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Re: .:British Isles:. - M/R's,Transfer News & Discussions - Blades ecstatic after historic Cup win! WEDNESDAY, Wembley Stadium*(Estadio Azteca? Really. ) - Sheffield United manager Steven Orle

Re: .:British Isles:. - M/R's,Transfer News & Discussions -

Re: .:British Isles:. - M/R's,Transfer News & Discussions - Dno' date=' looks pretty fun to me...I got an exclusive photo. [img']http://24.media.tumblr.com/1WdcmICRRmofbznjgpBBZliKo1_500.jpg[/i

Re: .:British Isles:. New Custom English Championship

Trying to find a decent logo for ya, its harder than you might think for something you'd expect loads of graphics for.

Here's the best I found


You might want to transfer it to MS Paint and write something on it, like click here, or New Custom GW or something?

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