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Fifa 13 sm team


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Re: Fifa 13 sm team

Would be cool if all 4 of us could play at once :D

Perhaps even get someone else on board?

What formation and positions would we play ?

I find 5-3-2 works so well for my World ranked 15th team.So we could atleast try it :P

I hate being a rated 77 CB. Im so slow :(

I would play CAM.

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Re: Fifa 13 sm team

Yeah lads, will be on in a min whoever wants a few games. Me and BenSCFC mostly carrying the flag. In div 9 and thereabouts most of the time :P

Headset isnt important imo, just a good understanding and we might just need to create some custome chat room to make it easier

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Re: Fifa 13 sm team

hey guys, I play for a team as a CAM on my main account but I have created another account so I can play CB in a different team, I do have a headset but would only use it occasionally (like when no one is in bed :D).

My pro is only around 76 because of the fact that I have only just recently created the pro, I've tried playing drop in matches but it is difficult playing 11 vs 11 with lots of lag so I want to join a club

my name is 'Skrtelator' :o

I am very much a team player and want to win rather than go on lots of mazy runs attempting to do everything myself, I like to come up for corners because I'd like to get a few goals and assists too!!

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Re: Fifa 13 sm team

Div 5 atm.

4 Titles.5 promotions 0 relegation.

33 wins 7 draws nd 14 losts i think

I have played 52 games 22 goals nd 26 assists nd 26 man of the matches.

My mate Bridgey had 40 games 34 goals nd 10 assists.

Sam has like 26 games 20 goals nd 3 assists .

Beasts AFC.

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Re: Fifa 13 sm team

Beasts AFC are now division 2 :D

We needed a point to get promoted.In the first 15 mins we went 2-0 down and it was looking bad.

But we won 3-2 in the end and are now going to try and get promoted in division 2 to 1 :)

I think this is best for the 'Fifa 13 official thread' mate.

This threads for the SM team that we are in.

Congrats though on getting to Division 2. :)

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Re: Fifa 13 sm team

Me and Ben started to play this again recently' date=' and just got promoted to Division 5 as Champions and we ain't stopping yet for sure :D

Really enjoying this atm. Playing in Malaga kit, Me on the wing as Isco, and Ben as a striker as Michu :D[/quote']

You guys are doing really well now.

My team is now in division 1.I have played 136 games,

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