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who can raise?????

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Re: who can raise?????

balotelli 90 stay/rise

dzeko 92 stay

llorente 91 stay

jovetic 90 stay

hernandez 90 stay

immobile 84 rise

insigne 84 rise

musa 85 stay/rise

walcott 90 stay

borini 86 rise

lass bangoura 84 rise/stay

el sharawii 86 rise


van persie 94 rise

plz help (they are all mine)

my predctions.

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Re: who can raise?????

balotelli 90 Stay

dzeko 92 Drop

llorente 91 Rise

jovetic 90 Stay

hernandez 90 Stay

immobile 84 Rise

insigne 84 Rise

musa 85 Rise

walcott 90 Stay

borini 86 Rise

lass bangoura 84 Stay

el sharawii 86 Stay


van persie 94 Rise

plz help (they are all mine)

Opinions next to the players.

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Re: who can raise?????

balotelli 90

dzeko 92

llorente 91

jovetic 90

hernandez 90

immobile 84

insigne 84

musa 85

walcott 90

borini 86

lass bangoura 84

el sharawii 86


van persie 94

plz help (they are all mine)

I'd say Djeko is the only one you should really get rid off. If you badly want to cut wages' date=' maybe sell walcott/hernandez as well.

i'd sell walcott, jovetic and, if you really need money, hernandez.


van persie will stay only unless he transfer to bigger club or arsenal gets VERY VERY good result

Don't think so. Roma had a pretty ordinary season not to mention they epitomize mediocrity and yet De Rossi hasn't dropped (still at 94). If Van Persie can continue his brilliant form, I see no reason why he shouldn't rise.

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