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Evolution league


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Re: Evolution League with Prizes

When I said open for public' date=' I was thinking about outside people applying for the club. :P[/quote']

It is open for you only cause I like your username so much :D

Right. I have already posted this once.

Can I have Americo Mineiro???:)

No need to post twice mate some people have a life outside SM on weekends :P

Yes, you can :)

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Re: Evolution League with Prizes

Hi all' date='

Here is my new setup idea...




Empty Squads - 50 mil budget to start

2 Divisions X 10 teams each

36 games / season

Teams from South America

Stadium Size between 24k and 25k to keep the earnings pretty even.

Squad Cap: max. 30 players

Player Age Cap: 21 years - This is a talent league where you'll need to discover and sign great young players.

Player Rating Cap: 80 - I'd say there are plenty young talents out there rated 80 or lower...

Other Rules:

Starting balance: 50m

Economy Level: Normal

Player concerns: On

SMFA monitoring transfers: On

Can only offer cash to clubs in deals: No

No buying players from Unmanaged Clubs: Yes

No buying players from External Clubs: No

No buying players over the age of: 21

No buying players rated over: 80

Cannot do cash transfers over: 3m

Can only buy players with the same nationality as your club: No

Manager sacked if they finish in bottom: No

Manager must login to this Game World at least every: SM Default

Relegation: 3 teams

Promotion: 3 teams - Places 1 and 2 plus the play off winner.


Division 1

(Mostly teams with stadiums under 25k)

1. Icasa - 24,000 - Vendetta

2. Colegio Nacional - 24,000

3. Emelec - 24,019 - Dom Latouche

4. Chacarita Juniors - 24,300 - sirmarkhughes

5. Ferro - 24,442 - Vlad

6. Argentinos Juniors - 24,600 - jkerrs

7. Deportivo Petare - 24,900 - drseanfitz

8. Cesar Vallejo - 25,000 - StephenMUFC

9. 2 de Mayo - 25,000 - RGibbs

10. Cerro - 25,000 - Danny Van Hecke

Division 2

(All teams have 25k stadiums)

1. Bolivar - Keith Fitz

2. America Mineiro - John Stevenson

3. Brasiliense - loredan

4. Union Espanola - Jonathan Bougourd

5. Pasto - blinkins

6. Real Cartagena - A2R

7. Cerro Porteno - Joe Craig

8. Sportivo Luqueno - smut

9. Cobresol FBC - shareflair

10. Juan Aurich - gonich_losova


1. In-Season Prizes: - Every league game has a prize of 10 SM credits. Every match you win you get 10 credits, every draw 5 credits each team...so if you win let's say 20 games out of 36 you get 200 SM credits. Its probably the fairest prize system out there, everyone has the chance to win something. The credits will be sent to the winners after each turn.

2. End of Season Prizes - For the first season the prizes will be:

Div 1 Champions - 500 SM credits

Div 1 Runner up - 300 SM credits

Div 1 third place - 200 SM credits

Div 2 Champions - 500 SM credits

Div 2 Runner up - 300 SM credits

Play off Winner (3rd team to promote) - 200 SM credits

That's a grand total of 5600 SM credits to be won each season!

I welcome any new idea or suggestion that might be useful in creating this new league.

Please DO NOT apply for teams yet! I would like to invite a few friends and people I played with in other setups first and they'll have the first choice in choosing a team!

Right, a friendly bump on the original post so people can have a look at the rules again.

Thanks to everyone who joined so far, there are only 3 unmanaged teams and this should be sorted out in no time :D

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