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I wasn' sure where to post this however -

I have been playing SM for about 5 yrs, I don't tend to use the forum all that much however I need to have a little 'rant' and then ask for help!

I am fed up of people leaving game worlds after a couple of games in charge! I am fed up of people not looging in for a couple of weeks and therefore not replying to transfer bids. I am fed up of cheating. I am fed up of the lack of interaction between managers in the games I am in. I am fed up of managers making everyone who us worth buying unavailable! These are part of the reasons I let my gold membership run out.

Now, I would like suggestions of a game world I can enjoy where all the above just aren't factors. I know managers are going to leave and thats fine however after a couple of games in charge is ridiculous!

Gold worlds are great however there are that many of them I don't know which one to join!

Can anyone help please?

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