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English Premiership Rating Predictions


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yeah Everton have been great to watch such good offense and 0 defense lol. could see drops for the lesser lights/ older ones. osman, Hibbert etc. think Mirallas, Baines, Barry have done enough to stay. Lukaku could get 91 the offense is great, as long as teh defence drops to reflect it id be happy.

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Your thoughts, please.


A.IWOBI 75 +7 to 83

T.FOSU-MENSAH 75 +5 to 80

RASHFORD 78 +5 to 83

K.IHEANACHO 82 +3 to 85

D.ALLI 86 +3 to 89

R.LOFTUS-CHEEK 80 +2 to 82

N.AKE 82 +3 to 85

R.KENEDY 80 +2 to 82

A.ARMSTRONG 78 +2 Stay at 78

H.KANE 90 +2 to 92

E.DIER 88 +1 to 89

M.LANZINI 86 +1 to 87

H.BELLERÍN 88 +2 to 90

R.LUKAKU 90 +1 Not sure, Everton been shaky

A.MARTIAL 89 +1 to 90

V.VAN DIJK 88 +1 Stay at 88

K.DE BRUYNE 93 stay at 93

J.LINGARD 85 +1 to 86

P.MCNAIR 83 stay at 83

D.ORIGI 87 stay/+1 88 if he keeps up his form

B.TRAORE 85 stay at 85


Thoughts above ^

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Aguero stay. Arnie +1 imo i really liked his and stokes season.


i would adjust rashford to 84 and go Iwobi to 82 for now.


Bellerin yes 100% 90 would be very awful if they dont undisputed starter for Arsenal straight up sat a french international (90 in sm) Debuchy on the bench in no time and definately top 3 RB this seaosn if not best.

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Iwobi looks a good talent and will rise but you can't say rise him to an 83 and also Rashford to an 83 look what Rashford has done in comparison to Iwobi! I agree on the Kane 92 though two seasons in a row now scoring goals for fun!

They play in different positions for one thing - both have had a very good impact on their sides and both deserve a rise to 83.

Rashford already got a +8 last month as it is. A +5 on top would be fine. A brilliant young talent undoubtedly.

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