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Re: The Random Thread Found this on the net. Urban legends are often thrilling stories, which contain many folkloric elements; and so they often spread quickly through a community or society. The

Re: The Random Thread

Re: The Random Thread Since someone wanted a Murder here goes; In the city of Soccer things were going wrong, having the highest unemployment, the highest crime rate,, and o a public transportati

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Re: The Random Thread

Ok so got my dog so much for destructive ect it's lovely doesn't bark doesn't jump on couch ect doesn't bite furniture doesn't do anything they said it does the toilet outside it sits paws ect on command .... the only thing i took it up to my cousins and he showed me a harness it clearly doesn't ike them starting growling same when they tried to put it in one at the pet centre... pretty much raped my cousins dog tho had to pull him off like 5 times seems like a excellent dog don't know why anyone could give it away or back to the pet centre.

man i forgot how much dog f.arts stink :(

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Re: The Random Thread

I had a dream i got marriedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.......:3

Were you an adult in it or you had your current age? :D

How can you marry your wife? :confused:

That's the million dolar question. B)

i dont know ....

Don't think anyone does' date=' buddy. :o

Very strange, everytime I stick my head in this thread...I get a urge to headbutt a wall many, many, many times :eek:

(I choose not to however, because its foolish and it does HURT lol)

You're smart! :P

don't know why anyone could give it away or back to the pet centre.

man i forgot how much dog f.arts stink :(

People' date=' who adopt and return pets, are either heartless or irresponsible imo. :mad:

As for dog fartz, I know what you mean, mate. :o

They're usually pretty silent, so you're not expecting them. :P

And what did you think they would smell like? Roses... :D


That dog is very cute though :)

And I'm sure you'll take good care of him :)


get me a wifeeeee

Wasn't that dream (where you were married) enough? ;)

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