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Is it just my bad luck or is this a sinister general theme?

I sign John Terry, He pulls his hamstring on his debut and is out for 4 weeks, i sign Zlatan Ihbrahimavich, he breaks his toe on his debut and is out for 8 weeks, i sign Allesandro Nesta, he tears his calf on his debut and is out for 6 weeks!!!!

All within a few days of each other,SERIOUSLY!! A coincidence?? I think not! Why does SM feel it needs to punish managers who sign players maybe they think shouldn't be playing for those clubs!


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Re: New Signings!

and then during their injury' date=' will they develop "concerns" also for lack of playing times??? :D[/quote']

Yes, that's happened to me... I currently have 2 players who are out injured and have developed concerns about "lack of playing time"!

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