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[UKFSC] EPL 2012/2013 Predictor

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Re: [uKFSC] EPL 2012/2013 Predictor

Still really tight at the top with only 3 weeks to go.

Here's the yellow cap table:

Arampage – 4

Gizb – 4

.CFC – 4

ExiledScotintheUSA – 3

Bartho –3

Uksfc squad - 3

Phil(GT) – 3

ben – 3

lukelufc – 2

Chris – 2

Vendetta – 1

VaiNedved – 1

Pedro – 1

xBurrowx - 1

who would expect Villa 6-1 over sunderland..

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Re: [uKFSC] EPL 2012/2013 Predictor thanks, yes, there's only 10 points between the top 6 All to play for, should be an exciting finish and its a great prize for the lucky winner. Good Luck all

Re: [uKFSC] EPL 2012/2013 Predictor I made my predictions for week 1 GOOD LUCK Everyone, it's a long difficult season ahead but well worth it if you win the FOOTBALL BOOTS Prize, 2011/2012 WINN

Re: [uKFSC] EPL 2012/2013 Predictor thanks' date=' good luck to you as well, you had a respectable 5th place finish last season, this is a very difficult league and consistency is very hard to get r

Re: [uKFSC] EPL 2012/2013 Predictor

Well done Luke :)

You have won the group very convincingly in the end.

Am already looking forward to the next season!



I PM'd you regarding your prize

When you send me your choice/size etc -I will pass on to my sponsor - who kindly donates prizes to UKFSC.

Wonderful season and congrats to LukeLUFC great win especially in such a tight race.

Again Craig great job in hosting the competition and promoting a great cause :)

Really hope other forumers would get involve as it's all in good fun and helps in a doing a bit of good.


LUKE has selected his football boot prize.

Check these out' date=' WOW[/size']


Thank you all, it was a very close competition throughout and I had challenges at the top of the table from many of you, especially UKFSC Squad (Craig), Arampage, Bartho and ExiledScotInTheUSA.

It got incredibly close towards the end, and a good final couple of weeks, with 2 yellow caps really helped me out. I also managed to win the other pool I was in, which had 217 people in it! :eek:



Thank you Craig and your sponsors, these look incredible! :D


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Re: [uKFSC] EPL 2012/2013 Predictor

Due to a little bit of a delay' date=' I changed my choice.

These have arrived over the weekend!! :D


Thanks Craig!! :)

great news at last

Great choice tho, quality boots u selected.

well done on winning the 2012/2013 UKFSC Prediction League

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