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English Premiership Rating Predictions


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21 hours ago, Franklyn said:

Pastore or Sturridge+Dumfries? Do you think Sturridge will drop? Everytime eh plays he seems to be a quality player...



15 hours ago, Franklyn said:

Then you believe Pastore has not reach his real potential?

yes doubt he ever will


11 hours ago, tupac_healy said:

I'd say Pastore is capable of more, but he needs to leave PSG, too many players ahead of him...


Was impressed with Loftus-Cheek tonight (friendly I know) but he's got that bit of class about him, 85-86 in the review???


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18 hours ago, Franklyn said:

16matches, 15goals and 4assist for Salah. 92 seems to be not enough for him... haha
Also, what about Alonso? 91? 50/50
And Darmian will stay at 90? stay
Lascelles 87 or 88? 86/87


17 hours ago, jbradley16731590 said:

Weighing up a move for Kyle Walker-Peters and Mason Mount? Both would be for the future and really cheap ATM. Any thoughts? 

KWP should get a +3, Mount will stay, but both worth it for the long-term.

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