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Help - Ronaldo or Hazard & Javi Martinez

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Hi there guys, this is my first post so please be gentle...

I have received 2 offers - £30.1m for Hazard and £17.3m for Javi Martinez, is it worth accepting the offers and ploughing the money into Ronaldo (£47.4m).

Basically, these are my set-ups with / without Ronaldo:


RVP Busquets Gotze Munian

Ronaldo Messi


Gotze Busquets Martinez Hazard

RVP Messi

Please let me know your thoughts or any other suggestions?

Many thanks

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Re: Help - Ronaldo or Hazard & Javi Martinez

I wouldn't do the deal purely because you are getting ripped off for hazard and martinez. I know that the thought of ronaldo and messi at front sounds devestating, sm being the way it is it may not be that good. I had messi in one of my teams and he scored 4 goals in 29 apps :eek:. So basically you are loosing to very talented players who will rise in the future. You could get alot more for b hazard and martinez mate.

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Re: Help - Ronaldo or Hazard & Javi Martinez

if you're sure that you can pick up Ronaldo for 47 million, then this might be a good idea. However, the only way you are going to get Ronaldo for that price is if he's at an unmanaged or external club (is this the case?) even then other managers might attempt to outbid you...

I'd probably ask for a better offer for both players regardless. Try getting 30 millilon and a good player for Hazard, and a deal worth around 25-30 for Javi

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