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JAVA Development: Who else played Championship Manager in early 90s' and adored it?

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Yo, all the forum pros and junkies! I love Soccer Manager. But I want all the soccer lovers in all the world to love this game, too. Why should my young cousin go to play Haxball instead of playing SM?

Here is a suggestion to develop the joy of this awesome game:

Who else played Championship Manager England, Italy or Germany in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 ? It was an addictive soccer manager game by Eidos, which only weighs 2 MBs, or 5 MBs at most. I'm sure anybody who's over 25 knows that legendary franchisee. (*MB for Megabyte in words of hard-disk space)

Anyway, who gives a sh*t about their franchisees. The key factor in CMAN's addiction and popularity was the game-play.

Well, we are all gamers and all soccer lovers. Why don't we make the game more visual within a better understanding concept of who's playing better, who's playing worse.

This is the only matter I find with the Java Score Centres, where we watch how our team win lor lose. This needs a development for sure. And the purpose of this development should be to make it clear, which team plays better, which team plays worse in a 90 minutes of 1 on 1 match. You see, Eidos has made the smartest thing 20 years ago, when they did put these Moving Green or Yellow bars in place of the Scoreboard.

What do we see in those Moving Green or Yellow Bars:

It's a smart and making-it-easy, KISS'ing way of telling the user that "Hey buddy, your team plays not well enough". 'Cause even if a 8-year-old kid looks at those Moving Green/Yellor Bars in place of the Scoreboard, he would imagine how his team is dominating the game, or being dominated by the opponent. So the JAVA development should cooperate with those Moving Green/Yellow Scoreboard Bars in accordance with the match commentator we read.

For JAVA development: (Match Commentator) + (Horizontally Moving Green/Yellow Scoreboard Bars) = (Love of the Game within Clear Understanding of Why My Team doesn't play good enough)

Please consider and reconsider this to improve the JAVA fun. You know why? 'Cos some buddies I know who plays SM, they just check result, they don't even bother the JAVA Score Centre. Make your choice.

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Re: JAVA Development: Who else played Championship Manager in early 90s' and adored i

I never played them games, but I am assuming you are referring to bars that show dominance in different areas, for example possession, shots etc, with a bigger proportion of the bar going to the more dominant team in that area?

If so, yes that would be helpful, then you can narrow down more where your team performed badly and what parts were successful.

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Re: JAVA Development: Who else played Championship Manager in early 90s' and adored i

Hey, the game-play with the bars and match commentary are already developed by the time, I got the first reply (18 hours ago or so). Apparently, the SM executives had already considered this Score Centre development before.

This is exactly what I meant. And I think this is the best way to picture a football match, without seeing the actual players on the field. Hope, everybody enjoys it. Since, I already played this version of a Soccer Manager game-play before, I can answer and reply any questions and concerns from users or help them get over any confusions they have, too.

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