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English Premiership Rating Predictions

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Clearly SM need to start paying more attention to the other major european leagues, and stop being so harsh on EPL players.. We are talking here of the toughest domestic league in the world, players i

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Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Updated all the teams with new ratings and players , will do the promoted sides later. Arsenal - Click Here Aston Villa - Click Here Chelsea - Click Here

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6 minutes ago, Monolithic said:

Let's face it, they messed up the big 5 from the beginning. In France they were too generous with the clubs at the bottom and then gave rises to 91 for players they really didn't have to. Then after that generosity they have generally been much too harsh (with the odd curious exception). 

Yeah, Sokratis to 92 was a weird one given Dortmund's struggles and then increasing Hummels at Bayern but not Kimmich. Hasn't been any consistency. 

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On 04/12/2017 at 7:29 PM, noobiescouter said:

JMH probably does all the ratings which is why he's so protective over SM:lol:

Who are you? if you have something to say, at least tag me @noobiescouter

Hardly 'being protective over SM' - Ive played SM for about 8 years now, what many are overlooking is we are having a mid season review - and its not even technically mid season yet. There arent going to as many major player rises/decreases as everyone seems to think based on the the games to date

Too optimistic in dishing out rises in too short a term period.

Sterling - too soon. I have explained this one fully on another thread.

,Icardi , - too soon but definitely at end of season

Kane ,- too soon - but i dont think he will rise again for years, until he moves to a bigger club or Spurs have to win something. most 94 CFs in game are 28 years + 

Lukaku , - too soon, but will be definately up for 93 at the end of the season

Falcao - absolutely not.

Rüdiger ,- should of rose

Bakayoko  - not living up to his hype now at chelsea, yet....needs to improve


All too low rated - But all correct for this season so far. Bar Rudiger. Should of rose to 90 IMO but he its not like he is a stand out pick in the Chelsea defence

and Cavani 94 ? - Why drop someone who is performing to a very high level so far?

If all these rose, would you all be saying +1 again at the end of the season? If so, where do you go in another 6 months? You cannot have everyone rated mid 90's

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On 30/11/2017 at 7:20 PM, RoyalAguila said:

Let's agree to disagree. Facts are facts! You should look at football matches in an impartial an objective manner,  bringing factual proof to a debate if you wish to participate in one.  According to whoscored (which is professional data analyzer, using an extremely accurate algorithm based on IRL performance to measure perfomance rating; it's so accurate that is used in bet centers to calculate the odds):

 Coutinho: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/80767/Show/Philippe-Coutinho (average 7,78)

Eriksen: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/69344/Show/Christian-Eriksen (average 7,05)

Therefore it's factual proof that Coutinho is statically playing much better than Eriksen, especially in CL matches (Coutinho 7,79 vs Eriksen 6,91).

Looking back, and now, 2 games has completely changed the whole 'statistical' overlook. 

Footballs a funny old game, so they say

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