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|GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |

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Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |



-The Dutch Monster Has Landed-


-Stroot's plane goes in for landing-


The Dutch monster that is Kevin Strootman has arrived at the private Juventus airport located high in the italian mountains !


-Strootman here seen outside the airport arriving in Turin-

The Dutch international has arrived in Turin ! Flying the other way and probably crossing paths in the middle of the air is golden oldie Fabio 'Quaggy' Quagliarella !

Oh, and Quaggy also has in his luggage, a money pouch containing 6 million in cash !

The trade took part 2 days earlier then expected ... the PSV manager was really keen on getting Quagliarella settled into his team and build his team around him.

To wich the Juventus manager responded with, I've no quarrels with doing this deal earlier then what we've said ... it stands a bigger chance of being revvied tho but by all means go ahead.

Thus, the deal was set in motion, and after seeing Strootman perform with the rest of the team on the early tuesday training, manager bishop had the following to say about his new Dutch acquisition:

After deciding to sell Kwadwo Asamoah to Manchester City, I realized we were a bit thin on the midfield position, thus I decided to go on the hunt for a new backup midfielder.

I wanted someone that was youngish, not too young as we've already got feelers out in the market for one or two of those. But Strootman, was really just the absolutely perfect choice !

As a sort of personal favourite, He was the perfect choice.

As someone still young but not too young to not have experience on an international leve, he was the perfect choice.

As the player he is, with the skill that he possess, he is the perfect choice.

Sitting right now on an 89 rating, I expect him to hit 90 and for the future, this lad that's been so heavily linked with big european clubs ... I can see him hitting a high rating in the future.

I'd like to take this oppurtunity to welcome Kevin to Turin and to Juventus and wish him all the best for his upcoming season with us , I'm sure there'll be an imminent success !


-Strootman here at the press conference at wich he was presented as a new Juventus palyer-

As for Kevin Strootman himself, we followed him quite closely on todays mid-day training that ended roughly 25 minutes ago.

He had perfect ball control and he was making Pirlo look like a very old man !

That's not really something you expect from a 23 year old Dutchman that has only ever played outside Eredivisie with his national team. But alas, Strootman might actually be the natural replacement to Pirlo, a replacement that by all accounts might come well in handy in the coming years.

Strootman also showed signs of being a very capable marksman , with a deadly accurate freekick he made Gigi Buffon work like he's never worked before !

6/10 freekicks he bagged, leaving Buffon swearing in the grass !

For the time being, I think we can safely say that Strootman is meant to be a backup, but I can also say this ... We've not seen the last of Strootman !

We sat down with Kevin and listened to what he had to say about his career and his new club:

While I was rather happy at PSV, Eredivisie is not the right club for me in terms of developing my skill as a footballer and to mature as a person.

This is my first real "adventure" out into the big world so to speak.

I've never played for a club outside of Holland and I'm very anxious to ge the season underway!

Alot of great players are in this Juventus team ... I grew up watching Pirlo and Buffon ... I grew up admiring Juventus as a club and their history and tradition is endless it seems.

I'm honored and really looking forward to myself being able to add to the clubs rich history.

I look forward to enter Juventus Stadium as a Juventino and to hear the roar of the crowd ! I look forward to crushing our opponents and to lay waste to all that oppose us !

This is the next step in my life and in my career ! And even tho I'm going to be used as a sub, I'm a proud member of this team and It's with great pride that I put on this jersey and dream about success !


-Kevin Strootman, here seen in his Dutch International jersey-

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Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |



-Mexican Duo is cleared for Juventus-


The Juventus manager have been extremely active in the transfer market so far this pre-season.

A total of 9 players have so far transferred in to Juventus, and there's no sign of the Juventus manager stopping anytime soon !

Amongst the new arrivals, we find two faces that immediatly seeks one another out ! Two Mexicans that have never played with one another, but that have heard alot about the other.

The first we have is Aarón Sandoval, an 18 year old CB that has transferred in from Pumas UNAM for a fee reportedly being 555.000.


-Sandoval here seen outside the massive Olimpico Universiatrio-

Having seen 5 starts for his club during his first season in the Mexican Primera, It's clear that Sandoval is a name to remember for the future.

Having around 340 played minutes is not something that all 18 year olds get during their first season, and this is proof that Sandoval is a talented youngster that'll go far in this game.

We sat down with Manager Bishop to hear his view on the purchase of the mexican youngster, and to hear what he had planned for him.

The purchase of Sandoval is strictly for the future and we have no plans right now to play him.

It might just happen that he'll get some time playing in a cup game but the most realistic view of this (and Aarón is well aware of this) is that he'll go out on loan to a lower league club to gain some experience and be able to play on a weekly basis.

So, with those words ... the fate of Sandoval is clear ! A short loan spell or perhaps a 2 season long loan spell is what's awaiting the 75 rated mexican CB.

We managed to have a chat with Aarón himself regarding his future at Juventus aswell as his thoughts on the move from Mexico to Italy.

Ofcourse It's always hard to move away from your roots, from your friends and from your family !

But, we all have to make hard decisions in life, and I'm quite sure that this'll turn out to be a life alterting decision .. in a positive way ofcourse !

*Sandoval sits quiet for some time while thinking about the question we asked him in regards to his future at Juventus*

I've known from the start that I'm to be loaned out. Juventus have been very open and honest with me on that point. That's one additional reason as to why I agreed to sign for them.

I'm happy with being loaned out because no matter where I go, I'm still going to be a Juventus player !

I grew up admiring this club ! As I'm sure many of us youngsters did.

They were THEE club to beat in Italy and in Europe and as much as I'd like to be part of it now ... I know I will get my chance and that my time will come, and when it does, I'll seize it with both hands and never let go !

There you go folks, the views on this deal from the player himself. A very humble and down to earth kid, with an ambition that is amazing.


-Manager Bishop at the press conference announcing the signing of Chicharito-

Another player to have joined Juventus during this pre-season transfer window is fellow mexican Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez !

The rather short mexican striker will be an essential part of the Juve attack force. but from the looks of it ... he'll be a backup to Emmanuel Adebayor and Mirko Vucinic !

But, we all know rather well that the Juventus manager rather likes to play the 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 formations at times, this could prove vital for Chicharito's success at Juventus ... rumours are flying around that the young Mexican will be used mainly as a cup player and as a backup player when the need rises to rest Adebayor and/or Vucinic !

One thing is clear, Hernandez is a deadly striker and we're sure that he'll present himself on more then one occasion !


-Chicharito here seen celebrating a goal for Mexico-

We found some time to talk with Chicharito after the Wednesday morning training !

He had the following to say in response to his transfer to Juventus :

While I'm not 100 % pleased in how things ended for me at United, I'm still proud to put on the Juventus jersey ! They have something special going on ! And I'm very happy with being a part of that !

We've signed a bunch of new faces for the new season, and we're going to get Juventus back to the old glory days !

And I'm well aware of the limited amount of minutes that I'll see this season, yet I'm extremely interested and anxious to get the season underway and to actually go out and get some time !

We ask Manager Bishop if there's any truth in the rumours that he's going to change his team around for the Dortmund friendly later tonight.

Yes there is !

I'm going to give Bonucci,Strootman,Pepe and Hernandez the chance to show me what they've got tonight !

And if they surprise me ... they just might get a spot in the starting XI against Udinese on Saturday. It remains to be seen.

All I can say is that I'm anxiously looking forward to the Dortmund friendly tonight !


-Picture from this mornings Juventus training-

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Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |

- Easy win over Borussia Dortmund -

Friendly match, July 25 2012, Turin



5, Vucinic

8, Vucinic

18, Pirlo

59, Vucinic




22, Reus


Borussia Dortmund


-Mirko Vucinic, the MoM with 3 goals and 1 assist-

Going into this game, the Juventus manager were adamant to leave with atleast a draw.

Losing was out of the question for this highly important pre-season friendly !

Looking at the transfers that've been made so far ... Juventus is thee team to beat in Serie A this season ... and without a doubt a strong contender to lift the trophy at the end of the season !

Thus it came as no surprise when Juventus completely overthrew the German giants and reigning Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund !

2 quick goals coming off Vucinic' foot more or less sealed the deal in this game.


-Juventus here seen celebrating their victory over Borussia Dortmund-

We had initially planned to follow the progress of Giovinco, but we soon changed our eyes to the fantastic perfomance of Mirko Vucinic !

We were able to get hold of a rather sweaty yet euphoric Mirko Vucinic after the game was over, here's what he had to say:

I'm extremely pleased,thrilled and happy about this win ! It was more then we dared dream about coming into this game !

Borussia Dortmund are afterall the reigning Bundesliga champions and we were not sure as to how they would decide to field their team!

However, 3 goals against Dortmund ... that's ... wow I'm speechless !

I was hoping to atleast get a decent attempt at goal wich'd later look good in the replays *winks* but to bag 3 behind Weidenfeller is more then I could ever dream of!

This results fills us all with confidence for the upcoming season and aslong as nothing unforeseen occurs ... we should have a cemented path to 1st place !


-The Juventus fans here seen celebrating their Swedish manager after the victory-

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Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |

-Shock draw against Rayo Vallecano-

Friendly match, July 26 2012, Madrid

Rayo Vallecano


13, Nielsen

33, Dani

83, Quero




67, Adebayor

72, Pirlo

87, Isla (pen)



-Terrible Performance Says Manager Bishop-


The Juventus managers does not look happy at all when he arrives to the press conference late that evening after the game has ended.

He sits down and slowly sips on a bottle of water ... he sighs and begins to talk.

This was definetely not one of our good games ... we were terrible, absolutely terrible today against weak opposition.

If a team goes to Juventus Stadium and beats Borussia Dortmund ... then that same team should be capable of beating a lower spanish side.

I don't know what went wrong out there today, but a draw was the last thing that we had in our minds going into this game ... perhaps that's why the end result is what it is.

Maybe we underestimated our opponents, maybe they felt that going into the game and seized the oppurtunity.

We still had better possession throughout the game, similar tactics .. Still we ARE the better team but that did not show out there, we looked tired.

I will need to talk this through with my assistant coaches tonight and we'll see what we can do about it.

A reporter next to me raises her hand and asks "Is there any truth to the Lamela rumours?"

You have got some very good sources there miss !

Yes, there's a grain of truth to the Lamela rumours, and the only reason that I'm sharing this with you now is that we've gone so far into our negotiations that I already consider Erik Lamela to be a Juventus player.

a fee has been agreed upon, and the only thing that remains is to see when and where this transaction will take place.

My team build is soon completed, I'm looking for 2 more players tops after Erik Lamela joins Juvenuts.

I'm very pleased and very proud regarding how I've managed to build my team. I've done alot with what I had and turned us into a competative side for this seasons Serie A football!

Sir, how will you play your two attacking mids, Lamela and Giovinco ?

Giovinco is the current obvious first choice for me !

Erik is still young and can still learn, and altho he's quite a favourite with me ... I'm still going to say Giovinco, simply because he's more experienced and more of a fan favourite at this point.

Then we'll just have to see what it comes too on the trainings, obviously the best man will play regardless of any sentiments I might have.

Erik is an incredible prospect and will not just be any kind of sub-player ... He's going for a spot in the starting XI and no less than that.

Thank you, no further questions.

So, all in all, a very eventful day for Juventus, first a draw against small side Rayo Vallecano, then this huge transfer bomb on the press-conference ! This is why I love my work !



-Is Erik Lamela the next in line to join Juventus?-

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Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |


-When Milan got Smoked-

Tonight ... Juve travels to Milano for clash of the titans derby against Milan !

After a terrible start to the season, Juventus will be looking to get their second win tonight away against Milan ... a hard task perhaps ... but manager Bishop is certain that with Lucio and Giovinco back in the starting XI ... Milan will be no problem at all.

I think that we're looking at a 4-2 game in favour of Juventus ... with hopefully another hat-trick from Vucinic ! Would not be too bad if that happened !

in about 20 minutes ... we'll know ;)


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Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |

Divisional match, August 08 2012, Milano

AC Milan







Juve clinches point despite being 1 man down !

27' ADEBAYOR brings down ILICIC.

Free kick to Milan in a promising position.

Yellow Card - The referee has no choice but to caution the player.

57' ADEBAYOR makes a badly mistimed challenge with his studs on TOZSER.

Red Card - ADEBAYOR is sent off.


-Adebayor getting sent off in the 57th-

In the 57th minute, Manu Adebayor was sent off after receiving his 2nd yellow card due to an ill-timed tackle Daniel Tozser ... Quite wreckless one an think ... but looking at the Milan lineup ... one can understand just why the Juventus players were so frustrated !

None of their 90 rated players were on the field tonight while Juventus fielded their strongest possible team ... including team captain Villagra !

But, all they managed was a draw ... this might've been a completely different story had not Adebayor been sent off ... we managed to get hold of Adebayor when he was walking to the showers ... this was what he had to say:

I'm dissapointed ... that's pretty much what I've got to say right now .. I've let the team down ... and the fans too ... I was brought in to score goals, not to sit on the sidelines redcarded.

Yes, we're all frustrated ... but that's no excuse for my idiotic charge ...

So far we've failed to deliver when needed ... myself more so then ever .. But I do promise that I'll come back ... stronger then before and with 100% focus !

This is our year ! And nothing's gonna change that !

So, that's what Ade had to say after his shocking and absolutely terrible red card !

This meant that Juve had to play extra hard to cover the lost players position ... something that's not ever easy against Milan ... not even in their weakened state ...

After 11.000 Juventus fans had travelled to Milano to cheer their lads on to victory, they had to settle for 1 point ... and after this terrible start to the season ... rumours are starting to fly about regarding how much longer Mr.Bishop will be the manager of Juventus ... a special article about this comes tomorrow !


-The Juve fans during the game against Milan-

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Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution |

-Cristian Villagra, the man of the hour-


The Argentine native have been a starter for Juventus ever since he joined at the start of last season.

During season 1 he featured in a total of 18 games, carrying an immense burden in the defense.

He had pushed Martin Caceres to the bench and was almost instantly named captain of the Turin based club.

There've been speculations for a long time that some clubs are after Villagra but nothing have ever gone past the rumour stage.

Until early this morning when Atletico Madrid approached Juventus with a € 9.000.000 bid.

Without even pausing to think, the Juventus manager Bishop rejected the cash offer for his star RB with the words : I will be dead before I see Villagra leave for another club:

So at the end of the day, it's quite clear that Villagra will remain at Juventus, and remain team captain aswell.

In his 23 games for the club, he has no points ... will that change tonight ?

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