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The Random Thread

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Re: The Random Thread Found this on the net. Urban legends are often thrilling stories, which contain many folkloric elements; and so they often spread quickly through a community or society. The

Re: The Random Thread

Re: The Random Thread Since someone wanted a Murder here goes; In the city of Soccer things were going wrong, having the highest unemployment, the highest crime rate,, and o a public transportati

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Re: The Random Thread


This one doesn't look as old as the previous woman.

But she's definitely "bigger". :o

wait if its online y cant u just put ur money all in and then disconnect ur oppnonets before da cards are revealed so u gets all the money (read this online :P)

How can you disconnect your opponents? :P

I don't think that works' date=' though. ;)

You tell me Milfhunter he he.

Edit: I should add she is no Milf in my eyes.

Haha, brilliant! :D

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Re: The Random Thread

oh u go onto like the european server while ur in canada and then u destroy all the internet in europe :D:D

How in the world are you getting these crazy ideas? :D

Ghora hasn't been online since yesterday. What if he dead


Yeah, I guess some people can't handle divorce... :P

For those of you who are wondering, Villa recently divorced Ghora. :D

PS: they have a kid :o

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