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dai smout

DAiS Invitational

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Re: DAiS Invitational

I'm all for starting with a mid level team rather than one of the elite clubs.

I don't really want to start with a low (mid 70's) team as this may put people off the structure and turn it into another league with a distinctive advantage to people who are better at scouting talents (be they well known or obscure)

Maybe a mid 80's team' date=' such as say Liverpool (Mr S. :P) might be the way to go.

But to give everyone a starting boost we would all be allowed to sign 1 star player without interference (i.e. others bidding)

The sting in the tail would be we would all have to ballot secretly for the player we wanted. If any people chose the same player that player would be inadmissable for the purposes of the ballot. If you choose a player that no one else has chosen then you buy him for minimum cash value.

You get 3 chances (attempts) and if you fail each time then you end up with no starting boost.

The players chosen would remain secret until all 3 rounds had been completed.


Dai's first attempt he chooses Steven Gerrard

I choose Steven Gerrard

Bunder chooses Robin Van Persie

Bunder would get RVP for lowest cash value

Dai and I would have to make another attempt

Dai chooses Pepe Reina

I choose RVP

Dai gets Reina but I have to choose again as I didn't know Bunder had selected RVP in the first rd.

my final attempt I choose Reina.

I lose out again and have exhausted my chances of getting a starting boost of a cheap star player.[/quote']

just re-read this ... since Dai was bezhin bout it

:P I now understand the meaning of life :eek:

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Re: DAiS Invitational

Sorry for not posting for a while. I have not been able to get onto the forum for a bit. Glad the interest remains for most and hopefully it won't be too much tome before we are underway. The plan was to always wait for Fraser to finish his holiday anyway.

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Re: DAiS Invitational

DAiS Genesis


the DAiS Invitationals are communication-driven Game Worlds which encourage participation and involvement.

with regular media reports and articles, banter and repartee, interaction and communication, one doesn't just play the game but are integral to it. live it. total immersion.


current and commited members are listed below, with many other invitations currently outstanding. if you have yet to receive such an invitation but match the criteria, please state your interest and we look forward to your involvement.

  1. Dai Smout
  2. Bunder
  3. DirtySmurf
  4. Kevin Junior
  5. Elohim
  6. M V
  7. Ashtini
  8. Nick Justice
  9. Jkerrs
  10. Drseanfitz
  11. Noisy2k8
  12. Sonofpluto
  13. KirkyyLUFC
  14. Alucard
  15. RieceM96
  16. AbuDhabi
  17. John Stevenson
  18. Glen9mullan
  19. cdw1981
  20. Sky Blue Lee
  21. Tom Wharton
  22. Baseball Furie
  23. LethalYid

Fraser McInnes will also join following his return from his holiday in Stockton and several others are expected in the near future.

whilst others have had to withdraw due to personal reasons i thank them for their initial interest and wish them well in their endeavors. hopefully they will be able to play a part in any future DAiS Invitationals.

there are still spaces available for those whom meet the criteria of the Game World and i welcome their applications and involvement in this new venture.



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