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English Premiership Rating Predictions

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Clearly SM need to start paying more attention to the other major european leagues, and stop being so harsh on EPL players.. We are talking here of the toughest domestic league in the world, players i

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Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Updated all the teams with new ratings and players , will do the promoted sides later. Arsenal - Click Here Aston Villa - Click Here Chelsea - Click Here

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No way Doumbia's drop: he'll leave Castle and he has been very good till december at CSKA. Doumbia will stay. Sissoko and Wijnaldum I think the same. Remember Loic Rémy at QPR.

Doumbia I'll give you, barely been used by them.


Sissoko and Wijnaldum should drop, the former shouldn't have got the rise to 90 to begin with. Wijnaldum's stats make his season look better than it was - he's been missing since December. You can't expect the highest rated players in a relegated side to stay at their rating, especially when it's as high as these two. at least -1 for these, with a -2 a possibility for Sissoko.

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barkley should not get a rise, he's had a bad season and so have Everton.

He had 11 goals and 11 assists ( 8 and 8 in BPL), that is not bad for a CAM. Lukaku, him and Deulofeu were the only ones playing on Everton team, i think they should all rise. I dont think that average season for a team should affect all players, it would be a crime if they dont rise De Gea because of bad Man U season, he is for me the best GK in the world right now.

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Sakho and Coquelin should get a +. Cress well should definitely get a +. Bolasie and Paulista should stay the same. I think Mason will get + purely for being in the Tottenham squad and playing fairly regularly and his England cap. Dummet should - just for being relegated.


I forgot enner valencia should stay?

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Kasper Sc 87-89 maybe?

Huth 87-89?

Morgan 85-87?

Wasilevski 85-86?

Dany Simpson to 87?

Fuchs deserved a +1?

Drinkwater to 88?

King to 87?

Schlup to 87?

Mahrez cant go to 91?

Vardy same?

Uloa to 87?

Gray to 85/86?

Kasper 89

Huth 89

Morgan 88

Wasi stay

Simpson 88

King 87

Schlupp 87/88

Mahrez 90/91- don't know if they'll give him 91 

Vardy 90/91

Ulloa 87/88

Gray 85


 diafra sakho?

bolasie ?




ryan mason?


they will get any + or - change=?


Sakho, Bolasie, Dumett stay

Cresswell 88

Coq 89

Paulista 88

Mason 87

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Kasper Sc 87-89 90/89 one of the best Gk this season

Huth 87-89 88/89 very good season

Morgan 85-87 88 38/38 games for him. 88 for sure

Wasilewski 85-86 stay

Danny Simpson to 87 88

Fuchs deserved a +1 90/stay Named 2 times as best left wingback when he was at Schalke it's now time to give him what he deserved in the past. I'd say 90 is long time waiting.

Drinkwater to 88 89/88 7 assists.

Kanté Spectacular season so 89. Market rumors get him +1 to 90

King to 87 86 +1 to him

Schlupp to 87 87 good replacement.

Albrighton 88 starter at LCFC

Mahrez cant go to 91 91 Spectacular season so 90. Market rumors get him +1 to 91

Vardy same 90/91 90 for sure.

Ulloa to 87 87 very important player when sent on the pitch, +1 at least

Gray to 85/86 85 few appareances but he's been good, +2 for sure


I think they will review as in red.This is now an easy rise game.

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