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English Premiership Rating Predictions

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Clearly SM need to start paying more attention to the other major european leagues, and stop being so harsh on EPL players.. We are talking here of the toughest domestic league in the world, players i

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That's a great return I didn't realise he had contribution that much for WBA.

However' date=' he still won't rise as ratings are not based purely on that and he is also not playing for one of the better EPL teams.[/quote']

I agree with you, don't think he will rise as he plays for a bottom half team, and many of his assists are simply dead-ball situations. I'd say less than 10% chance of Brunt rising imo.

The definite riser at WBA will be Berahino, I think he deserves 88, although may only get 87.

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So hang on. Berahino deserves an 88 despite playing for the same bottom half club and dead ball situations no longer count as assists?

Playing for a bottom half team makes it very difficult to get a rise to 88 or 89 imo, therefore you will not see many players rated this highly in such teams. Berahino is the exception as he scored 20 goals last season and he is also very young and has lots of potential. Brunt is an average player with the exception of his free kick and corner tacking abilities, wouldn't get in a top 10 team, whereas Berahino would.

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It shouldn't matter who he plays for' date=' 10 assists, most from LB is a great return. Only Fabregas and Cazorla assisted more. He may be average but that season should net him a +1 in my eyes. I can't believe the fact he is a good set piece taker is being used against him. :lol:[/quote']

It SHOULDN'T matter who he plays for, but with SM it does affect their decision making with rating increases and decreases. It's a very good return no doubt, I just think if most of his assists were from open play he would have more chance of a rise. Also the fact they were from LB doesn't make much difference because with them mostly coming from set pieces, his position doesn't make a difference.

How confident are you of him rising? As I would genuinely be very surprised.

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I'm not confident at all. I just absolutely hate how SM does things. Young and shiny - rise. Old and rusty - drop/lucky to keep rating.

You are probably right that the season he's had does deserve it. I am engrained in the SM way of thinking - unfashionable player/club/age and similar factors going against players.

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Hazard +1' date=' matic +1, fabregas +1, willian +1, courtois +1, oscar +1, aguero +1, david silva +1, sanchez +1, ramsey/wilshere +1, rvp -2, young +1, eriksen/kane +1, austin +4, benteke +1[/quote']

Matic, Kane and Austic are the only sure risers for me with Kane getting a +2 and Austin getting a +2 (maybe just +1 because of QPR). Sanchez has a good shout too but I'm not confident enough to call it a sure thing. RVP should've gone down mid-season so I wouldn't be surprised to see -2 for him. Hazard, Willian, Aguero, Ramsey, Young and Benteke all have a chance of +1s but I'd say <50%.

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This guy can vote to change De Gea to an AM' date=' F(RLC) but I can't submit any changes because my reputation isn't 80+. Soccerwiki... [/quote']

I've been responsible for the approval of like 40 club rivalries and had a few rejected, because... you know.... apparently the voters know more about Portuguese club rivalries than I do. :P

And despite all these contributions, my rep has dropped 10 points since I've joined SW. :confused:

The whole thing is shambles. :o

I can't edit some player positions that are a joke btw...

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