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5 games in to the new season manager Preppens finds his Mainz in the drop zone with only 4pts taken so far.

The good thing is that after going through our matches this season we believe we have targetted the issue and are now working on tweaking the tactics to turn things around.

With a rock solid defence we've only conceded 6 goals in the 5 games we have played, and yet we are - as mentioned - currently in the drop zone.

The reason for that is clearly that our offensive players are not contributing as much as they would need to.

While we have scored 8 goals it makes for an interesting read as we are one of the few sides with a positive goal difference.

But when you look closer in to it, you'll notice that 5 of those goals came in round 2 when we thrashed Espanyol 5-0, so if we'll exclude that game we've only produced 3 goals in 4 matches, which clearly is not enough in such a tight division as div.2 is.

Llorente who scored 8 goals for us last season has only been noted for 1 so far and unless he picks up some of last season form, we might need to replace him upfront.

But before we take such drastic measures we will try out a couple of formations that should bring better support to our target man Llorente.

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media PART ONE Ashley Holtom lives a quiet, peaceful life in his comfortable hole at Swan End. Ashley lives in a hole because he is a hobbit—one of a race of small, plump peo

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media -A Leyton Orient Story- Just thought I'd tell ya'll how I'm fairing with the players in my side ... I was given the wrong team to start with (wich I'm quite gratefu

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Llorente who's performances has been questioned as of late responded to the critizism with a MoM display against Torino last night. Although he is still only noted for 1 goal this season, he did create the freekick that Jovetíc scored on yesterday making it 1-0 which then became the end result.

This win meant we moved out of the drop zone and switched places with the side we beat (Torino).


- We changed the formation for this match and the result came straight away in 3 pts.

- Our defence had another perfect match, Piszczek has slotted in really well in our 4 man defence a long with Ivanovic, Bonucci and Clichy. And Patricio who is our only new signing for this season had a rocky start between the posts but had a terrific game against Torino and hopefully his form curve will continue to go up.


- It's hard to set the value on how well our new formation works when the oposition decided to field many players who should be considered their reserves.

- Our duo upfront Jovetíc and Llorente have only netted 3 times in the first 6 rounds.

Next up is newly promoted FC Basel away who sits 2nd in the table.

Let's see how well my newly composed defence can contain Basel's Falcao..

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Is Noisy the Messiah?

AS Monaco made a big announcement Sunday evening with the club lanquishing in the bottom two they decided it was time to act and sacked the Tinkerman Claudio Ranieri.

The news stunned all the local fans and journalists as AS Monaco had made it all the way up from Division 4 to Division 1 and now with the club struggling the board made a bold decision to act.

They appointed a new manager Noisy who they believed can lead them to safety.

Noisy is no stranger to this world and was here for the first Two Seasons with Blackburn who suffered relegation from Division 3 in Season One before bouncing back to win Division 4 in Season Two.

First game in and we needed to sure up a defence that has been leaking goals and we managed a 0-0 draw which actually sent us bottom.

But the main objective was not to lose and secondly not to concede.

Last night then saw a Cup Semi Final thrust upon us and with the first team unfit it meant the second team had to be deployed,

Noisy (Forum) steered AS Monaco to victory against FC Basel.

AS Monaco beat FC Basel 1 - 0 in their DAiS Genesis Cup Semi Final fixture.

Martínez scored the winner for AS Monaco and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

A huge win for the Club that puts us in the Final and fans are once again dreaming of more success.

The real talking point is can Noisy save Monaco and bring the Cup home?

To be continued.....

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media




Ashley Holtom lives a quiet, peaceful life in his comfortable hole at Swan End. Ashley lives in a hole because he is a hobbit—one of a race of small, plump people about half the size of humans, with furry toes and a great love of good food and drink. Ashley is quite content at Swan End, near the bustling hobbit village of Hobbiton, Swansea, but one day his comfort is shattered by the arrival of the old grey smelly wizard Dai Smout, who persuades Ashley to set out on an adventure with a group of twenty nine militant dwarves. The dwarves are embarking on a great quest to reclaim the Dais Genesis Championship from the marauding dragon Sean Fitzpatrick, and Ashley is to act as their “burglar.” The dwarves are very sceptical about Dai Smouts’s choice for a burglar, and Ashley is terrified to leave his comfortable life to seek adventure. But Dai Smout assures both Ashley and the dwarves that there is more to the little hobbit than meets the eye.



Shortly after the group sets out, three hungry trolls (Infernito, Der Commander & that IanMco fella) capture all of them except for Dai Smout. Dai Smout tricks the trolls into remaining outside when the sun comes up, and the sunlight turns the nocturnal trolls to stone. The group finds a great cache of weapons in the trolls’ camp. Dai Smout and the dwarf lord Garry Crawford take (or touch) magic swords (haha), and Ashley takes a small sword of his own.


The group rests at the elfish stronghold of Rivendell, where they receive advice from the great elf lord Scott Samuels, then sets out to cross the Misty Mountains. When they find shelter in a cave during a snowstorm, a group of goblins who live in the caverns beneath the mountain take them prisoner. Dai Smout leads the dwarves to a passage out of the mountain, but they accidentally leave behind Ashley.


Wandering through the tunnels, Ashley finds a strange golden ring lying on the ground. He takes the ring and puts it in his pocket. Soon he encounters Fluffeh, a hissing, whining creature who lives in a pool in the caverns and hunts fish and goblins. Fluffeh wants to eat Ashley, and the two have a contest of riddles to determine Ashley’s fate. Ashley wins by asking the dubious riddle, “What have I got in my pocket? (Am I pleased to see you or is it a banana?)”


Fluffeh wants to eat Ashley anyway, and he disappears to fetch his magic ring, which turns its wearer invisible. The ring, however, is the same one Ashley has already found, and Ashley uses it to escape from Fluffeh and flee the goblins. He finds a tunnel leading up out of the mountain and discovers that the dwarves and Dai Smout have already escaped. Evil wolves known as Forumers pursue them, but Ashley and his comrades are helped to safety by a group of great eagles.



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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Despair as Jose Nowinho takes charge of the US national team!!!

Since this appointment was announced.

Soccer fans in America have felt like throwing themselves off cliffs,

buildings and bridges across the country!!!

The US were useless in this seasons World Cup qualifiers,

losing 5 matches and finishing 2nd from bottom in Group 6.

Nowinho failed to take a decent Cameroon squad to the finals.

And he previously did an abysmal job with a talented Uruguay.

So this looks like a match made in hell.

When asked by journalist,

"Is it safe to say that the US won't be a threat to anyone next season?"

Nowinho replied,

"Since you are here asking me stupid questions.

Is it safe to say that your mom doesn't swallow?"

It seems like Jose may still be in a bad mood after his club side,

Blackburn Rovers were relegated this season.

The USFA issued an immediate apology to the journalist and his family,

and Nowinho has been reprimanded.

Not a great start for the coach, but a very entertaining one.

They'll be plenty of laughs on the pitch too, when the new qualifiers begin.

- Article written by Richard Hurtz, for ESPN

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Hilton's Meat Market


Welcome to Hilton's Meat Market, where the lady who loves to be videoed at her finest gives us her pick of players currently available from Parma.

So in no particular order:

David Silva

94AM (RLC) 27yrs old


World Cup Winner David Silva has struggled to settle in at Parma, but his huge adaptability would make him an asset to any side in genesis

Fee: open to all offers, but ideally a younger, lower rated replacement and a bit of cash

Paris says: Gotta love David and his Spanish eyes. Would love to see what he keeps in those pant's, rumour has it he has the most expensive collection of underpants in Italy

Gino Peruzzi

85 D/DM/M ®21yrs old


Argentinian international fullback Peruzzi is one of the hottest properties in his home land.

Was heavily linked with a move to Inter or City, but despite neither happening a move to the premier league is a 99% certainty

Fee: £5million ish..a snip

Paris says: Poor fella, not exactly gonna set the world on fire with those looks, but I heard he kept Neymar in his back pocket last time they met, so maybe what he lacks in looks he makes up for on the pitch.

Juan Quintero

85 AM (RLC) F (RL) 20 yrs old


This young startlet has been making a name for himself in Colombia and Italy.

Quintero has represented Colombia since he was 19, making his official debut in 2012 against Cameroon. At the 2013 South American Youth Championships, he led Colombia to their 3rd title while voted as the tournament's MVP for contributing more than any other player for his respective nation

Heavily linked to Man Utd when Fergie was in charge, but said to be just hours away from a move to Porto

Fee: A reasonable cash offer

Paris says: Never had a Colombian before, but it isn't far from Brazil and I had one of them.... smooth as a freshly grown onion


Ok everyone feel free to bid.

Remember if you go out in the sun, wear plenty of sun block.

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Swansea City End of Season Report

Club takes a division Swan-dive!

Nothing fancy (cant do fancy), nothing funny (not in the mood), no movie references (Dai doesnt like) - just an end of season post about Swansea FC's poor season.


This season has been poor in more ways than one for Swansea FC, on and off the pitch (would rather not divulge details). After going to the wire last season, only securing division 2 football on the last game, Swansea were not so lucky this season. Pretty much being relagated half way through the domestic fixtures. On the pitch it doesnt read well - | W2 | D3 | L9 | 20GS | 35GC | -15GD | 9PTS | - something needs to change drastically for next season.

Player Appearances / Goals Scored

Ahamada - 14

Giefer - 0

Kouros - 1

Terry - 13 / 2

Luiz - 13

Lescott - 1*

Williams - 4

Alves - 13 / 1

Srna - 13

Jallet - 1*

Dzemaili - 11 / 4*

Britton - 3

Lampard - 1*

Florenzi - 1

Ronaldo - 13 / 6

Lacazette - 7

Giaccherini - 3 / 1

Valbuena - 8 / 1*

Mathys - 0

Meyer - 0

Salah - 1 / 1

Kiessling - 13 / 3

Ljajic - 4*

Icardi - 1 / 1

Thomas - 0

*signed during the season.

-Not that any of them were really very good, the two stand out players were Ronaldo and Dzemaili, Ronaldo statistically has been better that Dzemailli, but this is to be expected from a player who is rated 9 better.


Kiessling was probably our flop of the season, with only 3 goals in 13 appearances. Will be hoping for a lot better from him next season.


-Have off field distractions affected Kiessling this season?-

We only have 25 players so at times depth is an issue, I have two offers in for Ronaldo, & I must apologise to both bidding managers as it is taking me quite a while to mull this over. I will be thinking about it a little longer.

Next season I am aiming to bounce straight back up but no division is easy in this setup.


& good luck all for next season!

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Holtom celebrates 50 games in charge!


Ashley Holtom took over Belgium on the 12 August 2012. Since managing the Nation to 50 games. With 103 points at an average of 2.06 points per game.

Biggest Home Win - Belgium 8 - 1 Bolivia 10 Jun 2013

Biggest Home Defeat - Belgium 0 - 3 Mexico 16 Nov 2012

Biggest Away Win - Ecuador 1 - 4 Belgium 30 Dec 2012

Biggest Away Defeat - Bolivia 5 - 2 Belgium 17 May 2013

Highest Scoring Game - Belgium 8 - 1 Bolivia 10 Jun 2013

Most Games Won in Row - 7 - 3 Sep 2012 to 8 Oct 2012

Most Games Unbeaten in Row - 8 - 26 Nov 2012 to 31 Dec 2012

The future looks extremely exciting for Belgium football and I am delighted to be involved, the upcoming World Cup will be tough, we have Spain, Poland and Sweden in our group, so fingers crossed that we can progress.


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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

598.pngWorld Cup Finals - China 2013

As ashtini said, nothing fancy, nothing funny
, just a few words from Ivory Coast prior to the World Cup in China

I started my African adventure last season in the
beginning of the
Qualification Campaign.
The big opponent in the group was
Mr. Samuels
' Germany. Managed to qualify as second in the group and play the

we have to find a word to
the performance in the Finals, I think the word is "disaster".
Ivory Coast was in
SMFA World Cup Group G,
ng against Poland, Venezuela and i
magine, Mr. Samu
' Germany
One sin
was as much as we could do, and of course failed the next stage.

The time for
China Qualification campaign started
, and again, who's the main opponent? You're right, Mr. Samuels' Germany. This time we managed to qualify fir
st in the gr
oup with only one defeat against Japan.

now hope to perform better than last year
in the Finals. We are
roup A with Hungary, Mexico and, imagine who... no, not Germany, Mr. Manning's Portugal
I've just finished the player selection and set up the tactics for the fir
st game.

oll the dice!!!

Good luck to everyone

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Parma Squad for Season 6


Marc-Andre Ter Stegen; Mattia Perin


Neven Subotic; Jordi Alba; Phil Jagielka; Mattia De Sciglio; Matija Nastatic; Daniel Carvajal;Bruno Martins Indi; Kolo Toure


Sven Bender; Lars Bender; Bastian Schweinsteiger; Marco Verrati; Senad Lulic


Stephan El Shaarawy; Givanildo Hulk; Lopez Lisandro

The Future


Tiago Ilori; Stefan Bell; Nicola Murru; Ben Davies


Tony Vilhena; Jean-Paul Boetius; Luis Alberto; Carlos Casemiro


Luis alberto; Victor Ibarbo

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media


Things get messy as Swansea and Ronaldo part ways!

Swansea mananger Ashley Holtom today completed the deal that sees Cristiano Ronaldo leave for Monaco, with Karim Benzema and Emboaba Oscar moving the other way. Swansea fans have been unhappy with Ronaldo after being relegated to division 3, although he was arguably their best player - since half way through the season they have strongly voiced their unhappiness with the second best player in the world - they quite clearly believe he should have done more, with no blame going towards their master(bating)ful manager Holtom.


-The image all over the backpages of Welsh newspapers, this signifies the feeling towards Ronaldo-

Things looked doomed after two back-to-back 4-3 home losses to Espanyol & Celtic respectively, with Ronaldo spitting at a TV camera at the end of the Celtic game.


Dubbed 'Captain Obvious' - his press conference manner never went down well with press and public alike.


But what this does signify, is a new era for Swansea.

Benzema and Oscar come into the squad, and both will go straight into the first XI. Holtom believes the depth this offers the club will be key for the promotion battle.


Benzema --------------- Oscar

Rumoured Swansea starting XI for season 6:


D.Alves - D.Luiz - J.Terry - J.Lescott

D.Srna - F.Lampard - E.Oscar - M.Valbuena

K.Benzema - S.Kiessling

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

Southampton - Season 6

Southampton go into the start of season 6 as division 3 champions and can hopefully maintain thier division 2 status next season.

First XI


-De Silvestri-Koscielny-Jones-Zeigler-




Youth/Cup XI



-De Guzman-



We have a solid core of 22 squad players with 83 rated Luke Shaw being able to leave on loan next season. Injuries excluded, we should be aiming to keep our division 2 status next year but we can't really improve our team as we are stuck in a ditch so to speak. Our income has stagnated and we don't really gain or lose any money from our matches.

If anyone is interested in any Saints players, please discuss via PM.

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Re: DAiS Genesis | Media

2032.pngEspanyol's Chairman sets the expectations

In a very warm and kind 10 seconds press conference, Mr. Chairman said
"This season we expect no less than gain the promotion, or Marcos will go and plant bananas wherever he wants!"

Stressed to comment Mr. Chairman's
declarations, Marcos told us
"I know the exact place where I will plant my bananas

her nice episode of this loving relationship that will probably end with
both having a banana milkshak

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