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||War of the World||

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Re: ||War of the World|| War of the World.. FA Cup Final Wembley Stadium plays host to 90.000 fans tonight as supporters of Juventus and Montpellier stroll into town for the WOTW FA Cup Final. 1

Re: ||War of the World|| First previews done in a bit of a hurry DIVISION 4: Egaleo (1st) -Feyenoord (7th) The Greek powerhouses lead by Nikos and the Stavros faithful welcome the legend M

Re: ||War of the World|| The match ended 1 - 1 between Arsenal and B. Munich in their Division 1 fixture. Cazorla was on the scoresheet for his side. After their result against B. Munich, Arsenal

Re: ||War of the World||

Whose Ben Linkins? Sounds like a wholesaler of fences and sundries..


he is the creator of the set-ups of your dreams ramps;)

err...there is no such things since my brain (or the two remaining cells that cat as it) tends to be busy with


Its the Fitz on board' date=' nice :D[/quote']

Yeah it's awesome...now Venk can add his name to his sig..

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Re: ||War of the World||

well hello people.

got myself a squad of 43' date=' and only 8 youth, does that mean I need to clear out 5 oldies before I can think of anything else?

EDIT: just realised I was looking at season 2[/quote']

Oh please do bugger off :D

I was actually enjoying a fitz free GW where my targets wont be ruthlessly taken every time I make a bid :(

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Re: ||War of the World||

Yobo has just sent in an email from his bed in Happy Haven rest home, where he is still recuperating from his injuries..He wishes all his best and says when he plays under Manager Arampage he feels just like the unfortunate service man below


So I plan to dress up as the Grim reaper and stand outside his window..


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Re: ||War of the World||


Unpredictable manager James Coleshaw has landed himself in hot water again after he was handcuffed and hauled into a police van in the early hours of this morning.

Details are sketchy, but witnesses report Coleshaw staggering through the streets of Valencia, swigging from a bottle within a brown paper bag and singing Mariah Carey at the top of his voice.

The news comes after Coleshaw steered the Spanish side to two consecutive league victories, 2-0 against Roma and 2-1 against Porto, results that keep them ten points above current relegation candidates Liverpool, despite the bottom side's bizarre 8-2 over Lyon.

A spokesman for Valencia told us that there were 'no formal charges' against Coleshaw, and that the young Englishman would be able to return to the club 'within a few hours'.

The representative also strongly denied that Coleshaw was heard to sing 'TWOOOOO-ONE! EVEN SOLDADO SCORED!', saying:

'The atmosphere at the club is harmonious. Everyone has the utmost respect for each other, and they function as a close-knit unit. There is nothing more to discuss'.

Valencia face deposed leaders Benfica on Thursday, the Portugese side losing top spot after being hammered 4-1 by Napoli, who leapfrog them.

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Re: ||War of the World||

Sorry you need to speak up..can't hear you over all that screaming' date=' wailing and crying..


Decree No. 3298 OF 20 DECEMBER 1999. ... Article 4

According to Article 4 of the Decree No. 3298, 20th of December 2007 detailed in the soccer manager forum rules manual: In any situation of banter, Spam and countering, there is some characters not allowed, such: as Hulk or Chuck Norris.

So mate, no Hulk or Chuck Norris allowed!


So mate...



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Re: ||War of the World||

Match Preview: Feyenoord vs Real Zaragoza

The Tub on the Meuse plays ungrateful host to a Real side whose manager is quoted as saying “If age is just a number why is 911 our most called?”. Both sides are on opposite sides of the fence as the Pride of the South look to redeem their season by derailing the overachieving Manos.

Results are like the Serie A division so far, with both sides finding wins hard to come by as both drew their last round matches. However they don't have what we have..a 6-7 mobile piece of artillery in the shape of Peter Crouch complete with it's own self defense mechanism


So we hope to pull off a 1 goal win over Feyenoord.

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