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English Premiership Rating Predictions


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6 hours ago, richieffff said:

Luke shaw likely to get a +1?


4 hours ago, sirmarkhughes said:


Hopeful to get a  few rises for these as I have them in a tight custom. I have Origi but doubt he will get any rise.

Also got 


 hopeful of rises although they are not EPL players.

Byram's not playing much, won't rise, besides West Ham review is done.

Iheanacho I expect a +3 to 86. Imo Iwobi, Iheanacho and Rashford should all be rated same.

Lingard +1 to 88 for sure.

Chalobah, he's not started but since it's Chelsea and they're playing, he could get a +1 to 85.

Lejuene playing for high-flying Eibar, should get a +3 to 86. May get shafted to 85 tho.

Jota +2 to 85 for me

Bongonda +2 to 85 for me

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So Man Utd were reviewed today. Thoughts:

  • Ibra didn't go down to 94- not entirely surprising considering his form
  • Personally feel Mata should be 92 but doesn't matter 
  • Rooney down to 92 is fair/expected
  • Schneiderlin didn't drop to 90 which is interesting, based on gametime he should but maybe he gets till the summer 
  • Surprised Memphis hasn't dropped either
  • Carrick not dropping is surprising but deserved, should not drop.
  • Schweini dropping was obviously fair.
  • Fellaini dropped, HURRAH!
  • Valencia rose- also surprising but deserved
  • Bailly gets a +2 which was 50/50 for me but puts him on same level almost as other CBs which is fair.
  • Lingard rose as expected.
  • Young should have dropped but escaped.
  • Rashford gets his deserved rise.
  • Also JC Pereira got his deserved rise based on form at Belenenses.

As a United fan, what I want tomorrow:

  • Young -1 to 88
  • Memphis -1 to 89
  • Schneiderlin -1 to 90
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15 hours ago, zJoaoPedro said:

When they update the Portuguese league?

No idea mate 

11 hours ago, Dannyb01y said:

Maybe Arsenal tomorrow then? I noticed Cazorla dropped a few £million in worth the last day or two in gameworlds too.

Maybe, who knows

6 hours ago, Barles said:

Downgrade for Cazorla would be absolutely unfair... This guy is as important as Ozil (if not more). His injury shown his worth to this team. Tomorrow Arsenal and City maybe? Or Tottenham with another players (so happy for upgrades for van Dijk, Rose, Valencia :)

Cazorla should drop imo 

Today I hope they finish off Utd and Spurs

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