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Gold Championship 172 Official Thread

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Re: Gold Championship 172 Official Thread

Hamsik is off too Liverpool Gerrard and Cole are on there way too Napoli

Lavezzi is off too Manchester United with Welbeck + Kagawa + Macheda coming too Napoli

I would like too say thanks too both managers very easy too deal with now just too wait for setup too open for both deals too go down.

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Re: Gold Championship 172 Official Thread


Madrid Star Joining On Loan Too Help Squad Depth!


Three Manchester United stars joining with Lavezzi leaving Italy behind!


Steven Gerrard and Joe Cole will be joining the England NT coach at Napoli with Hamsik heading too English football.


Danny too fill in for Hamsik with Vargas and Dzemaili heading the over way.

(I would like too say im in talks with Valencia and it seems close that French Left Back Mathieu will be joining too take over as one of our star attractions here)

(I am also happy too say we are expecting one of three big names too join our Strike force, Drogba - Kalou - Barrios too help our team win a league tittle)

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Re: Gold Championship 172 Official Thread

Ok so here is the deals so far.

Hamsik too Liverpool with Gerrard and Cole too Napoli

Cavani too Schalke with Huntelaar and Papadopoulos coming too Napoli

Lavezzi too Manchester United with Smalling and Kagawa and Welbeck too Napoli.

Danny also set too join just waiting for final deal done.

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Re: Gold Championship 172 Official Thread


Well here it is the most talked about team over the past 24H, we have made some great signings here and are now ready for season one too kick off. Hunterlaar will be back up by Saha who joined in a six million pound deal witch I see as a solid offer, also in the back ups is Smalling (88) - Altintop (89) - Fernandez (87) - Papadopoulos (88) - Gargano (89) and Cannavaro (89) we have Guti if needed just for even more depth.

Now look at this squad have 62M in the bank now too spend on even more depth for ever role for cup games.

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