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Wilshere and Lamela for Busquets

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Respuesta: Wilshere and Lamela for Busquets

Honestly, Lamela is good, but i dont think he could get more than 89 playing for Roma, playing as he had been this year.

Wilshere is so good too, playing for arsenal, but busquets is way better, he will rise 80%, IMO you should keep Busquets if youre the one that owns him.

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Re: Wilshere and Lamela for Busquets

Deal or no deal? I reckon both Lamela and Busquets are in for a rise' date=' Wilshere also a future great player. Should I do the deal?[/quote']

I think it's close - but it's gotta be done. Busquets is playing for Barca and Spain. If he was in his thirties it'd be a tough choice, but as is, it's not. Busquets will sort you out long and short term.

Lamela and Wilshere may well get to the mid-nineties, but there's no guarantee and even low 90s will take a long time.

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