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tatics and formation for sevilla not the best team


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Hi i started managing sevilla last week won against unmanged teams but lost against managed teams like ajax and cska with 4 goals.

This is my team:

VARAS, Javi Gk 29 88

PALOP, Andrés Gk 38 87


RIOS, José LB/LM 22 77

NAVARRO, Fernando LB 30 89

POUNDJE, Maxime LB 19 77

CIONI, Gilles LB 28 74

SILVA, Danilo RB/RM 25 88

COKE, Andújar RB 25 87

VASILIC, Jovica RB 22 75

AMAT, Jordi CB/RB 20 85

CALA, Juan CB/RB 22 84

PHILP, Ronny CB/RB 23 60

FAZIO, Federico CB/Dm 25 88

MADURO, Hedwiges CB/Dm 27 88

PAREJA, Nicolás CB 28 89

SPAHIC, Emir CB 31 88

ESCUDE, Julien CB 32 88

MEDEL, Gary DM 25 88

LULIC, Senad LM/LB 26 88

GILLET, Guillaume RM/Rm 27 88

DE MUL, Tom RM/Wing 26 83

STROOTMAN, Kevin CM/DM 22 89

GUARENTE, Tiberio CM/DM 26 86

VERETOUT, Jordan CM/DM 19 83

SEMSHOV, Igor CM/AM 34 90

TROCHOWSKI, Piotr CM/Am 28 89

KANDZIORA, Marcel CM/AM 22 75

APONO, Antonio CM 28 87

OBIANG, Pedro CM 20 75

HOLTBY, Lewis AM/Cm 21 88

ALBERTO, Luis AM/Wing 19 79

ARMENTEROS, Emiliano Wing/AM 26 86

DEL MORAL, Manu Wing/Fwd 28 89

MCGEADY, Aiden Wing 26 89

ACOSTA, Lautaro Fwd/AM 24 85

MIRALLAS, Kevin Fwd/Wing 24 88

KANOUTE, Frédéric CF/AM 34 88

KONE, Arouna CF 28 87

OLIVEIRA, Nélson CF 21 85

IMMOBILE, Ciro CF 22 84

KONÉ, Seydou CF 29 80

I will be very grateful for the help given..Pls help me with a good formation and tatics.Thankyou

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Re: tatics and formation for sevilla not the best team

G'day Mate

I'd probably go for 4-2-3-1


Silva - Fazio - Parejo - Aurtenetxe

Strootman - Semshov

Del Morel - Holtby - Mirallas


Attacking Mentality

Mixed Passing

Mixed Style

Normal Tackling

Own Half

Fast Pace

Tight Marking

Use Playmaker: Strootman

Captain: Semshov

EDIT: Failing that change formation to 3-5-2 (keep same tactics), push Silva from RB to RM, Push Semshov up to CM, Push Del Morel to the Left Wing, Push Mirallas up into the Fwds


Fazio - Parejo - Aurtenetxe


Silva - Holtby - Semshov - Del Morel

Kanoute - Mirallas

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Re: tatics and formation for sevilla not the best team

try a 4-5-1 def or 4-5-1 use very defensive tactics, pressing all over, passing mixed,tackling hard, use t man, tight marking, normal tempo.

this worked wonders for me i was able to beat many 93 rated teams with my 89 rated team. even managed a top 4 finish in a few seasons and never got relegated till now. you will get 1-0 victories and many draws very good if you are one of the weak teams in the league

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