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DAiS Genesis | Interview

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DAiS Invitationals

DAiS Invitationals
are communication-driven Game Worlds which encourage full participation and involvement. with regular newspaper reports and media articles, banter and repartee, interaction and communication, one doesn't just play the game but are integral to it. live it. total immersion. count.

DAiS Genesis

the first Game World of the series is named
DAiS Genesis
and it benefits from a membership boasting many of the most active, popular, established, creative and best managers within SM.

together, we write and enjoy reading pre and post match reports, transfer news, divisional summaries, columnist skits and other articles both here and via its own private group within Facebook.

introduced here is the
feature with some of the leagues most prominent managers.

DAiS Genesis | Interviews

[members are required to play an active part of the DAiS Invitationals, including activity, commitment and contribution. if you would like to join this exciting league, and meet the requirements, please contact dai smout in the first instance.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Scott Samuels | Hanover

tell us about the boring stuff that we'll all, no doubt, scoot over?

male 26, with two beautiful boys aged 6 and 21
. apart from spending my time with my boys i enjoy playing footie management sims, poker and kiss chase.

what is your computer history (considering they are older than you)?

male 26, i like spending time with young boys
. oh, the first was the Commadore 64
followed by an original master system (with built in alex the kid)
followed by a Mega Drive and snes and then into the Playstation and a PS2 and finally onto the Xbox 360, system wise my 1st system was a 166mhz with 128mb ram and a 40gb hd
[scott, shut up]

and your footie management sim experience?

football sim history goes back the days of championship manager, LMA manager and football manager and then with the boom of the internet i moved into CMO and now SoccerManager. i still play Football Manager and now have the 2012 edition which i play against my [one] friend online quite alot

tell us about Soccer Manager?

i joined SM in November 2008 and played for a while before coming onto CMO and then back to Soccer Manager when CMO got took down (a sad sad day) but have managed to find leagues and players from CMO to play against.

and why did you join DAiS Genesis

i joined
DAiS Genesis
due to the respect i have for the creator - Dai. dating back to the CMO days, i knew any GW he was creating would be full of banter and fun and have some top managers to test my skills against.

yeah, i'm great, but what can you offer DAiS Genesis

i believe i bring some much needed calm and decorum to this rabble of players you have assembled alongside my media reporting and obvious talents with a squad of men in tight shorts..
[pipe hitter..]

do you know anything about girlies?

girls.. i've had a few
[wow, what's it like?]
well more then a few lol and have two son's for my endevours.. i dare say there is more to come


i love food
[that would explain it]
, love to cook and experiment in the kitchen
[still talking about cooking here?]
and indulge far too much on sweets and chocolate and takeaways lol.


my favourite film? hard one as there are so many.. golden oldie? Shawshank Redemption
[golden oldie? you boobie]
recent fav? The Avengers (anything with that amount of superhero power is just damn cool.. plus they have The Hulk who is just badarse)


[i'm not even printing that. boobie..]


there is a teacher and 3 kids in a classroom, teacher asked the children if they could be made out of anything in the world what would they be made out of....1st kid shouts out "gold miss" so the teacher asks him why and he explains that "its valuable miss, could scratch abit off my arm and go and buy a car with it"... So the teacher asks the 2nd child who shouts out "Platinum miss" and she once again asks why, the 2nd child replies "more valuable then gold miss, could scratch abit of my arm and buy 4 cars with it"...So the teacher asks the 3rd child who after a minute or so replies "Pubic Hair miss"... the teacher abit perplexed asks "why on earth would you wanna be made out of Pubic Hair?" to which the child replies "well my sister has a small patch of it and you should see the cars outsider her house!!!!"

superhero power?

if i could have any superhero power? sod conventional superhero's i would like to be like the kid out of the film "Jumper" being able to jump to anywhere they can see or have been before....i guess abit like Nightcrawler from Xmen but without looking that ugly
[beggars can't be choosers..]

manager derby?

i will certainly have a "derby" with Dai in the GW and i'm relishing the prospect of developing some more rivalries, if the transfer market is anything to go buy some have made some very astute aquisitions and i will have to be on top of my game to compete i think.


i am thouroughly looking forward to this GW, it will be one of those GW's that i constantly check on for info, reports, transfer news and such like, i expect there to be a fantastic atmosphere between the managers and the banter will flow constantly - Total Immersion? bring it on.

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Scott Samuels for this interview and wishes him the best.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Fraser McInnes | Celtic

please, can you display your amazing ability to bore everyone to death?

my name in ancient Scots means
'great leader of men'
. i have a LtoK
[anyone? anyone at all?]
avid supporter of the greatest football team in the world. now living in the second best city in the UK with the Geordies. great people, not as good a football team though but hey-ho you cant win them all. you'll know that from being Welsh and supporting Liverpool.
[eat my burp..]

technical history. in scotland, when a fridge door is opened, does a little light come on?

all you need to know about Scotland is it's correct term - Gods country. stunning scenery. stunning women
[yes, leggings and fish finger sarnies is always a winner..]
stunning collection of footballing talent. oppressed for years by the English but we fought for
unlike other celtic cousins who shall remain nameless
[and you wear skirts as a lifestyle choice.]

when you first joined SM, dai smout was there. was it like an alpha-male thing? (but with dai on top, always on top..)

i distinctly remember this one person who always seemed to be around whenever I appeared. at first it seemed innocent, but when I spoke to my personal physician about it he told me to take care as it was bordering on compulsive behaviour. i said i felt sorry for the guy (?) but my doc told me this guy (?) was becoming infatuated with me. i found it hard to believe at the time but the facts were there, Dai Smout had become my first, i believe, stalker. thanks Dai.

is it true you once made your girlfriend wear a Hoops kit but then accidently referred to her as Mr Cruise?

that's classified information that, under the British legal system, i'm not allowed to talk about. however... i did put a full Celtic strip on my son when he was one. he screamed the house down but i managed to get the picture taken. i blamed the fabric softener.


men? haven't you gotten over this yet? i do have a lot of male friends. nothing wrong with that! what exactly are you trying to insinuate here? if some of them happen to fancy me then i take it as a great compliment but they're barking up the wrong tree. (i'm copying and saving these answers so i will be expecting the full replies to be printed on the SM forum!!)

men in skirts? yes, love 'em. one's that kannae speak correctly, yes, love them too. cover you in spittle during conversation? (or there abouts), even better. the unemployed? yes. high percentage of murderers ..


well, after returning from a 17 day med-cruise i have enjoyed some fantastic Full-Greek. also, pheasant, quail, swordfish etc. still can't beat a KFC zinger burger though. i know the colonels secret recipe. a guy told me outside the garage (famous Glasgow nightclub) one night. haven't tried it yet though
[actually, it was probably a bloke
a garage behind the club..]

non tom cruise film?

non Cruise Film? let's get one thing straight, the cruiser is a fantastic actor. sure he's an easy target but he's made some excellent movies.
a few good men
is probably my favourite of his. as for non-cruise, i'm a big fan of the coen brothers and my favourite movie of all time is
Millers Crossing
. forget the godfather, goodfellas etc millers crossing is the best gangster movie ever. for all the kids out there go watch the maltese falcon. humphrey at his best. recent movies have been average at best although i did enjoy
the descendants

[my apologies to those deeply offended by th
e G
movie words..]


Christopher Brookmyre is one of my favourite authors so almost anything by him is a good choice. i have also read every Jack Reacher novel. currently working my way through all the game of thrones stories. just finished book 3. two more to go.

superhero power?

psychokinesis. with that ability i could manipulate any object to do anything i want with the power of my mind. no more hunting for the remote control. no more fiddling with leather straps. no more losing to my 8yr old son on scalextric. hours and hours of fun.

manager derby?

anyone who thinks they can compete i will happily wipe the floor with. i'll start with mr smout and mr auston. once both of them have gone into a sulk after repeated maulings i'll cast the net a little wider.

[note: Mr Fraser plays Mr Smout this weekend on the opening day of the league]


hell yeah!! too many to mention. for instance, why haven't you asked about my taste in music?
[because you'd rage about bronski beat..]
my favourite comedian at this moment in time is the gay fella with the teeth. i will be going to see him in october, in Greece..

[ DAiS Invitationals gives many thanks Fraser McInnes, a superb fella. peace friend.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Leigh Auston | Deportivo

before we get on to talking about me (great subject), i suppose i must ask you a couple of guff questions. like, who the fornication are you?

i'm 32 years old and married with a seven year old boy
[careful.. oh..]
I grew up in Stevenage but moved North to Spalding about eight years ago when I got some bint preggers
"yes, yes of course i love you - now get your knees up.."

I work full time for a Transport Company, smoke rollies and am trying to grow a beard.

I am also a big arse fan

your facebook photo, is that you with your son?

That's right. Me and Freddie, named after the Queen fella with the teeth

your computer history?

I started with the ZX Spectrum before moving on to the Commodore Amiga. Yet, after i discovered the world of consoles I never looked back. At various times I have stolen a SEGA Master System, Megadrive, PS1, XBox, PS2, XBox 360, Wii and PS3.

Additionally I also have an Acer laptop and another Desktop too
[blimey, the wife must be a right pig..]

your footie sim history (if you have one, i've seen you play..)

Started with the quite legendary Premier Manager 2 on the Amiga which if you lads haven't played then get an emulator going and have a game as it's awesome. You have to start in the conference and make your way up and you get involved in everything from sponsorship to ticket prices....way before its time in my opinion.

Moved on from there to Championship Manager 2 and have had the CM series up to 2005 when it became Footall Manager. I have bought each one of these except 2010 and still love them. I expect 2013 will also be purchased.

SM history?

Joined originally in March 2006 when the game was in its infancy. Played until late 2008 and was thoroughly addicted, so much so that my wife got the right ump and I pretty much left to spend time with her rather than SM and the forum. Was a forum Supervisor, chatroom supervisor, community admin and arsenal group admin. Have a successful trophy winning history and in 2007 I think I became the first person to win the quadruple in a gold championship with Ajax in GC2. Hope that bigs me up enough........basically I'm better than Simon!!! ha ha ha

why did you join DAiS Genesis?

The legend of Dai basically!
[dai grabs a box of kleenex and leaves the room..]


I'm rather fussy, just like a big girl, but a pizza or curry wouldn't go amiss.


Big fan of many but Shawshank is best all time film
[that's just total pants, utter guff.]
Favourite film in modern years has to be Inception.


The more the merrier, any port in a storm. Doesn't make the Wife happy but, as I said to her, if she can't stand the heat then she should get back in the kitchen.


A bit of everything really. My iPod is full of various music, Michael Jackson, Gary Glitter, Cliff, The Goombay Dance Band and any male performers in spandex


Jimmy Carr, Peter Kay, Kevin Bridges - all hilarious.


No, I'm from the North..

superhero power?

Predictable, but flying - that would be mental.

manager derby?

Probably Sam Wainwright.. he is a really good lad and we have both been around years so would be good to get 3 points off him. If not him then it would have to be Simon. In all honesty he is probably the best all round manager on SM that I have seen and I always like to beat the 'man to beat'

[DAiS Invitationals gives many thanks to Leigh Auston, top lad.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Ashley Holtom | Swansea

look, i'm busy. i have a lot of work to do so get this section over quick unless you have something rather interesting to admit, like being a serial killer, or anything we can make jokes about, like being gay..

shall i compare thee to a rubarb, thou art more lovely and have leaves sprouting out of the top.

rubarb is good for washing pots and pans, and other such domestic cleaning requirements. which, with the best will in the world, thou art not.

rough winds do shake thy darling buds of may and play havoc with the rubarb, and also mess up thy hair.

i cast the ground with a sovereign eye..

[okay okay, enough. gimmie the details..]

male, 25, Worcester,
corporate travel booker,
engaged to be married, obsessed with football and rabbit snaring, hung like a baboon.

your computer history?

a Commodore 64, due having an elder brother, but my real passion was the Amiga
[was that your greatest love?]
no, that was a for a girl called Sharon with enormous paps.

anyway, some favourite games were Player Manager, Championship Manager, Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer and Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker.

since then i've owned a Playst..
[yeah whatever. look, i'm not typing all that stuff out again]

and your footie management sim experience?

first real experience was Player Manager and its sequel (both great games) and then Championship Manager, followed by Football Manager after the change-over.

my current system isn't powerful enough for Football Manager
[is it an Amiga?]
but i'm that obsessed i play it on my iPhone.

tell us about Soccer Manager?

i joined SM in 2009 due to a friend but i now have teams in EC..
[if you even dream of listing them here then you better wake up an apologise]

and why did you join DAiS Genesis

i was one of the first to register
[indeed he was]
and my interest was due to Dai's reputation. plus i loved the idea and how DAiS Genesis could go.

it will be a challenge with the level of forumers involved but it will also be brilliant.


this GW is a bit of a sausage-fest.
but, if i could meet a couple, it would be Megan Fox and Emma Stone.


peanut butter, jalepeno cheetos and chicken.


dark knight, dark knight rises, dark knight and his barnyard friends, pulp fiction, fight club, total recall, blade runner,
[blimey, i've read shorter books..]
, universal soldier, inception, star wars, indiana jones.. and his barnyard friends.


game of thrones series.


A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says:
"That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!"
The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her:
"The driver just insulted me!"
The man says:
"You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I'll hold your monkey for you."

superhero power?


if that isnt one, it would be invisibility.

manager derby?

Ben Magee - my best mate so obvious choice.

Elohim just because, well, just because.

Dai for the Cardiff/Swansea thing.


is this like a random fact thing?
I'll go with it anyways - I used to play football opposite the Lea & Perrins factory, the place where Worcester sauce is actually made!!

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Ashley Holtom for this interview and his support, good luck for the season matey.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Craig White | Leeds

in Facebook, your profile photo includes two people. therefore you either have rather long hair or a bald girlfriend that looks like a man. tell us about you (before we move on to baldie..)

A hairy and girly looking male, age 31, lives in Falmouth, Cornwall with my tidy bit of clunge & 2 cats. Getting married & buying a house next year - happy times. Spurs supporter - not always happy times! Enjoy keeping fit, Muai Thai boxing & gadgets. Easy going bloke, fairly chilled & unassuming
[ah, yes, a bit of a wuss then..]

your computer history?

First computer was a Commodore 64, then onto Mega Drive, PS1, PS2 & then PS3. Used to be a massive gamer but only casually now. Always worked with PC's and have spent more time in the past few years learning VBA so I can do fancy things with spreadsheets
[how asorbing, you must be a right pull..]

and your footie management sim experience?

Played CMO for a few years before it ceased to exist (sad day)
. Joined SM in CMO's final days, wasn't that fussed with it at first but love the game now. As for consoles, used to be a Pro Evo addict but, since that went south a few years ago, have been a Fifa convert.

tell us about Soccer Manager?
Joined a couple of years ago with just one team, now have shedloads (I need to get rid of some). Have created a few custom worlds though mostly out of boredom
[apologies to the missus..]
. My MK Dons easily the team I'm most proud of on here, as built them up from scratch into a decent side.

and why did you join DAiS Genesis

I've known Dai & Hannover manager Scott Samuels from back in the CMO days, when we'd spend hours on chat! I'm honoured & appreciative that I've been invited to such a passionate & well organised set up
[that's very kind, thank you]


Is this the bit where I should say my fiancée?! Otherwise, a fatal 3 way with Megan Fox & Rachel Stevens would be nice. They wouldn't be able to walk once I've finished with them
[due to boredom..]


I love cooking and love eating! A well cooked Roast Beef dinner is the favourite of them all.


, American History X, Good Will Hunting, anything with Denzel Washington in
[eh, he wasn't in any of those..]
. Saving for a wedding & a house so have little life at the moment, so watching tonnes of films.


Muscle & Fitness as I like the pictures
. Currently reading The Hunger Games, good so far.


I don't do jokes and neither consider myself a humourous person
but, once, i saw an old fat lady fall down in the street and i had to rush home to change my underwear as it was so funny...

superhero power?

Always wanted Magneto's powers from X Men
[there's that word again 'men'..]

manager derby?

My nearest "Derby" would probably be against Scott Samuels. We have had some battles back in the CMO days (I fondly remember our Roma vs Milan matches!!) & we are in a few game worlds on SM too.

Looking forward to this set up. I'll struggle to beat most of the teams but I'm not in many competitive game worlds so looking forward to the challenge, the banter & getting to know some new people.

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Craig White for this interview and his support of the league. kick bottom man.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Kevin Junior | West Brom

a supporter of DAiS Invitationals since its inception, in fact he suggested he actually run it instead of me. then, once this feature began, has begged to be the next interviewed. thus,
an interview which holds much promise. DAiS Genesis | Interview meets Kevin Junior.

Kevin [behold!] tell us about yourself..

I am a 17 year old Californian boy. I reside in Los Angeles, ten minutes away from the beach. I currently attend my last year of high school. I play basketball and volleyball for my school
[ah, now i understand your eagerness to be interviewed. tell more, please..]
I'm a hooper. Ballislife
[riiight, that explains a lot..]

your computer history?

You want to look at my computer history? Well lets see. I am a soccermanager master, just like a pokemon master wink
[pokem...what? does anyone else get the impression we've been set up?]

and your footie management sim experience?

FIFA 05 when Thierry Henry was the best. FIFA is all I do
[erm, now that wasn't an actual sim..]

tell us about Soccer Manager?
Been playing SM since 2008. Joined the forums in 2011
[lucky my underpants are made with 2% lycra - this is exciting stuff..]

and why did you join DAiS Genesis

Wanted to join a forum filled setup with some flavor and top quality managers like sean and Elo (even though he loses all the time, lol).

I also liked the idea of match report and using facebook as a way of communication
[well, we're, um, very glad you're here to join us..]


Haha, at school i be pulling all of them especially when you're a hooper like me wink
[what a pap..]

I've dated a "no-no" before and that ended horrible.


Part Mexican so gotta love the Mexican food. I just love pizza with parmesian cheese. Lol
[pizza.. parmesan.. mexican staples..]


Don't really have a favorite but if I had to choose it will be Coach Carter and Love & Basketball. Must watch if you're a hooper. chev
[does anyone have a clue what he is talking about? anyone? anybody at all?]


Chris Brown, YG, Tyga, Kendrick Lamar, you know that Cali lifestyle music


The Outsiders, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Great Expectations. I hate reading, my school be making me read though -__-

[right, so your favourite books are the ones you're forced to read? those terrible literary classics..]


Do you have a BandAid? I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Baby, I'm no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock!

(Warning please use on girls ONLY)

superhero power?

Ability to have more powers wink Smart move right?

[.. does anyone have a hammer? or a heavy tool? even a large aubergine would suffice..]

manager derby?

I would have to say drseasnfitz, first game of the season against him and i have played with him in many setups. Can see a rivalry sparkling there.

I'm about to make history in this setup. Enough said
[it's interesting that you use the word

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Kevin Junior for this interview. i hope he drowns in vomit. someone else's vomit.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Sean Fitzpatrick | Parma

tell us a secret about yourself, something no one else knows..

i’m a 35 year old dad
[oh, for.. ]
with two lovely seven month old twin girls. god it’ll be a
female dog*
when they hit the teenage years together
[especially with Uncle Izod about..]
. i work in a GP surgery where my official title is Clinical Trainee Official Regional Support
[so, CLITORIS for short..]

right now the twins basically dominate my life, but the ability to feed them with just one hand means i can find some time for
[*inserts 70's Musak*]
and, after i've cleaned up, SM.

your computer history?

my first computer was a zx spectrum 48k
, but after a bit got the upgrade to the 128k+2
. a few years later i got a second hand Amiga, and then that was me until i was about 20 when i bought my brothers second hand PC.

currently i play with a five year old
[*inserts 70's.. oh..]
Dell thing, and a laptop. mainly use the laptop for watching Sky in bed
[wow, you're a real liam gallagher..]
and storing my downloaded comic book collection
[or freddie mercury..]

and your footie management sim experience?

joined a league my brother setup for his workmates, but that trailed off. fortunately i had discovered the forum, and in particular a little setup called EC106. from there i soon evolved into the messiah of a setup that, at its peak, was the top game world on the forum. but eventually even Sir Sean had to move on from his mighty Crewe and the World Cup winning England side
[excuse me one moment, i just have an appointment with a bucket..]

and why did you join DAiS Genesis

any setup where i can get six easy points from Fluffy is worth joining. but mainly because most setups at the moment are either stale or full of ‘banter’ that is intellectually on the same level as my 7 month olds


Tricia Helfer from the Battlestar Gallactica remake is one mighty fine piece of bottom* (done a playboy shoot as well). wouldn’t mind a bit of Charisma Carpenter as well () playboy shoot ().

of course my favourite woman is my darling wife, and my twins are my favourite girls…
[it's interesting how every married bloke or father add such comments to the end of this question. and it's always the end..]


turkey breast and apple in cider and crème fraiche sauce, absolutely gorgeous.

love anything with cooked haloumi in it.

i used to do a lovely omelette with egg, tomato, and Kellogg’s all bran
[wha? passes the bucket to everyone else..]


sci fi all the way. love a good comic book adaption as well (although they tend to be sci fi). don’t go overboard on the likes of Star Wars though. like a bit more originality if i can.

favourite film is Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp, love it


Muse, Pink, Film score’s, Glee
[when i read this i was hoping to see the word Floyd too, but no, it's just Pink..]


Dune by Frank Herbert. read all the books in the series (about 18 of ‘em now as his son is cashing in on the name). but the original is by far the best and i read it at least once a year.

not an easy read, but then i find The Hungry Caterpillar difficult to read as well - i aint two grate wif words..


Frankie Howard



Man goes into a bar and asks the Barmaid for a double entendre.

so she gives him one.

[excuse me one moment whilst i stitch my sides back up..]

superhero power?

Emma Frost (google her if you don’t know) has a good pair, telepathy and can turn into diamond, and remember diamonds are a girls best friend, so imagine what they’d do to a hunk made of diamond…..

but if you could offer me a power that would stop my twin’s from ever facing harm and upset, i’d take it in a second
[don't need a superpower for that pal. i'm puny and had my teeth knocked out by one of the in-laws - 19 years old, 6ft 5", pure muscle and several mental disorders. but when he got in between me and them my reaction was, erm, rather frightening (even to me). no one messes with a daddies children]

manager derby?

not sure really. have had a big rivalry in the past with Izod, but that’s in the past. suppose I’ll see what develops.

not much to say really. forumer of the year, can give you 55 rep points if you send me a naked picture of your girlfriend, oh and join 4 nations, nearly full just need 1 or 2 more managers….

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Sean Fitzpatrick for this interview. being a father is magical. enjoy.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Marcos Vitorino | Espanyol

right, the first thing i must know is...

Dear Mr Dai,

Marcos Vitorino will be absent from your interview today as he is rather poorly.

He will return to answer your questions in the near future when he no longer has a bad case of the squits.

Mama Vitorino

P.S - Although, in the meantime, he has stated that Shawshank Redemption is a girls movie and all the top psychologists agree.

[DAiS Invitationals thanks, erm, Big Mama.]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Anthony Maddison | Sochaux

ah finally, a proper man, superfit, tonnes of babes, laws are there to be broken, cutting corners to achieve the best life has to offer and one whom lives on the edge etc. spill the beans man..

i’m a 35 year old from Durham
. used to play Sunday League but realised i was rubbish, so i do some five-a-side now and then i suppose

. married, no kids, have an old labrador
. i like to keep fit, on the xbox. athiest
[uh huh, *nods*]

yes yes, but your younger days though, bucking the system, life on the run etc..

i've sat and played computer games all my life
. started with an atari 2600, then spectrum, commodore 64, amiga 600
[yes but..]
sega master system, megadrive, playstations, xbox
[yeah, to hack big brother and..]
always loved computer games and consoles, played them all day everyday

so, you signed up for sims to fight the system from within and systematically..

played a few sims like Champ Man in the early days for years
. LMA, Footy Manager and finally Soccer Manager. there's probably more but none that spring to mind really
[hmm, yes, i understand]

but joining SM was all part of a devious plan to crush the holders of power, leaving those whom are weak in your wake, never keeping still in your rise to the top and..

joined in September 2008 in a work league which is still going strong. developed a taste for taking little teams from the bottom up
. had at least three of my teams pretty much since i joined so not one for club hopping at all, always seemed pointless to me
[yeah, but gritting your teeth in the face of something you had to pretend to enjoy and..]
average points ratio of 2.50. don’t do GC’s. joined EC7046 as it was a newly created forum gameworld and have loved every second since so am really looking forward to seeing how this goes.

and you saw DAiS Genesis as your calling
? to lead the gathering hoard, yes?

i didn't think i'd be successful and invited

. i joined to get into a league with Elohim as strange as that sounds. was a bit unsure at first as I didn’t really know anyone else until Sean, Izod and SOP and Riece put their names down but didn’t think i would actually get in with the initial interest shown and talk of waiting lists (obviously that all went out the window when Izod joined and everyone else did a runner).

always been keen on getting in at ground level in forum GW’s and testing myself against some of the best managers (and Izod) out there. SOP seems like the man to beat so will be interested to see how we compare on a level playing field this time
[but no, you had the chance to overthrow the oppressors and..]
been massively impressed with the direction and drive shown by Dai.

ah, the girlies though? all that latent energy and a life time of knowledge, you must have been fighting off crumpet?

well there's Roxanne Pallet, Isla Fisher, Michelle Marsh, Louise Redknapp and Rebekah Teasdale
[yeah, get in my son!]
all of them i've googled
[eh? ah, right, so, um no Megan Fox?]
not even Samantha Fox.

[um, so what about the local skirt, surely some nice muffin or fruity tart to, er, mingle with your oaty biscuit?]
i'm a short fat bald man with a massive nose
[right, right, i see]
. but there was veronica with the gammy leg, one people called barbara the horse, and also bonnie stutt with her eyes all over the shop
[moving on..]

food? you must have eaten across the globe..

well, there's an indian down the road, used to be a chinese too but they were shut for using cat food
[yeah, okay]
. you can get a pizza but you've got to catch the 34c bus for that as it's way acr..
[enough. enough]

[anyway, bet you impress the skirt with your culinary knowledge eh?]
unfortunately when it got to the stage i couldn’t see my tiny member anymore i had to cut it all out and Spag Bol is about as bad as I get now. washed down with whiskey however
[jesus, what a putz]

film? i'm thinking intelligent art house and french cinema..

Fast and Furious
[christ, okay, which one?]
the series. also the Highlander
[which one? - *okay stop, even Dai is not reducing himself to that joke..*]
, Warrior.

music? i see chopin, bach, even cole porter..

Feeder (before they became rubbish), Linkin Park (before they became rubbish), Embrace, The Script, Bush, Lifehouse, Shinedown. anything with clever lyrics, or heavy guitars basically
[go figure]

book? now we're talking! edgy stuff, the urban handbook, classified military manuals, hackers newsletters etc - none of that sci fi or DnD stuff..

Dune, The Game of Thrones Series, The Disk World Series (Terry Pratchett), virtually anything by Dan Abnett or Bernard Cornwell. currently reading the Hunger Games.
[*fetches rope*]


Emily Bishop.


did you know that dolphins are so smart that, within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish?

superhero power?

the ability to mimic/learn anything i see
How to Influence People and Make Friends
. i’d settle for being able to sing in tune though.

manager derby?

probably Elohim at Leyton Orient who’s already licked my arse
[you mean kicked..]

and SOP at Wigan.

probably not much else to say really
[*finally puts down rope*]
, but my xbox gamer tag is Alurcard for anyone that gets on and would like to chat..
[*picks up rope..*]

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Anthony Maddison for this interview. please don't kill me..]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Si Nicholls | Wigan

also known as Son of Pluto, who the hell are you?

i’m 59, living near Aberdeen at the moment, originally from Reading, but have moved around the country a bit. i manage a large business hotel overnight, which takes up a lot of time, therefore i'm currently single
[oh, so you mean you can't get a bit of fluff even if you paid them?]

what about your computing history?

i did get a dog to keep me company but she ran away
in fact back to the RSPCA
. it's a grotty little kennel but they feel she probably prefers it to me
. they said they've never seen that before
. must be a lesbian dog
[yes yes, of course]

oh, computers.
started on the C64, moved to an Amiga and then onto windows based PC’s. gaming, i began with a mega drive and then through the Playstations and currently have the 60gb PS3
[yes, always important to mention the size..]

and your footie sim history?

i did know a woman once, but she died shortly after
[uh huh]
. just like the goldfish really, the pet store said
purposely held her breath. effectively drowning
[why did a fish commit suicide? in fact, why am i asking that question?]

ah, yes, sims. i started playing simson the C64 waiting 45 mins for the tape to load the game. moved through the ranks of CM and then FM.

and Soccer Manager?

i once bought a blow-up doll, named her
[ah, after the actress?]
no, the dog
anyway, it was made of cheap rubber and i kept on having to use the puncture repair kit on her. in the end it became cheaper just to use bike inner tubes instead
[you.. did.. your bike..?]
not just mine. also, i was outside oxford university once, it was like an orgy

oh, SM. joined sometime between GC2 and GC3 so 2006 at a guess, first joined because i was bored at work and needed something to kill time with, used to get frustrated at only being able to do transfers twice a week. i’ve won a few trophies on the way and made a few mates.

and why DAiS Genesis

the chance to compete with the best was the hook and we have pretty much got that, as well as Izod and Elo to make up the numbers. plus any opportunity to meet with fellow cycling enthusiasts

totty, do you remember them?

Kelly Brook would be great or Alex Jones
[isn't he the Welsh fella with the girlie voice from The Snowman..?]
i’m enjoying the single life. i now have a tandem, it's like a
ménage à trois


curry or steak and chips
[get in]
perhaps a nice fish supper but, being single, i
[noo, stop right there]

films or wireless?
old Arnie action films, Italian Job and anything sci fi. plus i'm still resting from the tour de france


heavy metal for me or something a bit softer but rocky like queen
[great, another bicycle connection..]

only book i read semi regularly is the hotel SOP. yet i read
Cyclist Monthly
regularly with a semi


Susan Boyle. The Krankies.


[heard that one..]

superhero power?

being invisible would be cool
[yeah, most of us are perverts too..]

manager derby?

Izod or Leigh – Izod because we have had a rivalry for a while now with a bit of banter, Leigh because i regard him as one of the top five managers ever on SM.

i used to live near and play darts with Big Cliff just after he helped set-up the PDC
[Aled Jones, Cliff Richard, where will this end..?]

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Si Nicholls for this interview. enjoy. now on yer bike..]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Marcus Vitorino | Espanyol

tell us about yourself. i'll try to make it as easy as possible because, somehow, the portuguese thought they could beat the english at sea even though they can barely string two words of english together.

'm a 35 years old portuguese. i have two jobs
[note: loom operator and podium dancer]
to try to feed my wife and son
[note: the wife must be a bit of a fatty..]

your computing history? did portugal have computers (mechanical devices do not apply)?

very late starter as mama vitorino prefered us not to leave the medieval dungeon where we live
[note: also known as portugal..]
. also the big dragon flying over burnt every chance of a zx spectrum or amiga enter the premises
[not nice to call mama that..]
. my first computer was a euro pc II from scheneider or something
[note: i said no mechanical..]
. there are things where we prefer to be a late than a premature one, right?
woohoo, yee har, pow, ker-ching!'

and your footie sim history?

i'm a great fan of footie sims. i was constantly trying to find them for PC in the older days. european superleague, i think, was one of the first. elifoot
also, a very simple
[no kidding..]
and limited game
[stands to reason]
that was a classic in portugal
[go figure..]
, but there were more. everything changed when CM arrived!

have played for long time also with my brother
[you what?]
. i was away for a while
[note: see 'customs' below - he was probably in prison..]
and then i started with the online games via hattrick. as it is, in my opinion, a very limited game i quit. after two years i think
[it took you two years to realise that?..]
. i started with SM.

and Soccer Manager?

i joined SM in june last year and the forum in december. i don't like to manage a lot of teams at the same time and for a long period i only had one. after having the second, well... i lost control
[and count without fingers probably..]

and why DAiS Genesis

i was attracted by the different kind of spirit involved and by the chance of being in a league with a high rate of long term, very experienced and skilled managers.

girls. er, females. um, women. hmm, el boobie?

nothing to declare. like i used to do with drugs at customs
[a wise move, unlike announcing doing so on the internet..]


eating is a really pleasure for me, even better in good company
[so you get to travel often do you?]
. my wife is a great cook so i'm good here.

.. redemption! ahahah! not really, but it's a great movie indeed. mama vitorino loves it, but then she's female.
[plus it's so sentimental that the lead character spends half the film trying to avoid being humped and the rest of the movie actually trying to get humped..]

no favorite movie but a couple of actors like de niro, edward norton or hugh grant (this one is a joke!)
[was it also a joke that you included three, when a 'couple' equals two..?]


a great classic here was herman josé. he was an inspiration to a lot of younger ones, like gato fedorento, nuno lopes, nuno markl...
[yes, they must be a riot. probably steve coogan's tony ferrino and his song, papa bendi, was better .. or equal..]


a wide range actually. used to have some favorite bands when i was young (pause) not anymore. more rock than pop, and some alternative styles. eddie vedder...
papa bendi

the one i'm reading these days is
'run or die'
from the Catalan ultra-runner Kilian Jornet.


do you know the difference between a fly and a mosquito? a mosquito can fly but a fly can't mosquito
gato fedorento must have them rolling in the aisles

superhero power?

don't know if such a power exists in a superhero but i would like to be omnivorous

manager derby?

don't have one i think, but willing to get some.

i feel great here with you guys, hope on better winds to be more involved!
[are you using google translate? i hope you are..]
. good luck to you all, if you let me win.. if not, well, go to that place where the sun never shines..

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Marcos Vitorino for this interview. freak]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Lee Bradbury | Atalanta

go on, bore us..

last time i checked, i was a 21 year-old male living somewhere nice in Coventry
[wha? how is that possible?]
. i work as a dispenser for the Co-Operative pharmacy, getting people their morphine, viagra, horse tranquilisers and the like
[hmm, pharmacists. those people whom have absolutely no sense of urgency at all. the very same workers whom state,
'it'll be 10-20 minutes'
regardless, even if you're the only person in the chemist and only want to purchase a box of corn plasters. just why does it take so long for them to read a list and put the appropriate product in a bag? it should be law that each pharmacy must build swings and a slide etc adjacent to the property, basically anything to forget i have unduly aged without reason..]

i have delved in many hobbies, such as flying planes, scuba diving, acting, singing, testing experimental medicines, dealing in body parts, but these days my main passions are playing, writing and listening to music. also writing in general, usually soft animal full greek for the mature female market.

i've been playing drums for 13 years and the guitar for two, with the intention of learning the bass soon. following which, it is my plan to also add a pair of cymbals between my knees and wear a tweed jacket covered with loads of badges such as
'i love chester zoo'
and the like.

in terms of writing, at the moment it's mainly reviews of CDs, games and films, as well as just general ramblings. however, i am currently working on my (somewhat convoluted but very cool) idea of a sitcom.

boring stuff over
[hell, i hope so. at the moment i want to boil my own head]

you're from Coventry, which computers have you stolen in the past?
i had a Commodore 64, which was fun. other than that, i've had two desktops and am now in possession of a MacBook, which i have never had any troubles with. i'd never go back to cleaning windows
or getting an IBM compatible pc, especially with an OS like Windows 7.

and your footie sim history?

LMA 2003 was the first. fantastic game, especially the post-match highlights with Lineker and Hansen. took Coventry City to the Champions League
[so you managed to buy tickets eh?]
thanks to top-scorer Marcus Bent.

also achieved a similar feat on LMA '05. tried Champ Man '06, but couldn't really get on with it, and since then I've been playing Football Manager, editions 2007, 08, 10, 11 and 12. favourite of those five would be 2011, had some wonderful careers on that.
[bit of advice Lee,
mention this stuff to a girl..]

and Soccer Manager?

more teams than i can remember to be honest. i started way
back in May 2006 during a business studies lesson. my first team was Coventry City in English Championship 45 and my first signing was a young Theo Walcott in a swap deal for Patrick Suffo
[you remember this from six years ago? a bit of advice Lee,
mention this stuff to a man..]

the first successfu
l te
[he then babbles on about his entire SM history. not just the teams, in order, key signings, in order, but also his favourite players and the ones whom got away, in or...nm. not only that, we are also treated to the game world numbers and custom setup names too. i've experienced happier funerals and less painful divorces. it makes me want to pop and chew my eyeballs..]
who we
my most enjoyable team.

and upon joining DAiS Genesis, why didn't you warn us

i was looking for a way back into SM after over a year out of the game, and having remembered the classic days of the SM forum with Smouts, Fraser and Sam, plus the characters like Sean, Dave and Elohim. it was a great way to make a comeback greater than if they found Shergar
[they haven't. shame. i would have preferred a choice at least..]

girls. you're aware of them yes?

i've fancied many a girl in my time, but in terms of famous faces some fine females include the lovely Hayley McQueen, Emma Stone, Kaley Cuoco, Cobie Smulders, India Reynolds, Sophie Howard, Kelly Brook, Clare Balding, Pixie Lott and many more i can't remember.

not that it matters, by the time i get to Kaley i'd have easily of 'finished' anyway and long gone to bed.

i wish they found Shergar.


i am a connoisseur of a few foods. i'm a fussy eater, but what i do eat i devour. favourites of mine are roast lamb or pork, tuna (although only very fine tuna - always John West..) and curry. i love curry
. also love white chocolate.

i feel hungry just thinking about it. i wish they found Sh..

i'll watch many movie genres, though i tend to prefer thrillers, sweaty equine action and smart, well-written comedies. i never really give myself the time to watch films though, which is a shame.

if you make me laugh that's good enough, 'cause I'm a right miserable git. that said, this elderly woman fell over in the street last week and i found myself pointing and laughing. i think her hip might have popped.


right, here we go. i have a somewhat eclectic taste in music, i like rock music as long as it is either melodic, interesting or well written. i like swingers, jazz, classic rock, classic metal, funk, soul, motown, horses, indie and many more random sub-genres. i guess you could narrow it down to alt-rock.

with regards to some of my favourite albums, they include The Beatles' Revolver, The Who's Tommy and Who's Next, Red Hot Chili Peppers' BloodSugarSexMagik, Weezer's Blue Album and Pinkerton, Led Zeppelin II, and many, many more. there's still so much for me to discover and enjoy
[it's an interview, not a curriculum vitae..]

anything autobiographical. interesting life stories are brilliant to read about, because they actually happened. i love factual stuff like that, especially Jedward.


Leicester City
[hmm, original. have you recently written a song entitled
Bohemian Rhapsody

superhero power?

the ability to stop time and be able to move around and exist in frozen time, like Bernard in that kid's show, Bernard's Watch. that show was class. you could get up to so much stuff with that ability.

i always felt there's not enough time in the day to do absolutely nothing
[like working in a pharmacy..]
, so I could do that. i could also save lives with that ability, so i guess i could be a superhero too.

manager derby?

Izod smells so i wouldn't mind beating him, but my main derby will be against Sam Wainwright. probably my best friend on here
[that's so lovely..]
, the fact that he manages such a horrible team in this setup will make any match i play against him much more entertaining.

don't play leapfrog with a rhino
[or Fraser..]

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Lee Bradbury for this interview. i think..]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Dave Izod | Mainz

test|question one:
attempt to write a sentence without resorting to bad language or insulting entire countries and cultures..

raised in south east london, of good norman stock.
in social housing
[ah, excellent. it must be both very rewarding and personally satisfying. plus, enable you to meet and assist the needy immigrants whom require help from our kindly shores..]
intensely dislikes leftism in any form
[and here's me having you down as a Guardian reader..]

father of two girls but
currently separated from wife of 18 years (divorce pending) and now living in a crappy flat. also declared bankrupt and convicted of drink driving. dad died when in my early 20's after years of alcohol abuse. christian fundamentalist for a mum, whom is now 85 years old, quite insane and increasingly vicious.

rocky relationship with alcohol, likes a smoke, physically robust, cultured, elegant
[who? you or the mother?..]

[great, i can tell this interview will be a barrel of laffs..]

question two:
without throwing yourself out of the flat window, reminisce your computer history..

i'm n
ot sure how far you want to go back here
[as far as you like. i see perhaps a console or two as well as a pc..]
although, here goes..

7:40 pm PawnHub.com :: Handjobbie Movies & Handjobbie Video Tube

7:59 Pawnhub :: Free Camel Toe Pics & Videos - Best Teen Cameltoe EVER!

8:09 pm Pawnhub :: The Nets Best Rough Sex Videos | Free Rough Action Movies

9:00 pm Pawnhub :: Free Shemale & Tranny Sex Videos

9:20 pm HowtoKillMyWifeandgetwaywithit.com

10:00 pm Impotence advice for men

10:35 pm Torture Garden - The world's leading Fetish Club

11:10 pm Buy Boris Johnson look alike Sex Doll For Men-Sex Doll For Men Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on Alibaba.com

11: 28 pm How to Get My Wife Back-Tips to Get Your Wife to Love You - InfoBarrel

11: 36 pm Is it wrong for middle aged man to fanasise about young men dressed in leather - Google Search

11: 42 pm Fetish of the Month: Wet & Messy - Leatheratic Voices

12:00 pm Order Domino's Pizza on-line

01:00 am Mature Dating UK - the UK's leading online dating site for older daters

01: 45 am

01: 59 am I Love The Shawshank Redemption | Facebook

02:17 am New South Wales Council Shoot and Dump Dogs at the Tip...so what?

03:00 am Tom cruise pics - Google Search

04: 27 am What should my testicles look and feel like onions? - Health questions - NHS Choices

that's a bit of last nights history anyway..

question three:
and what about your footie sim history, or am i liable to kill myself before reaching the end..?

never been into all that really, used to play one years ago but i forget its name now
[great, just great..]
. always preferred the Total war strategy games.. Shogun, Medieval, Rome, Empire etc.

question four:
whilst we're both still breathing, what about Soccer Manager?

i made EC106..
[*holds breath..*]

question five:
and, briefly, why DAiS Genesis?

because Fitzpatrick threatened to publish some compromising adult images of me if i didn't.. [
now that was brief..]

question sex:
able to discuss girls before one of us dies?

touchy subject
[eh? yet you spend a substantial amount of time each night googling them..]
, countless affairs
and 18 years of marriage has convinced me they are all fundamentally evil, and for humanity to survive they must be destroyed before they reproduce.

yet, if i had to nominate one or two, i'd go for a young Debbie Harry (before she became repulsive) or Kathy Lloyd (before she stopped getting her Eartha Kitts out)
[yes, repulsive and no kitts, how disrespectful of them..]

question seven:
food. is that subject okay or will you attempt to microwave your own head?

curry, kebabs, chinese, fish 'n' chips, burgers, crisps, ginster meat pies, chocolate ice cream and jellied eels
[tell me, for a hot date, do you take them to Bernie Inn..?]

question eight:
fess up. movie theatre's and your love for sylvester stallone..

we british call them films
[repeats exactly what you just said but in a pretend babies voice..]
. any british black and white WWII ones from the 1950's or 60's (Dambusters etc basically anything where we give jerry a damn good seeing to), Zulu, Waterloo, Robocop, Dodgeball and anything with Zombies in

question nine:
coming clean about comedians..

Duncan Norvelle, Alan Carr, Larry Grayson.

question ten:

Beethoven, Maddy Prior, Pete Townsend, The Specials, Ian Dury, Squezze, Ottawan, Big Audio Dynamite, The Bluebelles, The Goombay Dance Band, Lloyd Cole, John Otway.. to name a but a few.

question eleven:

you can't go wrong with a bit of Sven Hassel in my opinion.

question twelve:

an Englishman, Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a pub.. we didn't invite the Welshman because he's a devious, inbred, ungrateful little tight-arse.


question thirteen:
superhero power?

from this day forth you shall know me as the 'Mighty Metamorph'.. as in that shape shifting old bird with the funny looking eyebrows in Space 1999.

question fourteen:
manager derby?

whilst i never look for confrontation
[eh? you what? just run that by me again..]
, i'm happy to go toe to toe with anyone, but four spring to mind..

Fitzpatrick (because he fears me, and i find that arousing..)

Siplop (because i begrudge it the very air it breathes..)

Lee (because he is clearly simple, and lets face we all enjoy tormenting the retarded..)

ELO (because of the ridiculous pubic bush he wears on his chin and plus his country was rubbish during the war..)
[eh? rubbish? they were practically against us..]

question fifteen:

look, i'm a nice older guy, and if any of you younger chaps are in London and in need of a bed, just drop me a line.. it's a king-size
[be afraid. be very afraid..]

[DAiS Invitationals thank Dave Izod for this interview. seek help ..]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Christian Alexandersson | Lorient (ahem..)

i dread to ask, but, tell us about yourself..

swedish male
, 21 years
[and stone probably..]
and live in karlstad. just head west of stockholm and you can't miss me
[true. in fact we'd probably have to take evasive measures to avoid hitting you..]

i love pink
[this could easily mean pink floyd so..]
and by that i mean the colour
[okay, maybe not. still, no shame in that. hopefully..]
i love hotspurts
[right, clear language barrier. still, no shame in that. hopefully..]
i love
ze kinkeh
[again, language issues. hopefully..]
just ask sean, he can vouch for my fetishes
[yes, right. i've always been one to deride the futility of hope..]

on safer ground [hopefully..] how about your computer history?

started out on an old compaq a few moons ago. then switched to AMD or whatever the fluff it's called
[derides futility of hope..]
currently playing around on a HP lappy.. oh if only that meant Harry Potter
[y..you want to do what on his lap..?

lemmie change the subject to your footie sim history. perhaps i can divert your attention and keep you occupied in deep discussion..

Fifa 04 and Soccer Manager.

[brilliant. just great. if you were a dog you'd be put down. a horse, even better, they have a more interesting way with them. in fact, a whale, yes, a whale, no stretch of the imagination at all.

i do wish you were more like Stephen Hawking. not for the insightful, thought inducing and provocative theories - but the ability to unplug your coms and shove you in the cupboard..]

just why the
nowledge did you join DAiS Genesis

well, I jus had to.. you had no shining star in there so i obviously saw that you needed Fluffy
[hmm, yes.. opens cupboard door..]


a food question.. to me..? dude, have you seen how i look?
yeah, like a total fat c
hicken marinated in chilli, served with rice and curry sauce.
sounds good to me, as long as you're mindful of the kCals of the sauce and how you cook the c
hicken with smoked cheese and either a quality italian or spanish ham.
right, well, you see, if you use too much c
hicken, deep fried, with chips. pork chops
plural noted
, sausages, eggs, cup cakes with bacon
now, hang on a bit man, someone of your size just c
ake, any cakes, all cakes.

pigs trotters and snout, hot dogs and burgers (especially if made from 100% eyelid and scrotum), potted sheep, cow in jelly, roadkill.. i could go on an on
[full of surprises you..]


my mother is the one for me
[sweet bro.]


Constantine, Van Helsing and Pineapple Express
[note to everyone: yes, i'm thinking the same thing too..]


Mozart.. Bach.. One Direction.. yano, all the classics
[note to everyone: yes, i'm thinking the same thing too..]


anything with Tolkien
'with Tolkien'
? what does that mean? like what? Tolkien
in jelly


a soldier at the
[i'm not writing all that. it's a crappy willy joke - gato fedorento would find it a hoot..]

superhero power?

i wanna be the ginger wizard from harry potter.. he got emma
[er, you just ignored the question and made an obscure unrelated statement instead.. and not slightly unweird..]

manager derby?

alurcard, seanfitz and ashtini.


[nuff said]

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Christian Alexandersson for this interview. keep it moist..]

[original interview text, as received..]


I'm 21 .... Swedish ... Love the color Pink ...

Massive spurs fan, I love ze kinkeh stuff (Sean can vouch for that)


Started out on an old compaq a few moons ago. Then switched to AMD or whatever the fluff It's called ... currently playing around on a HP lappy ... ( Oh if only that meant Harry Potter blank.gif )


Fifa 04 and SM blank.gif


Well, I jus had too ... you had no shining star in there so I obviously saw that you needed Fluffy blank.gif


a food question ... to me ? dude ... have you seen how I look ? blank.gif

(Chili marinated chicken with rice and curry sauce)

6) Constantine,Van Helsing and Pineapple Express

7) Well .. my mother is the one for me blank.gif

blank.gif Mozart ... Bach ... One Direction ... yano all the classics


A soldier at the Pentagon got out of the shower, and realized that his clothes were missing. While searching around for them, he accidentally locked himself out of the locker room, and he found himself completely naked in the halls of the world''s most powerful military organization HQ. But, luckily, no one was around to see him.

So, he ran as fast as he could to the elevator. When it arrived, it was empty. He breathed a sigh of relief and got in. When the doors opened on his floor, there was no one waiting outside. "This must be my lucky day," he said to himself. He was now only a few yards from his office.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from around the corner. He heard the General''s voice. There was no way he'd make it to his door in time, so he ducked into the closest office available, and found himself in the laboratory for Research & Development. The Head Scientist looked up from one of her experiments with puzzled interest.

The soldier thought quickly, stood up straight and saluted.

"I am here to report the partial success of the Personal Invisibility Device," he said.

"I see," the Head Scientist said. "But the Shrink Ray seems to be working perfectly."


Anything with Tolkien blank.gif

11) Idno if It's a superhero power but sod it ... I'd wanna be the ginger wizard from harry potter ... he got Emma blank.gif


Alurcard,seanfitz and Ashtini !!


Boobies !

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Garry Crawford | Chievo

tell us about yourself, before i rip you apart for selling out and having to leave DAiS Genesis momentarily because you had to learn girly music with your 'rock' band..

Professional Musician from Motherwell, Scotland. Married with two kids, Taylor 18 studying musical science (whatever that is..) at university (whatever that is..) and Ashleigh 13.

Lived in London for eight years and still love the place which is why I don't hate the English like everyone else I know.

Addicted to sex, drugs, and rock n roll and amizingly
[amiz.. wha? you weren't joking about university, obviously..]
haven't been caught yet
[be careful, as i'd also throw away the key after listening to your Pride-friendly songs too..]

My hobbies were playing hide n seek, reading big-print books and theft but that all stopped when I joined SM. I now learn the Chicken Song etc in between scouting for young boys.

your computing history, or is everything made out of wood in motherwell?

First thing I could play footie on was the mega drive 2, now my house is filled with laptops, 2 Wii's, a couple of Playstation 3's and something strange thing called an Apple Mac
[careful. apple mac's kick bottom..]

and your footie sim history?

Football Manager 94 was where it all started for me. I'd steal the new version every year until the cool guys moved to Soccer Manager

and Soccer Manager?

I've only been really active for two years,
I joined in June last year and the forum in December
[yes readers, you read it correctly, the sentence actually was completely illogical.]

I am a total glory hunter and have won every title many times. I have now started playing the Gold Championships and have won my first couple of titles there within the last week.

I don't like to manage a lot of teams at the same time and for a long period I only had one. After having the second, well... I lost control.

and why DAiS Genesis

Because this is where the big boys live. I like boys.

cuisine and gastronomic preferences?

Curry, steak, chips, chinky, fried stuff, burgers, kebabs, pizza - a true musicians diet I think you'll agree
[yeah, roger whittaker must be quaking..]


Hispanic girls for me
[so, just like your food, you prefer greasy and hairy..]
, followed by Swedes. Irish girls don't put out (unless from Dublin) English girls put out too much (I know this for a fact.) Chinese girls don't have slanty
i'm not printing that..]
and Indian girls'
or that..]
don't taste of curry.

Famous faces would be Cherlize Theron, many of the team GB para olympic team, and I would let Cheryl Cole
etc etc, you get the message..]
on my chest.

[preferably hairy and greasy?..]
and Sci Fi for me, best two movies ever made.. the Matrix and Aliens (Alien 2), looking forward to seeing Looper.


That's easy.. Bill Hicks, the best comedian that ever lived.


Level 42, Pink Floyd, Go West (purely for the bass lines) Primal Scream, the Police, Madness. Lots of different bands and singers really as I have to copy them constantly
[what, like The Goombay Dance Band, Tight Fit and Glen Madeiros?..]

Dan Brown, Angels and Demons. Way better than the Da Vinci Code and nothing like the
rather disappointing]
film it spawned. The audio version was necessary for this purpose although I can manage the Mr Men books myself though.


The English legal system for giving John Terry a not guilty verdict despite sitting watching him do it!

superhero power?

X-ray vision. how
would that be?

manager derby?

Not really got a derby. I have a few managers I'd like to beat like Elo, Keith Fitzpatrick
, Arampage
, Hyina
[you're not really understanding this question are you..]
I would love to beat Sean because I haven't really managed it in any set-up.

Just happy to have the time to be part of this mental setup.

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Garry Crawford for this interview. Good luck with the lift musak..]

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Interview

DAiS Genesis

i n t e r v i e w

Taynan Melo | AS Monaco


conducting some great reporting and design skills,
remains a quieter member of our community. that said
as a seventeen year old bra
illian, he's probably too busy humping everything in his own community.

also, clearly
a minority in
his own country
, he remains the same gender today as at birth..

I'm a high school senior that loves to work out and get a good time with my girl
[see? they're like rabbits..]

My real name is 'Taynan' (some indigenous)
[what? as opposed to 'Taynan'?..]
I'm a soccer addict and a Corinthians (future world champions) supporter.

I live in São Paulo, you can see it in Max Payne 3, although that's 90% fake
[right, so we can't see it at all then..]

your computing history?

I'm probably the youngest in DAiS Genesis, or one of them. I didn't started my virtual adventure with a computer
[yep, my thoughts exactly..]
, it was with a Nintendo GameBoy Color. That Pokemón game was amazing, bring me many memories of childhood by the way
[what, along with begging, mugging tourists and doing drugs?..]

I do not understand anything about computers, what I can say about it is that from the 12 used an intel something and at 16 won an Acer LP, and is what I use nowadays
[as one may have noticed, Taynan prefers your write in anagram form..]

[incidently, following my posts, Taynan wanted to learn more about design and layout. he learnt quickly and has since used these skills to great effect. top job man.]

and your footie sim history?

I started with a simulator very famous here in Brazil, the Brasfoot, very simple and straightforward, you command finance and buy and sell players very easily, but it is very monotonous and willingness to continue playing goes away very fast.

From 2005, I started my saga with FIFA. I wasted my vacation almost entirely playing the manager mode, the 2013 is magnificent, by the way.

and Soccer Manager?

Met SM in late 2010, only started playing in leagues with my friends, I discovered the game, tactics, information, but everything changed when I met the forum and its power to transform the game, rating changes, deals, other managers to talk and exchange ideas, custom gameworlds.

Even with 2 years playing I can't consider myself a great manager, but at least I enjoy a bit with my 31 teams for now.

I started playing World Championships and some custom, but abandoned, rode great teams, but always missed something, that I found in the forum, the custom gameworlds, which are filled and with more competitive edge, and where I can beat Elohim constantly
[i'm not even going to bother editing that, it gives me a headache just thinking about it..]

and why DAiS Genesis

I saw it was a new league with a different approach than the others, with the idea and emphasis on communication and reporting which makes it better. Plus I can beat the fluffy sweddish more times.


Chicken fillet, chicken breast, chicken leg, chicken wings, chicken cubes, chicken nuggets, chicken chinese
[chicken would have sufficed..]

skimmed cold milk, orange juice
[these brazillians know how to par-tay..]

Some salad, and Especially "Paçoca" (It is a sweet Brazilian Seems That coming from heaven, anyone who will read this, have to try to eat it at least once in Their Lives, FOR REAL, or it will not be completely satisfatory
[google translate has much to answer for..]

I try to be a healthy guy, it makes me feel better
[milk and salad? i'd rather be ill..]

brazillian triangles?

I love three: Mother, Sister and my GF -
[details removed at the interviewee's request, she probably didn't put-out or something..]

Brazilian ones for you guys:

Juliana Paes

Sabrina Sato

Cléo Pires

Flávia Alessandra

Isis Valverde (Oh, lord)
[he wasn't joking. i'll continue the interview shortly..back in a few..]



The Terminal, with Tom Hanks.
The Italian Job, with Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton.
Dumb and Dumber, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Danie
Anything with Rowan Atkinson, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller or Jim Carrey.

[pokemón, milk, salad, jim carrey? it's hardly
Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro..]


Sir Rowan Atkinson, Jon Cryer, Adam Sandler, Eduardo Sterblitch
[naturally, without question..]


The Strokes, Guns and Roses, Simon & Garfunkel, Queen, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand and Legião Urbana (Brazilian best band ever).


The Prince, Machiavelli. Steve Jobs Biography

superhero power?

pokemón, milk, salad, jim carrey and
eduardo sterblitch you'd find yourself pretty much unnoticed already..]

manager derby?

Elohim, many guys would not know why, but I'll clarify now. I have no problem with him, he seems to have some with me.

I'm an easy guy to deal with, I have some friends here on the forum, even without attending constantly, got into several leagues, the biggest and best. Yet the GW's created by him, he rejected me for no reason, so here's our rivalry created.

he fat and ugly like gorilla anyway, and probably smell of one also.

[pay no attention to Mr Nasty..]


Emerson Sheik, if you are a Chelsea's fan, be afraid pal.

[DAiS Invitationals thanks Taynan Melo for this interview. Time for parsnip smoothie..]

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