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Are AZ Set Too Be A Power House GC173

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New Manager In Dutch Football!

Late this week Dutch football club AZ named English manager Mattuie Beckett there new coach. The Dutch side who are trying too put a name down for the self have named the young coach as there full time manager on a five year deal, the coach who has won 30 cups in his time as a coach has came out saying this is a great chance for him. He had a talk with the chairman and both see eye too eye in were they want this club too go and after a day of talks the new coach is now here and ready too battle the likes of PSV and Ajax in the fight for the Dutch league tittle.


Dutch God Joins AZ In Shock Summer Move!

Well the deal everyone has been talking about were would out of contract star Clarence Seedorf end up. The ex AC Milan player let his deal with the Italy power house run down at the back end of last season and after talks with teams like Tottenham, Dortmund and Roma the 36 year old pend a two year deal too join up with new coach Mattuie Beckett at Dutch side AZ. The Attacking Midfielder has came out saying this:

It was a hard disition too make, but im happy too end up were this all started for me. AZ seem too be going in the right way with the signing of sutch a top coach and I could not turn down the offer. I am glad too end up back in Dutch football and now will be looking forword too the season ahead of this club.

New coach Beckett has now shown his hand too the fans with this signing saying this is what we needed, this club has a long way too go too battle with the best but with this signing we are showing we are ready too battle for top names.

It has been reported a fee of around ten miilion was payed for the player on a two year deal and many are asking how can sutch a small team managed too pull off sutch a great signing and dose this mean the chairman is ready too be a big dog in a big pond.

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Re: Are AZ Set Too Be A Power House GC173



Manager Says French Star Is All Our's!

Well the deal has been done, Chelsea have gone all out too sign Dutch sensation Adam Maher. The 18 year old has left behind AZ and Dutch football for the chance of playing in the EPL and news coming out of England is that French star Florent Malouda and Mexico youth Ulises Davila are all but set too join the Dutch side.


Young Mexican Too Join AZ In 2-1 Swap!

The deal was set in stone this morning and AZ manager Mattuie Beckett seems happy with his second deal since taking over at the Dutch side at the start of the season. It has already been questiond can this manager make this a big team well he is trying and the coach has said he is aiming for at least one more signing in the next 24H with links too two goal keepers the coach could be ready too splash out on another signing.

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Re: Are AZ Set Too Be A Power House GC173



Chelsea Keeper Joins AZ On Two Year Deal!

Today Portugal and Chelsea shot stopper Henrique Hilario has signed a two year deal with Dutch side AZ. The 36 year old is expected too take over for listed shot stopper Erik Heijblok as the number two at the club. New coach Mattuie Beckett has said the Goal Keeper will be key here he bring in a lot of gain too the squad, and after wining the League and Champions League with Chelsea we will be aiming for the shot stopper too help 23 year old Alvarado Esteban trew the ranks and too become one of the best in the world. Hilario has said he is great with the move and wishes Chelsea the best of luck this season, the Portugal keeper has said he has loved his time in England and now will be getting ready too become a coach when he hangs his boots under coach Mattuie Beckett at AZ.

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