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English Premiership Rating Predictions


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Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

do you believe WILLIAN has the potential to become 92-93 player?

i cant see him rising till he gets regular place and it might happen if mata leaves.

i am not sure how much mourinho believe in him but it looks like he believe in him more than in andre schurle.. so what do you think will happen? and lets say you are a chelsea fan.. what would you say? ''yes why not start WILLIAN he can become a star''

or you say ''we need another hazard and WILLIAN is not like that nice player though but cant see become a top player-chelsea should buy a new winger''

i can buy him for 14.9 mil

potential yes! but he wont rise in the next rating yet... maybe end of the season if he keep his form

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Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

Not that i really care but how come Hulls No1 Keeper MCGREGOR' date=' Allan has dropped to an 87?? Makes no sense to me at all:confused:

Infact there are a few rating changes like that:rolleyes:[/quote']

I do care cause he’s my goalkeeper ;-) Very strange indeed, I don’t understand a single thing about it.:mad:

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