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swap pedro for benzema

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Re: swap pedro for benzema

Fun fact: I asked the same question in June 2011, when everyone on the forum expected Pedro to rise from 93 to 94. Hell broke loose when he didn't, because he deserved a rise. Today, after one mediocre season the majority will tell you Pedro has reached his peak. Times are changing:rolleyes: Needless to say i sold my Benzema to get Pedro last year after these replies:

Would you guys give away Benzema (93) for Pedro (93) ?
Yes. I would definately. Pedro's going to get 94 at some point' date=' Benzema's been touted with a move....so I don't think he#ll get above 93.[/quote']
I would do that straight away! Pedro is so much better than Benzema and can rise much higher mate :D
Yes do it' date=' Pedro is better IMO[/quote']
I would do it' date='really good deal.[/quote']
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Re: swap pedro for benzema

Yeah, that is interesting: so much can happen in a year

IMO, Pedro's been really unlucky this year: he was injured quite often in the early parts of the season and never really got a chance to get into his stride. However, I don't agree with people writing him off after one disappointing season: he's a superb player when in form, and if he can rediscover is 2009-2011 form: he can still get 94

For now i'd take Benzema: but don't write off Pedro just yet

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Re: swap pedro for benzema

mate you should remember this last yr barca bought sanchez who plays in the wing.

villa's position is untouchable for now then you have tello and cuneca coming through their youth team ranks all these players tries to get the spot in one wing so the competition is pretty tight even cesc plays in that role so pedro lsot his importance.

benzema is the no:1 striker at real and has a chance to go up again if he continue too play well. so it is better to get benzema

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