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Shakhtar ratings


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they're demolishing Arsenal Kyiv 5-0 on opening day after winning the previous 3 Titles (and 6 of the last 8). the ratings cap in Ukraine is 90/91... how are their top guys not at this rating?

with Mkhitarayan, ok, perhaps you can say this is only his 2nd season of truly top play but he's continuing to dominate. 2 goals & 2 assists today! hope he gets a 90 at the next change.

Fernandinho has been a boss for Shakhtar for 7 years and has won 5 Titles in that time. he's even played for Brazil of late. he's at the 90 cap but I'd argue he deserves to be a 91 exception, alongside Srna.

Douglas Costa has been brilliant for years. why is he still only 88?

and finally Rakytskiy is the best defender in the league and contributes hugely to their attack as well. and he's not just great for Shakhtar; did you see how much better Ukraine got in the Euros when Blokhin cut-out his pro-Dynamo bias and picked him? easily deserves a 90.

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Re: Shakhtar ratings

Honestly, I got so fed up with the Russian/Ukraine ratings that I've sold any players I have in those leagues, no matter how good I know they are.

They players are good

The leagues are good

They do well in the champions league

But it doesn't matter to SM

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