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Jock Stein

Cristian Tello, surely an oversight or Admin error.

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Tello left out of Barca squad

7 August 2012

Cristian Tello has not been given a first-team squad number by Barcelona just weeks before the Liga season starts.

The former Espanyol forward featured heavily toward the end of the last campaign for Barca, making 22 appearances for the club in all competitions between January and the end of the 2011/12 season in May.

Despite this increased involvement, the youngster is yet to be assigned a first-team squad number for the new season, and does not appear on the first-team squad profile on the club's official website.

Will we see him being flogged in the Game Worlds?

So does anyone have more info, Buy/Sell/ Or Keep?

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Re: Cristian Tello, surely an oversight or Admin error.

He is not a first team at barca is he, i am sure we will still see him every now and then but i do not think alot. We musnt forget that towards the end of last season in La Liga, as wierd as this sounds, barca really had nothing to play for, Real Madrid had it wrapped up pretty early in my eyes and that is why i think tello and cuence were given more playing time IMO. Especially with D.Villa back, as much as a talent Tello is, I for one still highly rate Villa and I hope he stays injuty free and does well next season :D

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