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a typical day in the life of a chat room..

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This just happened today......

Bloke-Want to swap?


Moi-I never swap


Bloke-So' date=' what teams you got?

Moi-Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus (okay, I lied)

Bloke-What setups?

Moi-World 124, World 182, World 78 and English 9 (Yep, lied again!)


Bloke-Wanna swap?

Dense fools can't read... :rolleyes:[/quote']

Ur mad too! how can Juve be in english 9?!

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beg ure puddin

anyway heres another

guy: oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


guy: oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii




guy: oiiiiiiiiiiiiii

guy:what teams u got

me: porto ac milan anderlect everton and marseille

guy: oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

me: yes sir

guy: gettin rid of any of em


guy: fine be that way

whats that all bout

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Guest: Hi

Me: Hi

Guest: What teams ur got?

Me: I have many.. 12!

Guest: Oh ok

Me: If u want to see them all visitit the forum and look at Bobo's Signature..

Guest: No no problem.. do u hv any in eg 54 and wc 170?

Me: Nope soz..

five mins later..

Guest: Hey, what teams u got?

Me: I just spoke to you and no u dont have any teams in my setups..

Guest: Oh yea.. Wanna swap?

Me: Nope, soz but I dont swap..

Guest: [censored]

Me: What did I do for you to say that?

Guest: [censored]

Me: Wow, pity no admin can see u say this! lol

Guest: Hi, are you gay?

Me: erm.. no...

Guest: Oh pity..

Me: why?

Guest: Coz I like you..

Me: Hey m8 I gotta go ok..

Me: See ya l8er

Guest: If you go Ill ban u from all your teams u.. (alot of F's..)

Me: huh?

Guest: [censored] and dont speak to me again!

Me: Do u suffer from short term memory loss by any chance? you started chatting to me first idiot..

Guest: [censored]

Thats it.. them I left.. pity.. and lame..

[smadmin] bobo, refrain from printing such language on SoccerManager please]

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