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English Premiership Rating Predictions


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Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

He is' date=' and should be 93 by the end of the EPL review, if he isnt then SM is just a joke honestly.[/quote']

Thanks mate

thats my feeling, he deserves more than a 93 in my opinion but understand he wont get to that. I just think he has been much better than David Silva this season but i know it doesnt work that way

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Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

Bolton Wanderers have made an offer to Shorpe United for Pérez MICHU of £14' date='052,000. Should i accept ? only asking on this thread because I'm not sure how much he will rise.+1 or 2 ?[/quote']

I think you shouldn't sell him now, with his review being so close! Just wait until he gets his +1 or +2, and then (if you want to sell him or if you need the cash) you will receive a much better offer for him.

BOSTOCK' date=' John rise ? or cash in on 2.1mil ?[/quote']

I honestly don't see him getting any decent rise, with only 500 minutes in League One. I think he will stay or get a +1 (just to reach the usual, round number 80).

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