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Fabio Cannavaro


Fabio Cannavaro  

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Re: Fabio Cannavaro

What rating do you think he will change to come ratings change??

i think he should go down to 90 or 92 because every couple of matches he gets suspended and he is not defending that well, he is more rough than good. he doesn't deserve to be 96 at all. Even gettin the best player price i think he didn't deserve it cause if FIFA made that decisoin depending on his performance in the world cup, then Zidane should be first but if they made it ccording to what he did in the italian league, the only thing that made his team to have a good defece is because they were cheating so why the **** should he be the best player or have rating as high as 96??

ithink 90 to 92 is what he deserve if not less.

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