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Top 5 favourite Bands?

Baseball Furie

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Re: Top 5 favourite Bands?

My Top 5 ATM Are-

1' date='[b']The Killers[/b]-Amazing Album,Great Songs.

2,All American Rejects-Same As Killers.

3,Editors-Some Really Good Songs ATM,And Will Be Buying The Album ASAP.

4,Foo Fighters-After Live Earth i have liked them a lot and there music is top!

5,Muse-Who doesn't like them right?:rolleyes:

Mines changed since then ;)

1,Arctic Monkeys

2,Foo Fighters

3,Linkin Park

4,Fort Minor


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Re: Top 5 favourite Bands?

Naming 50 would be way easier than just 5.

Anyway' date=' here goes.

1. Judas Priest - traditional heavy metal. influenced every metal band in existence (directly or indirectly) except Black Sabbath. their 1976-79 albums are untouchable.

2. Celtic Frost - probably the most unique extreme metal band on the planet.

3. Death - technical death metal innovators. musicianship and songwriting are both brilliant at worst, and sometimes godly.

4. Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse is the best black metal album ever made, and all their other albums are almost as good.

5. Akercocke - experimental black/death metal. one of very few modern day bands that are actually pushing the boundaries a bit... AND doing it well.[/quote']

Haha. I was gonna update my list... then I realised I'd just be posting the same 5 bands. :rolleyes:

Here's my top 5 live bands instead:

1. Blind Guardian - search YouTube, especially for 'I'm Alive', 'Valhalla' and 'The Bard's Song' ('Nightfall' and 'Bright Eyes' too if they're on there)... you'll see what I mean.

2. Celtic Frost - saw them for my 21st. their live performance absolutely slays their sound on the albums. Tom G. Warrior is god.

3. Tesla - good old fashioned rock. every note played perfectly, and Frank Hannon puts most other guitarists to shame.

4. Akercocke - awesome atmosphere, awesome sound, awesome crowd interaction... actually, just awesome all round.

5. Onslaught - they might not be as big as some thrash bands, but on stage they're the kings. mosh pit and stage dives are mandatory.

Honourable mention: Orange Goblin - stoner doom. they own the stage. difficult to have more fun at a gig. very impressive.

EDIT: Behemoth are almost guaranteed a place in the top 3... when I finally get to see them in February. Can't wait. :D

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Re: Top 5 favourite Bands?

1. The Gathering

2. Paradise Lost

3. My Dying Bride

4. David Bowie

5. Björk / Tristania

Not sure about 5. Björk seems to have had her best days and Tristania has stopped to exist after Vibeke left. Well not really but I'm not gonna buy their new albums since the new vocalist seems to be crappy.

But both made some great albums.

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Re: Top 5 favourite Bands?


1 - The View - The album is fantastic

2 - The Kaisers - Album is great' date=' going to see them in August

3 - Maroon 5 - Great new album also

4 - Travis - Also have a brilliant new album

5 - The Editors - Yep, the album thing again lol(And new single)[/quote']

Well it has changed since then..

  1. The Enemy
  2. Scouting for Girls
  3. Westlife
  4. The Wombats
  5. Michael Buble - He is a solo artist but who cares :P.

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Re: Top 5 favourite Bands?

I've changed my mind abit.

1. Oasis.

2. Blur.

3. Arctic Monkeys.

4. The Jam.

5. The Libertines.

And then there's The Enemy, Operahouse, Wombats, Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things, The Clash, The Coral, The Courteeners, Fratellis, Kooks, The Holloways, The Lightning Seeds, Kasabian, GetCapeWearCapeFly, The Streets, The Cribs, The Twang, The View, Little Man Tate, The Rascals. I could go on. (Also, some solo artists: Jack Penate, Dizzee Rascal, Lethan Bizzle, Kano, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West.)

I'm sorry, but 5 wasn't enough. :rolleyes:

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