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||War of the World||

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Its the year 2020 .......................... Barcelona and Real Madrid are lost of the wealth and have become the minnows. Russian and Arab billionaires have spread in every club of the world read with their piggy banks to rob all these high clubs. Then comes a revolution, the war, the war which will see no ally no axis no friend no foe ......... it will just see that shining crown which says “THE BEST”. Each club will fight to death and each player will swear their loyalty. Managers will be the generals of the modern world and players the knights. The world waits for what we call THE WAR OF THE WORLD.

Setup Rules

Each club will be given a bank balance of 100 million and due to war times the resources will be limited all Economy will be Poor. All other rules will be division specific. All managers will be only and only forumers. There will be two transfers season

Transfer Season 1 – Turn 1 to Turn 3 (Only transfers with external clubs)

Transfer Season 2 – Turn 10 to Turn 13 (Only transfers with managed clubs)

Any manager breaking the rule will be QUARNTINED i.e banned from all transfers with managed clubs and no negotiation. Any managers behaving rude will also be QUARNTINED. Clubs allotted in Divisions according to the average ratings.

Division 1 (90 -92)

1. Manchester City - Rishabh Maggirwar (Non Forumer)

2. Chelsea - Petr Cech (Venkrontrueblue11)

3. Manchester United - Culé for Life! (Culé for Life)

4. Arsenal - iAwesome (iAwesome)

5. Tottenham Hotspur - dario barini (argala)

6. PSG - albert Culé Català (albert13)

7. Bayer Munich - Abdul noor (itisrising)

8. Juventus - Napoli Fan (NapoliFan101)

9. Inter Milan - Ian Ludlow (IanoLudz)

10. Dortmund - Prashant Raul (soccer_blood)


1. Can not buy players over 90 rating

Division 2 (88 – 89)

1. Benfica - Duncan Gibbons (Ducan)

2. Porto - Van Klinkert Delarosa (Vendetta)

3. Marseille - Amrith Basil (forevrunited)

4. Lyon - Jose Mourinho (kkOr4b)

5. Bayer Levrkusen - Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)

6. Napoli - Mikki Sistermans (BroodRoosterNL)

7. Roma - garry crawford (garryc300)

8. Atletico Madrid - Ghora (Ghora)

9. Valencia - James Coleshaw

10. Liverpool - Wilmer Valderrama (WilmerValderrama)


1. Can not buy players over 92 rating

2. Can not buy players of rating 90

Division 3 (86 – 87)

1. Sporting De Braga - bruno pinto (brunopinto)

2. Rennes - Rodrigo Fagundes (R0drigo)

3. Montepellier HSC - Anthony Lawliet (ruyzakii18)

4. Ajax - Brandon Claridge (Lennon Legend)

5. Internacional - Johan Alberts (Johan Alberts)

6. Santos - ashish dabral (ashish dabral)

7. VfB Stuttgart - Simon Coxell (sunnyskeg)

8. Udinese - Keith Hevey (KeithHevey)

9. Newcastle United - John Stevenson (John Stevenson)

10. Swanesea City - Sir Lesley Mashaya (Dnt Know too :P )


1. Can not buy players over 94 rating

2. Can not buy players of rating 90 - 92

Division 4 (83 – 85)

1. AZ - THe SPecial One (Rooney_RVP_legend)

2. Feyenoord - Marc Spicer (MaoaM)

3. Vasco De Gama - sean fitzpatrick (drseanfitz)

4. 1. FC Klon - Hazr Poland (HazrBoi)

5. Lecce - Harry Redknapp (Dnt Know)

6. Egaleo - Nikos Koutsoudakis (NikosKoutsoudakis)

7. Zaragoza - Wraith R (arampage)

8. Celta Vigo - dominic latouche (Dom Latouche)

9. Norwich City - Barca1 Barca (BarcaFan)

10. Middlesborugh - Adi Pratama (Adi Pratama)


1. Can not buy players over 97 rating

2. Can not buy players of rating 90 – 94

(* Exceptions due to reasons)

Season 2 Rules

1. War does not come with losses. Next season each team has to loose one of its top 6 players in the team.

2. The World Government has declared next year as Financial Crunch so the each team only have 30 million to spend in Transfer Window One. (Each team involving in transfer now must submit their total expenditure to me via PM)

3. The World Government has declared a recruitment cap of 30 plus 10 separate cap for youth. Means from 40 player you should have at least 10 youth players.

4. The rating cap are as follows

a) Only maximum of Five 93+ players

B) Only maximum of Ten 90-92 rated players.

Prizes Are

All division Winners gets 700 credits plus Cup winner gets 100 credits plus loyalty bonus of 50 credits for all (other than won already won something) :)

Waiting list of managers

1. RayNFFC


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