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Predictions Argentina 2012/2013


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Respuesta: Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013

isn't he coming back from an injury?

i was just asking you how good he is - i have a feeling you would be able to tell me more than some google translated articles i found.

He was injured and has recovered, so it will start in the reserve game this weekend.

It's good but just beginning, you have not done amazing things, but his speed and courage excited. I think this will seestre chances, especially if the first team championship does not start well, have to see how it does.

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Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013

Villalba a good buy (Just signed him)?

In June theres a post on here saying you could sell him, but he has 15 starts this season so surely gonna get a +2/3 into the low 80s?

Also if anyone watches Argentine football how are these for the future

Gomez (83) Lanus

Rolon (78) Velez

Figal (77) and Alexis Zara (75) Independiente

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14 hours ago, tupac_healy said:

Found him now, cheers...


Why no increase for Alario? surely getting into the NT squad is a good season! 

Sorry for the delay, yes Manuel Guanini.


About Alario, I think no update because he has a bad statics this half and the rate is to high for an Argentinan local player. Maybe Sebastián DRIUSSI of River will increase, Driussi has a very good half, pichichi of Argentinan League and actually has 85 of Rate.

other player to see,

Ezequiel Barco of Independiente

Facundo QUIGNON of Newells,

Tomás ANDRADE of River

Cristian Pavon of Boca

Federico ANDRADA of Quilmes

Bautista MERLINI of San Lorenzo

Tomás CONECHNY of San Lorenzo

Santiago ASCACIBAR of Estudiantes

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28 minutes ago, osborne92 said:

Predictions on the following?


Augusto Batella 78

Jorge Rodriguez 77

Juan Komar 77

Eric Remedi 76

Emanuel Cecchini 75

Leondro Godoy 78

Lucas Rodriguez 78

Lucas Algozino 70


thanks in advance

These 2 threads should answer your questions, you have some decent risers there...


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