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GC140 - Northampton Town

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I decided to create this space to write about my favorite team of all I have in charge. Northampton Town was the first team that took gold in a championship, the team was in Division 5 at the time, with their original players with little money. Slowly I started to sign some players that I like Argentine soccer (I'm Argentine, are able to forgive my poor English, I am using the google translator), and so I was improving the workforce, making good gains in many young people who then I sold for large sums of money.

today, in my fourth season at the helm, I am in the second division in England, and a team according to the average level of equipment to which I have to face. The initial goal for this season recently began, is to stay in the second category, and expect some increases in my players to make some money.

I want to present some of my most important players:

My best player: Juan Roman Riquelme, I managed to sign him recently and had to sell several young people to raise money (5.9 M). I'm a fan of Boca Juniors and Riquelme is our biggest idol, so it's a dream to have in my humble Northampton Town.


The historic: Lucas Pratto is the living legend our team as one of the few that is on the team from Division 5, and has earned an undisputed place among the owners, their stats so far are great, scoring 60 goals and providing 40 assists in 88 games in 87 of which started and only 1 entered from the bench.


The young players: Since taking the club, I have adopted a policy of signing young promising, preferably Argentine which I play constantly, so much so that today I have a subsidiary of 61 players from different nationalities. The Argentines who can most stand out from here to the future are: Paulo Dybala, Juan Sanchez Miño, Gaspar Iñiguez, Mugni Lucas, Santiago Naguel, Martin Perez Guedes, Fabián Muñoz, Maximiliano Urruti and Andrés Chavez.

Stadium: Our home games are held in our stadium, Sixfields, which currently has a capacity of 13.365, thanks to increase their ability to ascend to the second division in 5712 places.

Anyway is a small stadium for a team that is in Division 2 of the English league, making it very difficult in the economic aspect of the club since the collection is quite low relative to the salaries of the team.




Uniforms:Our main uniform keeps the distinctive colors of the club, here are some samples of the latest models for the season 12/13.

Home Shirt 2012/2013


Away Shirt 2012/1013


Goalkeeper Blue 2012/2013


Goalkeeper Black 2012/2013


Goalkeeper Green 2012/2013


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