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Official Gold Championship 178 Thread

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Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread

Tottenham Hotspur Update


  • Pre Arranged deal accepted for Luka Modric

  • Awaiting Pre arranged deal to be accepted for Giueseppe Rossi

  • Had a deal accepted for Ryan Meara

  • Made an outrgeous offer for Christian Eriksen.

  • Hoping to nab the likes of Didier Drogba and Michael Owen

  • Also made a decent offer for Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

  • Receiving some terrible offers at the moment


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Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread

Manchester United Transfer News.


The deal for Soldado has been agreed. He will shortly complete his move to Old Trafford

The deal for Roberto Soldado has been accepted by Valencia manager. Young and Cleverley will be on their way to Valencia for him.
Ryan Giggs maybe will be on his way to Aston Villa in an exchange with two Villa's youngsters Albrighton and Gary Gardner plus 2M.
Interesting offer about Darren Fletcher who might be in his way to Fenerbahce.

Berbatov and Paul Scholes offers maybe will be rejected. Javier Hernandez offer was perfect from Malaga but I'm affraid i can't sell Hernandez untill i see how will Soldado preform.

Crystal Palace was lucky to get Lindegaard on loan after there was a lot of offers at least 15, i thought a number which was 6, and C.Palace were that number, Smalling will be on a year long to Athletic Club, Darton will be the home this year for Fryers, R. Brown, Tunnicliffe, Rayo Vallecano got Macheda, Bebe to L.A Galaxy and Scott Wootton to Shrewsbury Town.

Still Ferdinand, Berbatov, Scholes, Evra and Anderson for Sale.

As the manager of Tottenham, I had some terrible offers to. Porto specially is making silly offers.

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Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread

Arsenal just recalled alex oxlade-chambelain from his loan and sent him out on loan somewhere else with no explanation i know he is there player to do what they want with but things like this really grind my gears :mad:.

That manager is a complete and utter FOOL' date=' and I advise all managers to NEVER deal with him.

As for Spurs.

Things are so slow.

Won a bid for Michael Owen, but I might pull out, £8million is fair high price :o

Doubt I'll sign Drogba.

And after putting in what I felt was a very good offer for Eriksen I got this...

Ajax have made a counter offer to Tottenham Hotspur to exchange Rafael VAN DER VAART and Gylfi SIGURDSSON for Christian ERIKSEN .

I know it's silly, but things like that really annoy me. I mean what goes through the managers mind to even think I'd accept it?!?!?:mad:

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Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread

Bologna trade unhappy Ramirez for Spanish Powerhouse Negredo


When Gaston Ramirez made his intentions clear, manager Mark was left with a huge predicament. Does he stick with his star player and hope he changes his mind. Or sell Ramirez and look for something the team needed, a target man. Well the latter was chosen and Mark managed to bring in Spanish international Álvaro Negredo. As Bologna are not the strongest team in the Italian league, they needed a player who they could kick the long ball up to and know that he could hold it up. And that's where Negredo comes in. Negredo was recently in the Spanish team which conquered Europe in Euro 2012. So this shows that he can hold his own in the best team in the world. And with him being the new star man, its certain that he is going to have a bright future at Bologna.

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