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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

DAiS Genesis

End of Season Transfer Report/Gossip

Now that the GW has settled down, we look at the transfer dealings for Season 3 from the teams. Some Major signings and shock transfers have happened and here is a run down of them all




Easy winners of Division 2 with a 6 point gap, which wasn’t surprising with Messi running the show for the team. Manager Ben Magee has only brought in two youth players this season, clearly with a view to saving up for some more superstars in the hope of an assault on Division 1 next term.


Gonzalo Higuain is the name on all the Wigan supporters lips as the club signed the talismanic front man. Also signed was Anderson Hernanes to add some flair and creativity to the team. Strength at the back will be on the mind of the manager going into the new season.

AS Monaco:

Despite bringing in key players such as Benzema, Nasri, Vermaelen, Balzaretti, Cabella and Isla, Monaco manager Mr Dhabi was unable to secure promotion this season but will be 1 of the favourites for next season's promotional charge. A defensive midfielder is high on the list of targets for the forthcoming season.

FSV Mainz:

Just the two purchases but valuable ones in Fellani and Sandro this season. Mainz will look to push for promotion under new boss Patrick Olsson


A few additions at Espanyol with Gokan Inler and Bruno Gaspar being the biggest names to join the club. Davide Petrucci joins the youth ranks and the team will look to add a winger and forward next season

Leeds United:

New manager Yuri Laszlo Broggio Silva (what a mouthful) has made only a couple of purchases and both of those have been talented youngsters in the form of Osvaldo Lourenco and Wellington Aparecido. A left back is sorely needed as others have had to play out of position all season to fill the void at left back.


Just a couple of additions at Cardiff where manager Dai Smout regularly gets left behind in the transfer market, none the less the team has been added to with Pablo Hernandez and Angel Di Maria being brought in. A number of players have left in order for that to happen including character Mario Balotelli


Transfer Information was Not available due to manager's lack of communication

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

DAiS Genesis

End of Season Transfer Report/Gossip

Now that the GW has settled down, we look at the transfer dealings for Season 3 from the teams. Some Major signings and shock transfers have happened and here is a run down of them all




A 9 point cushion gave Atlanta fans something to smile about as their team were crowned champions with games to spare. Manager Lee Bradbury has turned the team into a force to be reckoned with this season, bringing in such players as Sneijder, Lavezzi, Wilshere and Afellay to add some flair and attacking presence to the team. Other notable purcahses include Insua, Handanovic and Miranda with promising youngster Tom Ince also joining the team. Defence seems to be where Mr Bradbury wishes to improve the team next with a possible addition to centre midfield too for next season.


A good season for Sochaux with only a few additions to the team but a solid performance throughout to finish 2nd, they will hope to close the gap to 1st next season and the acquisitions of Ramos, Hart and Marcelo will certainly help that. Sochaux are also looking to strengthen the defensive areas and depth to the squad.


One of the bigger movers on the transfer front this season with quite a few new faces joining the team such as Javi Martinez, Drogba, Szczesny, Schwaab, Inui and Dawson. Some young talents have also been purchased with a view to the future team which could involve players like Kohr, Heintz, Muniesa, Rudiger and Kaminski. The depth of the squad is an area likely to see improvements next for Deportivo


Manager Scott Samuels secured long term target Robin Van Persie this season aswell as adding to the team with attacking players such as Kaka, Pedro, Hernandez and Sissoko. Hannover will look to add depth to the team and restructure their defence if possible to aid a push for the title next season.


Many signings for Parma this season with the most notable being Barcelona midfielder Xavi. Arjen Robben, Hugo Lloris, Milito, Lopez also joined the team with Frank Tabanou and Coutinho joining the talented youth ranks. Parma are looking to sign top rated players to help push them up the table as while they are a solid Division 1 team they have not yet challenged for the title effectively.


Hardly any purchases this season for Torino who will surely look to strengthen at the back and have done with the purchase of Sam Byram, Torino will look to add further solidarity to the team over the next season and hope to finish higher then the 6th place they achieved this season

West Brom:

New manager Gary Mack was unable to prevent his team suffering relegation this season, despite signing the likes of Fabregas, Bale, Paulinho, Dzagoev, Howedes and Monreal to name a few. Again depth is a key issue here and Mr Mack who is leaving the GW will pass the team on to a new manager who will look to improve the 2nd team and youth to step up into 1st team places.

Swansea City:

Not considered among the relegation candidates this season but found themselves at the foot of the table for most of the season. Manager Ashley Holtom has managed to capture a player some consider the best in the world alongside Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo will be strutting his stuff at the Liberty Stadium from now on, other players brought in include Dani Alves, Srna and Chico. Holtom has told us that he wishes to add depth to the team.

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


After a terrific start of the campaign where I won 3 and drew 1 from the first four matches. I've now landed on earth again after suffering losses to Dhabi's Monaco in the league and then knocked out of the cup by Sean's Parma.

With 4 pts up to 1st placed Blackburn and only 3 points down to the relegation zone, I believe the next couple of games will decide where I'll be fighting this season. And it starts tonight vs a Leeds that's struggling in the bottom of the table so it's very important to get a good result here to keep some distance to the clubs below me.

Other then Willian who is out injured for another week and Sandro who's fitness is in the danger zone and in need of rest, everyone else is available for selection and that includes new signing Jovetic´ who is likely to make his debute for the club tonight.

Jovetic´ who joined for Matri and Stengel is my third signing since I took over and all 3 have been 2 for one's so depth could actually become an issue if I got struck with a couple of injuries on some key players.

But I'll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.


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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Leeds and Espanyol square off for wooden spoon honours

As the end of the first half of the season dawns upon all the teams in Dais Genesis, two clubs see

themselves involved in a bitter fight for the last place on Division 2's standings table. Yuri Laszlo's

Leeds United, who narrowly avoided relegation last season after an inspired late run of victories is

again standing on familliar ground as they currently sit bottom of Division 2 with 4 points, coming

off the back of three consecutive losses after a promising beginning for the Whites. Tomorrows

opponents, the Spanish side RCD Espanyol coached by long date manager Marcos Vitorino, have fared

marginally better in the league so far, beating Leeds by virtue of having allowed one less goal in the first six rounds of the competition, as both teams tie on number of points, wins and goals scored for.

While the visiting team's only acquisition of the season, Portuguese up-and-comer Flávio Ferreira, should not start the match for the Barcelona side, Leeds' manager Yuri Laszlo used the off season to promote acomplete renewal of his squad, signing no less then seven players of international calibre, while ten former players were given the boot in Leeds' structural revamp, which has proven nothing short of inefective up until this point of the season, with the Whites winning only one match so far in the Leagueand getting thrown out of the Cup on penaltiy shootout after a first-round draw with Div 2 rivals Mainz.

With former Division 1 title-holders West Bromwich Albion on a divisional free-fall, currently sitting just above relegation with the same 4 points of Espanyol and Leeds, the latter will want to capitalize on this chance to move out of the last couple spots on the table in tomorrows game.

As Laszlo prepares for the match fine-tuning his squad following the recent signing of Ukranian international Anatoliy Tymoschuk off Bayern Munchen, the Brazilian manager will have to find a way to put his now stellar lineup to good use, as the club's payroll continues to escalate on a geometrical progression and theprospect of playing in Division 3 next season will surely hamper Yuri Laszlo's long term goals at the helm of the team.


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cardiff city | dai smout

cardiff city claims dismissed


dai smout
, the manager of
cardiff city
, has refuted claims of a
at his club. in his first official statement since the comments from fellow manager,
gary crawford
chavo veronica
, he said,
'not by the end of my chiny chin chin is that accurate. if
was to state the same then the only truth would be the correct number of chins he has'

it hasn't gone without notice that
has left
garry chavford
behind, both in the league and MM tables. reflecting upon this success, whereby
dai smout
has reached tenth in MM, the
second in command stated
'he's a miracle. king of the impossible. just a man, with a man's courage. nothing but a man, but he can never fail.'

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Watford up or down??

A conversation has been caught on tape between watford manager craig sinclair his best mate danny dyer. While sitting in a Newcastle Casino stuffing wads of £50s down a dancers knickers and snorting a good looking crystal white powder they where caught talking about how watfords season is going!!

Sinclair spoke about a few of Watfords newest signings including Yohan cabaye and Alexander Buttner and almost confided in Danny that he is worried about watfords current standing of 6th place in league 3.

Sinclair said 'i am worried about the clubs place in league 3, even tho there is only one point between 3rd placed cardiff and bottom placed Dnipro its so tight anyone could go down' later adding 'all the clubs in the league have a strongish squad and everyone has a chance of being the team to claim 3rd and a spot on the playoffs but also every team has a chance of being in that bottom 2'

On his new signings sinclair spoke of a drug fueled party in a Miami mansion during pre season where he was introduced to an agent who has helped push through deals for Cabaye, Buttner and the 2 Brazilians Silva and Fred. Sinclair also added 'i am quite pleased with squad as a whole but i no the defence needs help and we do have a player in mind who we are talking to' that player now believed to be dejan lovren.

After the night out the 2 were spotted leaving the casino in a taxi with 2 women now believed to be the wife and grandmother of one prince william. A source close the family said both denied this accusation as neither could remember what happened tat nite other than the grandmother woke with a sticky white substance around her mouth!!!!

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Blackpool Transfer News


It has been a while since players were brought to Bloomfield Road and that was for the lack of funds, but I decided that it was the time to make some changes and bring some players in my team since I want to be promoted probably this season.

As I have declared I needed some midfielders and any forward to strengthened my team.

So since I took this task seriously I made these transfers

Transfers Out:



Selling these two players to Toulouse and Bremen gave me funds to make new transfers.

Transfers In:



I know that these 4 players I brought in will be a big help for my team and they were a need for Blackpool to get promoted.

With the upcoming matches which will be the toughest to play we're looking forward for a chance to win a spot for division 3.


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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


16 brave souls fighting against uncertainty started a great journey, for some, an impossible journey, leading entire Nations towards the promised land ...........there can be only one winner........

the Managers the Nations the progress

below is the form guide in the race to qualify for USA 2013 and as you can see some of the bigger most fancied Nations are in danger of failing to qualify due to poor Management

1 Garry Crawford Serbia played 7 points 15

2 Scott Samuels Germany played 7 points 14

3 David Garvock Scotland played 7 points 13

4 Marcos Vitorino Ivory Coast played 6 points 12

5 Lee Bradbury Italy played 7 points 11

6 Ashley Holtom Belgium played 7 points 11

7 Jeremy Rudd Spain played 7 points 11

8 Elohim Holland played 6 points 10

9 Dai Smout Wales played 7 points 10

10 Leigh Auston Portugal played 6 points 10

11 Taynan Melo France played 6 points 10

12 Ashley Kirk Argentina played 7 points 10

13 Paul Bamber Brazil Played 6 points 9

14 Craig Sinclair England played 7 points 7

15 Ryan Grosvenor Malta played 6 points 5

16 Ben Magee Sweden played 7 points 3

this Golden 16 table will be updated after every qualifying match and the Manager of the Nation that finishes top will win the 5000 credits Golden prize!

good luck to you all;)

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


DAiS Genesis tonight lost one of it's founder members when Parma manager Sir Sean resigned after being accused of making a mockery of the game world, and putting off potential new managers.

The claims came after Sean, who has only ever once played his highest rated XI in a league game(which he lost) played a weaker side than normal in a defeat against wigan.

IF the italians had won they would be top of the table now (with 2 games to go)instead of being in the relegation zone.

A comparison of how the teams would stand if Parma had won instead of lost show's that 6 of the other 7 top flight teams are currently benefiting from a better league position now, and no one except Parma themselves are worse of.

In a parting statement Sean said:

"I'd like to thank Dai for giving me the chance to partake in this outstanding league. I've met some top managers in here that I will miss(although there are 1 or 2 people who are idiots and I'm not gonna miss in the slightest.)

It''s unfortunate that it had to come to this but I am not gonna sit by and be accused of destroying a set up.

So I bid you all goodbye and good luck, and if the unmanaged Parma side move out of the relegation zone then I hope the team that take's their place doesn't take relegation too badly."


Edit: WOW dai, you got me out of that group bloody quick:D

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Hi lads

Am posting this on here because I had hoped to be able to say a proper goodbye on the group, but my removal from the group happened quicker than I expected (although my removal as a friend by Dai smout on the forum, in the SM game, and on facebook itself was a bit unexpected).

Given the nature of Dai removing all traces of me from his life, I’m not sure what parts of the previous conversation is left on the group – so I’ll quickly recap for those that missed it( I know Garry at least was off getting bladdered :D)

As you are all aware, and has been discussed several times in the group, from the set up of this league I was buying in players that I liked, rather than going for just high rated players. Players like Bartra, Nastasic, Ben khalifa and Insigne were all getting regular games when they were rated about 83-86. I even started 70 rated Matt Smith in about 7 games this season. My average rating for the starting XI varied from about 88-91, dependant on who I decided to give a game to. I was recently due to play Wigan and when I looked at the table found that we were in a unique position that a victory for Wigan would mean that if the top team lost, then there would be just 3 points between the whole division, but a win or draw for me could see me top. As I like thing’s interesting I put out a team averaging about 83/4 knowing that I would have a lot more chance of losing, and I had chances to put out players like bell who weren’t getting games for me, and if I did lose it would be fun in the division, if I won then my little boys done good. I never changed my formation to make a defeat guaranteed, and beside’s as anyone who’s played in a setup like 4 nations knows, it can be difficult to make a team lose on purpose on SM due to the way the match engine operates.

As people do in groups like this setup has on facebook, people do ‘talk up’ whatever we do. I referred to the decision as ‘deliberately throwing the game against Wigan’ something that Dai felt was detrimental to the gameworld, and would put off future managers. But instead of messaging me in private to discuss it, where we could have talked it through and maybe hit a resolution, he came out on the group saying this, and when I offered to resign over it, he then didn’t respond to that, and carried on about the good of the gameworld. So it became clear that he didn’t want me there anymore, and Dai knows from various conversations that there was only one thing I would do at this point, so I quit.

So I would like to bid all of Dais Genesis farewell and good luck. I found my time there very enjoyable, and as said in my last post, thanks for taking the chance on me. I hope the setup continues the success that so nearly earned it the title of best new setup 2012. I’m sure I’ll see many of you around the place.


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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


The Soccer Manager world was today in shock as DAis Genesis most famous club, Parma, reinstated the borderline immortal Sir Sean as their manager.

The manager has made headlines over the past few days for his outlandish actions in SM's most exciting set up, which climaxed in the 35 year old apparently walking out on the club and the setup, but his return today has set the rumour mill buzzing.


Artistic impression of how Sir Sean may have turned up at the Smout residence.

Did Sir Sean go round to see Mr Smout and use his specialist skills to persuade the Welshman to let him return?

Knowing that his gameworld was devoid of personality without Sean, did Dai beg the hunk return?

Did the other managers that were left behind miss Sean so much that they used sledgehammers to persuade Dai to bring the mighty one back to Parma?

Was it all just a big publicity stunt to boost the profile of both Sir Sean and DAiS Genesis as a whole?

Or Did the 2 of them have a chat, and realise that it's good to talk?

Maybe time will tell, or maybe it won't, but all that matters is that Andrey 'goal machine' Arshavin will be playing tonight against an exceptional Deportivo side.


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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Parma manager Sir Sean today took the unusual step of naming his starting XI for the final game of the season nearly 72 hours before kick off.

The game, against fellow Italian side Atalanta, is a key fixture in this seasons intense relegation battle.



Marc Andre Ter Stegen


Neven Subotic

Lars Bender D®,DM,M(RC)

Matija Nastasic

Jordi Alba D,DM,M(L)

Mattia De Sciglio D(RL),DM,M®

Bartosz Salamon D,DM,M©

Franck Tabanou D,DM,M,AM(L)


Hernandez Xavi M,AM©


Andrey Arshavin AM,F(RLC)

Giampaolo Pazzini

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Pop sensations Bananarama are here to bring you their exclusive Dai's Genesis gossip column.

Ex Parma midfielder Javi Martinez is keen on a return to German club Bayern Munich. Managerial unrest at Deportivo has led the Spanish international to ponder his future.

Dnipro boss Duncan may finally have managed to get rid of highly paid pair Chiellini and Schweinsteiger. A swap deal with Swansea for their effeminate Portuguese winger is said to be close to completion.

Lorient boss Fluffy Bishop has been telling anyone who will listen about how he proved his chairman wrong, apparently in Bishop's last performance review Lorient chairman Barry Hearn told him 'you couldn't do much worse if you tried', a statement Fluffeh has gone out of his way to prove wrong.

Following this season’s promotion success Forest Green Rovers are looking to cash in by selling the naming rights to their stadium. Given there current squad fans are likely to be turning up to the ‘Tena For Men Stadium’, the ‘Zimmer Stadium’ or the ‘Stadium de Donepezil’

Game world owner and all round control freak Dai Smout has become so obsessed with polls, that he even started hiring external companies to run them for him on key issues such as scrunching or folding.

Hugely talented Dutch winger Jean-Paul Boetius is still keen to leave Parma. The youngster is expected to have a huge future in the game(see here and here), but is available for a good cash offer


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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Parma FC close season clearout

Hernandez Xavi


With only Ronaldo and Messi rated higher, Xavi is one of the planets best players. Despite being a regular for Parma club manager Sean has made the Spaniard available.

Price: a 2for1, a player & cash, or possibly around £50mil cash

Diego Milito


the 92 rated Argentinian front man is available after failing to make the grade at Parma

Price: a snip at 9.5mil or a trade for a youngster

Phillipe Coutinho


Brazilian youngster who has been outstanding for Liverpool

Price: £12.5mil or a trade

Jack Robinson


Young Liverpool LB with a promising future ahead of him

Price: £2mil


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dais genesis | media > end of season report


dais genesis | end of season iv

it is with great sadness that i hereby announce the end of
dais genesis
.. season four. arguably the most enjoyable term yet experienced within the premier
custom, and the most fun one can have among thirty two blokes with your clothes on (not unlike my time as a boy scout leader..)

the premise behind
dais genesis
is simples.. the advent of such online sims created the opportunity for one to challenge other managers. yet, with the absence of communication and interaction, it is merely just an offline game with the expense of bandwidth. thus, with the strong belief that the area of communication, interaction and immersion accounts for at least fifty percent of the fun, i created dais invitationals|genesis.

ensuring its appeal to like minded players and encouraging the group through a framework of communicative and interactive features, it would become not only an important and enjoyable aspect of their day but they would also take the opportunities and run with them. members would not only
, but also
and actually
involved through promoting certain aspects, creating media articles, and introducing new features etc.

dais genesis
doesn't have members, it has advocates. and like its advocates,
dais genesis
lives and breathes.

iracle man

this system, brought to you by
David Garvock
, was introduced in season four with great success. by comparing squad strength with results, it rewards managers whom achieve much with however little. winners can consider themselves among the very best. it is the ultimate accolade.

orld cup

with the season end, the world cup is now under way and its support within the game world has been further encourage by the promotional efforts of one
Garry Crawford
(there can be only one.)

this feature is now enjoyed by almost two thirds of members, increasing its importance throughout the (anti) custom and giving welcome relief following intensive seasons under the fat controller (whom rules the setup just like he has sex .. with an iron fist..)


if any proof was required with regards to the quality of
dais genesis
, its framework and its members then season four was it. our media (which includes interviews, pre and post match reports, articles, analysis, tables, graphs, transfer negotiations and banter etc) exploded with both quantity and quality during the most recent season. it's members had risen like a salmon.

i'm probably surplus now. gits.


never one to back down from a fight, this season i also invented new reasons to have more. yet, as usual, the polls are underway for our seasonal awards and will be published in due course.

dais genesis
is the first custom under the
dais invitationals
brand. games worlds which fully recognise the importance of communication and interaction between members to achieve ultimate enjoyment and total immersion.

dais genesis
(and clothes-off fun..)
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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Xavi must go


Spanish midfielder Xavi has confirmed that he will definitely be leaving Parma today.


Although no destination has been confirmed a £31mil offer from Atletico Madrid is currently in prime position to secure Spain's best player


and more to follow?

Phillipe Coutinho, Diego Milito, Nassim Ben Khalifa and Jack Robinson are also likely to go external unless a tempting offer come in soon.

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


The real life version

Pt1 - GK

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen


one of the hottest prospects in football. Heavily linked with a move to Barcelona or Liverpool:eek:

Ter Stegen was statistically one of the best players in his position in the Bundesliga last season. Conceding only 24 goals in 34 games and keeping 15 clean sheets in the league.

A German international destined for greatness

Jan Oblak


Slovenian international keeper. Despite being only 20 has over 70 professional games under his belt.

Everton are said to be interested in bringing the youngster to Merseyside

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dais genesis | awards | season four


dais genesis awards | season four

this season, the awards within
dais genesis
, became much more difficult to achieve.

just when you think everything is going your way and it couldn't possibly get any harder, something else enters from behind and, erm, bugger's you.

in that respect, it's a bit like fornication..

together with the
Manager's Manager
(peer) voting,
dais genesis
also introduced the
Miracle Man
system by
David Garvock
. this system, benefiting from years of development, compares both the quality of a team and their results. a manager of a great team may achieve more, but a great manager of
team achieves everything.

system, covered in further detail in a subsequent article, will run alongside the existing
Manager's Manager
awards. huh, wait, hang on, they're both abbreviated to
, for fornication's sake..

anyway, we are fortunate to benefit from both system's this season and each is important in equal measure..

anager of the season

stewart lauder | forest green rovers
whilst only finishing second in division four,
stewart lauder's
ultimate acclaim at the top of the
Miracle Man
table has proven his consistent success at both dominating and beating teams over and above the apparent capability of his squad on paper.

manager's manager

anthony maddison | sochaux


anager of division one

anthony maddison | sochaux
competition in the premier division was very high and the gap between the first and last teams remained close all season. in that respect, it was tougher than one of my wife's steak pies (although, unlike her pie, at least it didn't smell of fish..)

anthony maddison
continues to excel, in both the league and cups, and remains the man to beat (especially with a huge baseball bat or the like..)

manager's manager

anthony maddison | sochaux


anager of division two

taynan cristófani | as monaco
just edged
jonathan france
in the
Miracle Man
table by a single point and required a win during the play offs, although,
finished as champions. both of which will now enjoy their first season in division one.

manager's manager

taynan cristófani | as monaco


anager of division three

dai smout | cardiff city
whilst only finishing a dreadful fourth in the league,
dai smout
achieved the runners up position in the
Miracle Man
table. he's great he is.

as for the peer awards, any sensible vote would have gone to
duncan william peter charles edward gibbons
, but then sense doesn't appear to come into it..

manager's manager

dai smout | cardiff city


anager of division four

stewart lauder | forest green rovers
whilst only finishing second in division four,
stewart lauder's
ultimate acclaim at the top of the
miracle man
table has proven his consistent success at both dominating and beating teams over and above the apparent capability of his squad on paper.

credit is also due to
(hold on a sec, i just have to look this up..)
whom finished as champions.

manager's manager

stewart lauder | forest green rovers


eport of the season

yuri laszlo

ournalist of the season

yuri laszlo
has produced some very pretty reports this season (remarkably enough, as he looks like a great ape) and is fully deserving of the award.

illy the fish award

sean fitzpatrick
there were more people up for this award than any other this season. yet,
is the worthy winner following
after he received over forty votes (which is interesting in itself, considering the game world only has thirty two members..)

pecial contribution

david garvock
the most deserving of any award,
david garvock
added much to the
dais invitationals
brand following the introduction of his
Miracle Man
system within
dais genesis
. many thanks for your work
and enabling your great feature to be a part of
social custom.

season four will be long remembered for the great interaction, new features, fun and.. well, will be remembered as long as it takes to make my dinner anyway. i would like to thank all members for creating such a remarkable time. but i can't. gits. i hate y.. sorry, i'm rambling again..

awesome season, top job fella's, and i promise to continue my search for token females..

dais genesis
is a game world based upon total immersion, progressively and proactively maintained by its members. if you're not in it, then you're not in it.
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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Blackburn manager, Jose Nowinho, holds a brief press conference.



"Jose it's been a successful season and a half for you in charge of Blackburn.

Did you hope or expect back to back league titles and promotion in this quick time?"


"That was something we aimed for but I wouldn't say we expected it.

I inherited a strong squad, made some adjustments & brought a few new players in.

Winning Divisions 3 and 2 was always possible but never a guarantee.

Promotion to Division 1 was the goal. I'm glad we're there."


"Now you're in Division 1, can you win it and how long do you think that will take?

Can you win the title this season?"


"We have a squad strong enough to be very competitive in Division 1 for a long time.

I don't expect relegation. I don't expect to win the title.

But we could win the title and we'll be aiming for that every season."


"Are there any teams that stand out as the strongest or weakest in the Division?"


"All of the teams have quality squads. That's what makes the league so exciting.

Everyone can and will take points of each other.


"Blackburn had a slight wobble last season in Division 2.

You even said that there was no way in hell your team were going to be promoted.

You were wrong."


"I'm glad I was wrong.

I was trying to take pressure off. We were choking at the time and i'd resigned myself to the fact we might miss out on promotion and the title.

Results went our way but we didn't play well in the last month.

We got lucky. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good."


"Why do you think that Blackburn can win Division 1?

What is going to separate your team from the rest?"


"I wouldn't be surprised if there are several teams going into the final game of the season with a chance to win the title.

We've a world class goalkeeper.

Strength and depth in defense, midfield and attack.

A lot of my players can play in a variety of positions. That expands my options and allows me cover for injuries, suspensions, loss of form etc.

Division 1 is winnable for Blackburn Rovers.

It may take us 1 season or 10+ seasons to achieve it though."


"Signing Wayne Rooney surprised people last season.

His impact was immediate. Is he your star player?"


"In a team sport, a manager should never build a team which relies on one player.

Rooney is very important, he scores alot of goals.

We're a better team with him, we can still win without him.

Having just signed Russian striker, Kerzhakov, he gives us another genuine goal scoring threat for our opponents to deal with."


"There was some controversy over the fact you didn't win the manager of the season award.

Are you bitter about it?"


"No i've never made any noise about the awards.

I want the trophies for winning leagues and cups. They're my target.

Monaco's manager did a fine job.

I think both our teams will do some serious damage in Division 1."


"Blackburn's owners, The Venky's, have been ruthless and quick to change managers in the past.

They also have a reputation for interfering.

It was no surprise when the previous manager left.

How has your relationship been with them?"


"I get plenty of free chicken to eat,

and they stay out of my way so long as we keep winning.

It's a good partnership!"


"Jose you're also the international manager of Cameroon.

It's safe to say that things did not go very well for you when you managed Uruguay.

Can you take the Africans to the World Cup?"


"The attitude of Uruguay's players was absolutely disgusting.

The didn't put in the work necessary to win games at international level.

The Cameroon players have that hunger.

They've under performed in recent years. They want to win. So do I.

Some very talented players are in my squad.

We can qualify for the World Cup. We might even win the damn thing!"

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

espanyol.pngChronicles from Cornellà

Early goals decided the Southern Derby between Espanyol and Atalanta

Despite the efforts of the Spanish the score was decided at minute 9. A 1-1 draw at Cornellà, with goals from Inler for Espanyol and Cazorla for the Italians.

Both Espanyol an Atalanta urgently need a win so they can leave the last places of the table and try to depart for a more peaceful season. With that in mind the Spanish side took for themselves the expenses of the match and started the ball control in order to achieve greater possession and more scoring chances. Against the flow Wilshere almost scored in a long shot, but right after, Lucho González, has a greater fighter he his, managed to recover the ball and passed it to Inler that with a strong shot scored the first for Espanyol.

Atalanta had a great reaction to the misfortune and in the opening play Gomez managed to run away from the opponent and pass it to Cazorla; Cazorla with a great pass back gave G
mez the opportunity to score. He didn’t fail in front of Benaglio and the match was draw again.

The Italians had two more dangerous situations in front of Benaglio but weren’t able to score. On the other hand Espanyol kept pushing for better luck but didn’t have the art to transform the opportunities in goals. At 88´Barzagli had the second yellow card for shouting to the referee and was sent off. The division of points in Cornellà can be considered a better result for Atalanta than for Espanyol and both continue in the bottom of the table.

Espanyol will now play away against FC Basel while Atalanta will receive Celtic.

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