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Feel Free To Ad Some Future Risers


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Let's get few young players and future risers in here with no order

Just whatever you can find , please include some back up to why you think he will worth buying

I will not try to attempt to predict the + - for the player just stats

Here we go :

Petar Skuletic 75 Vojvodina Serbia 22 games 4 goals over 1300 minutes

Nikola Aksentijevic 75 Partizan Serbia 14 games 1 goal over 1400 minutes

Yerson Candelo 75 Deportivo Cali 20 games over 1500 minutes

Angelo Henríquez 76 Universidad Chile 14 games 1000 minute 10 goals !!!

Benjamin Volic 74 Željezničar 25 games 2200 minutes

Dino Coric 76 Široki Brijeg 20 games over 1700 minutes 2 goals

Srdan Grahovac Borac Banja Luka 75 28 games over 2400 games 1 goal

Asmir SULJIC 75 Sarajevo 25 games over 1900 minutes 5 goals

Shir Tzedek 76 Ironi Kiryat 29 games over 2400 miuntes 2 goals

Adam Bodi 78 Debrecen 29 games over 200 minutes 8 goals

Radivoje Golubović 76 Budućnost 25 games only 843 minutes but 8 goals as a defender

more comming soon .....

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