on.

Done some silver/bronze trading and spent 4.2k on:

Kelvin Etuhu, 4-3-2-1 (450c)

Rory Delap, 4-4-2 (500c)

Jos Hooiveld, 3-4-1-2 (950c)

Tom Bradshaw, 4-4-2 (1k)

Jos Hooiveld, 4-4-2 (1.4k)

Listed them for the day and will hopefully get 7k plus back on that. Seems quite easy to pick up players for lower than they're going rate, might be a different story trying to sell them though.

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