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English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread EC 231990's Top Transfers Lionel Messi to Tottenham Hospur I have to start with the obvious, Lionel Messi. It was always going t

Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Harry Redknapp appointed new Derby manager


Derby County have appointed former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp as their new manager after sacking Nigel Clough late on Saturday night.

"It's a big opportunity to manage a big club before I retire," said Redknapp.

Redknapp plans to be at Pride Park on Monday to address the players before they take on Leeds in a friendly, with development squad coach, Clive Allen, and youth team manager, Alex Inglethorpe, officially in charge for the match.

A statement from the Derby chairman on Sunday read: "I have made (an) important judgement call and in doing so I have taken some very difficult decisions.

"Relieving Nigel, our head coach, and his assistants, Gus Poyet and Marcos Alvarez, of their posts is not something I have undertaken lightly.

Levy made it clear the departure of sporting director Comolli signalled a return to a "more traditional style of football management".

He added: "We must prepare ourselves to take advantage of the transfer windows. "Harry's experience of the UK and international transfer market will be of critical importance and I shall be looking to Harry for clarity on our priorities." Redknapp told 5 Live's Sportsweek: "The chairman knows the team needs strengthening in two or three positions still, we are short in one or two areas and that is something I will be looking at.

"However, first and foremost it will be about getting the best out of the players who are here. There are some good ones who have not done as well as they should have done.

"We have got to get them playing to their maximum and if we do that, then we will be OK."
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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Manchster United Appoint Robinson

A new man has been installed at Old Trafford to take over from legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Robinson takes over the side with the task of reclaiming the Premiership title from rivals Manchester City.

Robinson is a real admirer of the squad left to him, however new faces are likely to arrive at the Theatre of Dreams. Many feel United lack in midfield and this is an area Robinson is likely to strengthen throughtout the season.

Since taking over, Manchester United have struck a partnership with York City, and part of this deal has seen the talented English midfielder Nick Powell move to York for just £20,000. However a clause in the deal means United can re-sign Powell later on in his career at chairman value price. Other faces have left United with Macheda,

Keane and Henriquez leaving already.


Gone for now: Nick Powell

The main faces of the squad will be staying though. Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Nemanja Vidic have been assured that they will never leave the club with Robinson in charge. Robinson is also an admirer of Ecuadorian winger Antonio Valencia, further suggesting he will not leave the side.

The most telling is that no comment was made about Nani, could this be the end of his Manchester United career? With many names and faces linked to United, only time will tell.


End of the line? : Luis Nani

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Stevenage Appoint Local Lad Stephen Partington As Manager

News broke for The Lamex late last night that Stevenage had appointed Stephen Partington to replace Gary Smith as manager, Smith had endured a rollercoaster seven months in charge since taking over from Graham Westley.


Locals gathered at the press conference to see the new manager announced and to see what he had to say and his vision for the club.

Reporter: What are your goals and ambitions for Stevenage?

Partington: My ambitions is too challenge for promotion to the next league, whether that will be this season or next i will strive to make this happen.

Reporter: What about the squad you currently have? Will you be making drastic changes?

Partington: I do not wish to discuss this in public at this moment in time but yes we do plan changes here and we want to get the best talented players available to us to take us to the next level.

One or two are already at the quality required but some are not.

Reporter: We have heard from various sources that young english midfielder Craig Eastmond has been seen in the area, can you confirm this?

Partington: Craig is a fine young individual and yes i have had a bid accepted in the regioin of £825,000 and he will go straight into the team for selection.


Eastmond pictured here will soon be in the colours of Stevenage

Reporter: Any other deals on the horizon?

Partington: There are with foriegn clubs yet we decline to disclose them at this time.

Reporter: Anything you would like to say to the rest of the teams?

Partington: Yes, we are on the lookout for a premiership parent team who are willing to loan out there young stars to us for the season.

In exchange for this partnership we will be willing to give the club first choice on all future Stevenage stars.

That concludes the press conference.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Hazard and Mata will be the main wingers for City


The highly rated winger,Eden Hazard and his team-mate Juan Mata are the new and the main wingers for City in this season.Both came from Chelsea for a good deal for both parts.Both will lead the City team this season and should do a good job with Aguero upfront.Both should be create a hazard to every defence from Premier league and should bring the assists and the goals for the team.There's no doubt about their talent as both are under 25,Hazard 21 and Mata just 24.The belgium winger is regardered as the best young talent in the world and already established himself in Premier League after a move from Lille,Ligue I.Mata is a top winger,who's looking to become a regular for Spain at the moment but he's already established in Premier League and proved what he can at Chelsea.Both impressed with their amazing techinque and their impact for the way of the game.The spaniard is looking to get his deserved space in Spain national team as he's already a main player for his new team and he knows it.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

El Matador on Etihad


After long,long negociations City agreed a deal for Edinson Cavani who already completed his move from San Paolo,Italy.He recently signed a 5 years contract with Napoli but an insane price convinced Napoli to leave him to join on Etihad to help us to win the PL and UCL.Cavani is one of the best strikers in the world at this moment at only 25.Him and Aguero should beat every defence from Premier League without any problem.Edinson scored more then 25 goals per season and Napoli and he's already a legend from the his ex-club.We hope that Cavani will score at least 20 goals per season but its hard to say that as we dont know if he'll play regulary because of Sergio.Cavani was excited after he heard he'll join on Raz team but he isnt fullfit to play a full game at this moment and Raz isnt looking to get an injury from some friendly games or from first PL games even f he's full of backups.Cavani will be with us till 2017,at least officialy because if he'll do well I doubt City will sell him.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Flight of the Gulls

After long and thorough search, chairman of Torquay finally found a soul unfortunate enough to accept a managerial position in a team with an unique goal - avoid being worst in the world. The dices rolled on the name of one Nemanja Mihajlovic and we somehow managed to get first impressions of our new coach while he was fishing on Plainmoor:

Let me tell you something, back home I fought the law - ain't no sunshine where I'm from. I had to leave and just a few days later, I heard it through the grapewine that the gulls are looking for me. Frankly, I was ready to leave that purple haze I were in and find some kind of a challenge. You see, I'm like a rolling stone, always on the move, motivated by success - that is my white rabbit. So I arranged a meeting with Bakerman (Torquay chairman) and before you know it, we were in the House of the rising sun celebrating my signature (man, there's whole lotta love in that place). Now, few days later, I'm here, sitting on the dock of the bay ready to chase a dream. And I'll tell you what I told my players - we're good to go. We'll take that highway to hell, drive straight through it, get on the longest stairway to heaven, climb it step by step, and before everyone will know, we'll be knocking on heaven's door, singin' in the rain with the gulls and enjoying every single breath. That is THE end.

Although pretty cryptic by nature, Mihajlovic already got enough respect from the fans and even if he's hallucinating great success, Torquay already have much better squad than just two days ago. And you can never say that something's impossible for a team that have this guy in team:


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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Cristiano Ronaldo Returns


"I'm Home" : Cristiano Ronaldo

Today saw the deal for Cristiano Ronaldo to come back to Old Trafford be completed. Ronaldo who left for Real Madrid had fallen out with the Madrid hierarchy, and had requested a transfer.

Upon hearing of Ronaldo's desire to leave the Bernabeau, Manchester United manager Joe Robinson was quick to act, and bring Ronaldo back to the Theatre of Dreams.

In exchange for Ronaldo, Madrid have received the out of favour Nani and Anderson. When asked how Ronaldo felt about coming back to Manchester he simply replied "I'm home"

Another deal done this morning was of left back Jordi Alba from Barcelona. United had competition from rivals City, but they were able to see off the competition and sign the talented full back. With the arrival of Alba, many has questioned whether Patrice Evra will be staying with the club, or moving on.


New First Teamer? - Jordi Alba

Robinson was also quick to mention that United are still looking to bring in further new faces in the coming days having already signed Ronaldo, Alba, Claudio Marchisio and Maxym Koval.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


First team is ready for Division 4

Rochdale presented their new starting XI for the 2012-2013 season at Division 4 today at Spotland Stadium. The team was entirelly changed with the objective of, at least, reaching the playoffs and maybe be promoted. Here are the new faces:

Cassio (80)

Paulo Ferreira (86) - Umtiti (80) - Hegazy (80) - Stafylidis (80)

Coronado (77) - Acantara (83) - Luiz Antonio (78) - Felipe Anderson (80)

Morata (80) - Araujo (80)

Bench: Simaitis (68) - Arias (76) - Castillo (72) - Aneke (76) - Weiser (75) - Ismael (77) - Livaja (75)

Nick Big:

Very happy with the team that we managed to build. Our biggest aim was to bring young players with huge potential, what i believe whe made it, also we were looking for players that already had some experience in their previous team, like Cassio and Paulo Ferreira, who i believe will be the team captain. For the season i can expect very hard games because there are very tough oponenents that also builted nice teams, but our aim is to reach the playoffs.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Ramos to lead City defence


Sergio Ramos completed his move from Real Madrid to Manchester City for a big price but City needed a top defender like him to lead them for the win and lead their defence.The spaniard is a legend in Madrid and now is expected to become one of the most important players for the side from Etihad.He's expected to become one of the leaders of the team outside the pitch aswell.City have now the best Sergio's in the world: Aguero,Ramos,Busquets.They're expected to lead this team for the title with other big names to come.Ramos started his career at Sevilla and after signed for Real Madrid and now he'll finally come to Etihad to play in Premier League.He's here because this was one of his dreams and he's here because we're City and we want to become the best in the world.Etihad was almost full at the presentation of arguable best defender in the world.Ramos is also very versatile,he can play CB or RB.We all know RB was his first position but because of his amazing quality he was convinced to play as a CB where he proved how good and what versatile is he.Ramos is one of the most important part of the best National team ever,Spain.We're proud to have him in our squad and we hope he'll become the best in the world at us.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Philipp Lahm-The 'impossible' target


It was said by many times that Philipp Lahm will never leave Munich.Manchester City actually managed the impossible and they signed Lahm.The best fullback in the world by far is now one of the most important part of Raz squad and it was a dream for him to play in Premier League.Lahm is a perfect defender,perfect in attack,he's the perfect player.The captain of one of the best National teams in the world,Germany and he was the captain of one of the best teams in Europe,Bayern Munich till today when we've completed his move to Etihad.He's a Bayern product and a typically bavarian player.We all know the love of Raz for Germans player and he really wanted Philipp in the team.The german will play as a Left back in our team and it is a great addition to every team in the world.Lahm will not leave City anytime soon and he'll be one of the guys who'll keep the guys together.It'll be easy for him to adapt in the team because of his mate,Thomas Muller and beacuse of Raz who's crazy about Lahm.Lahm is a great option for captain spot but we'll see what will Raz decide in first league game versus Wigan.Everybody is excited to see Lahm in City jersey and we're sure he'll be amazing for this team.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



Alan Hansen: Spurs will win Division 1

  • 15 new players arrive at club
  • Messi and Iniesta to lead the attack


The greatest player in the world Lionel Messi was Spurs's marquee signing

Leading BBC football pundit Alan Hansen has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will win the Division1 title this season. After the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas, new manager Daniel Hart has been instrumental in completely revamping the squad from top to bottom. He has brought in some of the hottest names in world football today.

"The manager's credentials are undeniable", said Hansen " But the shear quality of Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Karim Benzima mean they will have the most potent attack in the league. I'm sure they can wrestle the title from the Manchester clubs."

Spurs also managed to sign players deemed to be the future stars of world football including, Marco Rues, Iker Muniain and Lars Bender.

To make way for the new signings, an exodus deemed by Hart to "not be of the quality that we need to move forward", included Clint Dempsey, Michael Dawson and Scott Parker.

Mention was however made of Welsh winger Gareth Bale who left to join Barcelona. "Sacrifices needed to me made", said Hart. " We would have loved to keep hold of the lad, and I thought we were going to up to the last few hours of the transfer window closing. But to finance our signings, we could not refuse the offer Barca made". It is understood that Tottenham were offered a reduced price for European player of the year Iniesta if Bale was included in the deal.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Angel Di Maria set for Etihad


One of Raz favorites,Angel Di Maria is on Etihad from now.Raz got rid of Nasri who is far from his form from Arsenal and ended with Angel who's one of his favorites.Angel is arguable the best winger in the world and probably one of the most impressing technique in the world at this moment.He's a prolific,he's very important,he's a monumental player for the team.He's using the technqiue,the vision,the amazing passes and crosses for the team.Di Maria is just perfect.He have everything he needs to be the best in the world.The techinque,the vision,the crosses,he's amazing.Thats just one the reason why Raz loves him.Di Maria dedicated his life for the football since he was a kid and isnt creating any problems and he's living his dream at City at the moment.Raz wanted to have 2 top wingers on the pitch and we expect Hazard and Di Maria to be deadly in this season together but we should see some action from Juan Mata who's in danger because of Di Maria.Angel is a massive,massive addition for City and he'll make the show with Aguero.Di Maria is the guy to make show on the pitch,he's the guy to score and give the perfect assists for Aguero or Cavani.He's the guy to bring the show in our game,he's the guy to dictate our game in every game.We're excited to see such a player in our squad and we're excited with the transfers so far.Di Maria is a gem for this team and is a gem for Raz plans aswell.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

New Trio Arrive At United


Manchester United have confirmed the signings of Iker Casillas, Gerard Pique and Bastian Schweinsteiger to the club. It is a clear statement of intent from the club, as the likes of Patrice Evra and Rio Ferdinand have now left the club for the younger and more reliable Pique.


Iker Casillas, Gerard Pique, Bastian Schweinsteiger

With sides strengthening considerably around them, Robinson felt that no sentiments should be involved with his transfer policy, and decided to go for strength from the beginning. It also saw David De Gea move to Madrid for Iker Casillas, however it is thought United will move for De Gea when he is available again.

Earlier in the week, BBC pundit Alan Hansen spoke to the Guardian about the upcoming Premiership season, and that he thought Spurs could win Division 1. Robinson was asked his view on this in his press conference.

Well. There's no doubt they've done really well in the market. Any side with the likes of Messi and Iniesta will pose a massive threat. But I hope they can muster 5 goals a game because to me their defence looks weak in my opinion. I have no doubts that they can take points off the top sides, but to win the title? It will be a big ask for them.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Eller: Modric will lead the team

Jonny Eller, the manager of Sunderland, today named Luka Modric as the clubs captain. The Croatian international arrived at the Stadium of Light after a big move from champions of Spain, Real Madrid. The signing, who is a coup for the club looks to entertain the Black Cats' followers tomorrow when they face Liverpool.

Mr Eller, who has made a large number of signings in the pre-season, has made it clear what his intentions are to the club. An interview with a reporter from the Northern Echo suggests that Eller is opting for a safe and steady approach this season. He spoke of how the team needs to gell quickly and not get left behind.

Division 1 looks fearsome, and Eller will have his work cut out to mark Sunderland as a potential top 10 division 1 club. A lot of pressure will be given to Klaas Jan Huntelaar to provide the goals, whilst the new young guns, Lamela and Ganso, need to prove their worth. With an experienced backline in the name of Barzagli, Aogo and Lugano, Sunderland should prove a test to some expectant Division 1 teams.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Burnley ready for action

The latest players to join the Clarets are the midfield trio of Florent Malouda and Arron Ramsey on loan, as well as Spanish midfield maestro Dani Parejo on a permanent transfer. All three are set to play a massive part in Burnley's attempt to gain promotion and hopefully win the league.

TheMar - Burnley's manager

I'm extremely delighted with how we went on about our transfers. We could have went for more experienced players that are used to playing at this level, but instead we went for younger lads, we built for the future. For the first season in the third division I really think we can win the league, or at least be there abouts at the end of the season and hopefully gain promotion. We have the players to do it, all we need to do is get our balance right and find the right formation. So far we've had a decent pre-season, with some impressive wins. But it's all about the official matches. In terms of players, we have the likes of Malouda and Pepe with plenty of experience but we also have a lot of talent in the likes of Ramsey, Botia, Feghouli, Vargas, Montoya, Savic, Draxler and the list goes on and on. I hope the fans get behind the team and together we can succeed. This is a new start for Burnley, and I hope to bring Success.


This is how the first eleven looks like on Sunday the 8th of September. A day before our opening fixture against Sheffield United.

Kevin Trapp

Montoya - Botia - Wollscheid - Sivlio

Feghouli - Ramsey - Parejo - Malouda

Vargas - Pepe

Subs : Savic , Fofana , Merkel

Alvarez , Traore , Draxler , Volland

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread

Harman Names Captain For Coming Season.


Drogba at the baggies ground this morning.

Wayne Harman has named Didier Drogba as his captain for the coming season. Harman is a long term admirer of the former Chelsea frontman and was very pleased with his latest addition, confirmed at yesterday mornings confrence. " Didier is a big strong player that im sure can bring goals to the club, just like he has at every club he has ever played. He is a top player with vast experiance at playing at the top level and a player i feel will be key to our success. Harman is under no illusion that his club are in for a tough ride this season but is confident his team has enough quality to make an impact on the premier league. Harman went on, " Away to chelsea is about as tough a start as it gets, but there are no easy games in this division and the opposition will make no differance to our preperation. We will go out and try to take the game to Chelsea and try to come back to the hawthorns with the three points.

West Brom have been very busy in the transfer market so far with no fewer than 21 new signings. " We have managed to bring in some great young players like, Sakho , Eriksen, Schurrle, Yarmolenko, Willian, and our business in the market is still not finished, we expect to bring in at least 3 or 4 more new faces over the next few days." Asked weather 24 year old Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue was a baggies target Harman had this to say, " We have many targets, but yes i am a keen admirer of the frenchmen, and we are in advanced talks with toulouse over a possible switch. I am hoping he will be at the club in time for the seasons opener with Chelsea.


Christian says he is very pleased to join the baggies.

Harman went on to say " We know it is going to be a tough season, and first and foremost our target will be to stay in the division, but at the moment we are focused on the game at Chelsea tomorrow night. My players are excited and looking forward to the new season to begin. One thing i can guarantee our fans is that we will give 110% tomorrow night and will do what ever we can to get something out of the game.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread



With just over 48 hours to go until the new Division 2 season kicks off, new Leicester City manager Jon Ashby has expressed his excitement ahead of the Foxes' opener away at Watford and his delight in managing his home town club.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for me", Ashby said in the pre-match press conference. "I grew up supporting this club and it belongs in the Premier League. The infrastructure is in place, the stadium is top notch and the training facilities really are state-of-the-art. You can't ask for much more at a football club, and for the owners to place their faith in me to get them to the promised land means a lot to me."


Aiyawatt Raksriaksorn, and his father Vichai, have provided the funds for the Foxes since their takeover from Milan Mandaric in the summer of 2010.

When questioned upon Leicester's first opponents, Watford, Ashby had this to say. "It's certainly a unique way to run a football club. As I understand it, the number of loans they have is into double figures. They've also strengthened their squad with a few permanent signings, Giovinco in particular. He's a top talent. I do wonder what the fans make of it though, as it could be said that the club is being treated as a training ground and just a learning experience for these players from Serie A."

One of the issues brought up by journalists is the huge player turnaround since Ashby joined the club. Since he joined a week ago, over 20 players have come in, most notably Robert Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund and Lewis Holtby from Schalke. Only a few of Leicester's previous squad still remains, which is cause for concern for the fans. "I realise that it's a major upheaval for the club, but I believe we've bought well, and with hard work, effort and commitment, this team should be challenging for honours at the end of the season. The owners' goal is promotion, as is mine. They've backed me well in the transfer market and I hope to repay their faith in me with promotion."

Leicester City kick off at Vicarage Road against Watford at 8pm on Sunday 10th September.

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Bristol City raring to go!

Sky sports news managed to get hold of Vik P, the current Bristol City manager. Fans and media have constantly praised his transfers as he has turned a mid-table division 3 side, to a team that should be competing at the top of the table. This is what he had to say on the start of the new season:
I'm looking forward to the start, and can confidently say my boys are ready for the home tie against Shrewsbury Town. There are some tough teams in this division, such as Sheffield United and Burnley. Nevertheless, I and my team only have one aim for this season; and that is to get promotion, whether it being winning the division or winning the play-offs - I want to get to Div 2. I fully believe we have a capable squad of doing this.


Roux and Gameiro are looking to light up Div 3!

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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread


Derby name squad for Season 1



NETO, Murara

KAPINO, Stefanos




NERY, Loris

MENDY, Benjamin


BOLY, Willy


ROJO, Marcos



ZEN, Lucas

ROMULO, Borges



BALLACK, Michael






WARD, Jamie



ÁLVARO, Vázquez


AYEW, Jordan


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Re: English Championship 231990 - Match/Transfer Report Thread




The offer for Alexandre PATO of Milan from Stoke City has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

Pato is joining us, fantastic addition to our team, £3.4M is going to Milan with skipper Ryan Shawcross and forward Peter Crouch, Wasnt planning on losing any of them two players but for a player whos world class like Pato then I dont really mind, he should be our best player this season. :)

I no that hes got his injury problems IRL but so what, this is a great deal for our football club.

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