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West Ham United - Hammer Time!

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We Have Made A Cracking Deal!

Well when you think about West Ham United you think about them trying too keep there place in the EPL. Well they have now had a change in manager and with that comes the news that another English coach will have taken over this time in the form of Mattuie Beckett. Now a lot of fans in Dutch football and German football will know this coach for his time as some of there best clubs, but now the Hammer's fan has come home and he has said he is ready too take West Ham were they have never been before. The new coach is already in talks with three top must have free agents in his eyes in the form of David James, Michael Owen and Guti who all seem keen on signing one year deals with the club but more shocking news is there could be up too seven more signings one of them being ex Everton and Tottenham Striker Saha who is also a free agent. The new coach has made it clear if all ten join this could be a well worked out team, names like Noble and Nolan will not be leaving and we are now getting ready for our first game clash in our return too the EPL against Sunderland this weekend.


Is Owen Set For Stay In EPL With Hammers!

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Re: West Ham United - Hammer Time!



One Of Ten Set Too Join West Ham United!

Well West Ham United are looking big as they look too get up too pace with EPL football after there promotion first time of asking from the Championship last season. There is ten new players joining the squad and there coach has now sent the news too Sky Sports News on the ten names.

Free Agents -







We are happy with the names in this list very mutch looking forword too see Giroud and Barnetta here and with back up names like Owen and Saha the depth side of things will also look good.

External players -





I would also like too say these four players are going too be great here looking real forword too seing 6ft 2inc star hit man Mandzukic up top, and names like Tyton for long term will be great.

Things will look good this season and with some top names now West Ham United will look too make a big impact in the form of English football.

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